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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 35 Recap

Ye Tianyi invites Rong Jing to meet, and Rong Jing goes to the appointment alone. After the two exchanged greetings, Ye Tianyi tries to persuade Rong Jing to help him win the throne. Rong Jing has long known that Ye Tianyi sent troops to pretend that the Fuqi army is attacking the city everywhere, even if he has not betrayed Tiansheng.

No one believes in his heart, but he is unwilling to go with Ye Tianyi and start a war to cause the people to suffer. Ye Tianyi threatened the old Qi people who refused to surrender. Rong Jing said that since he is the prince of the Qi country, he naturally has his own way to let the old Qi people live a stable life.

Rong Jing discussed countermeasures with Shangguan Mingyu. Rong Jing felt that if he wanted to fight against the growing Ye Tianyi, he must join hands with Ye Qingran. Shangguan Mingyu had reservations about this. After all, Ye Qingran regarded Rong Jing as his mortal enemy.

Yun Qianyue was alone in the palace facing the eye-catching officials. Nan Lingrui had been looking for Ling’er. At this time, Ye Qingran was bitten by the poison, and he heard that Xingyepo’s granary camp was robbed and vomiting blood. Ye Qingran fell into a coma.

The fact that Ye Qingran was besieged on Hoshino Slope was passed back to the capital. The officials gathered in the main hall to discuss countermeasures. Leng Zhaozhuo advocated not moving his troops and was reprimanded by Yun Qianyue. The officials felt that the harem should not be involved in politics, and Yun Qianyue decided to personally lead the troops to help Ye Qingran, and Nan Lingrui summoned the old man of Yun Lao Wang to go with him.

Tuoba Yeqian was very anxious when she learned about Ye Qingran’s recent situation. Even if she hated Ye Qingran again, she never really wanted to let him die. Tuoba Yeqian asked Awu to prepare medicinal materials for Gu worms. To refine the antidote to Ye Qingran. Qin Yuning wanted to assassinate Ye Tianyi, but Leng Zhaozhuo advised her not to be impulsive.

Ye Qingran, who had been in a coma for half a month, woke up and learned that the soldiers could only kill the horses and eat them to eat their stomachs, which made him understand that he was in desperation. Ye Qingran wrote to Rong Jing to invite him to meet. Yu Luoyao prevented Rong Jing from going to the appointment. In order to explain clearly to Ye Qingran and try to join hands with him, Rong Jing went alone.

When Yun Qianyue rushed to Xingyepo, he learned that Ye Qingran had gone to see Rong Jing. At this time, Rong Jing was explaining to Ye Qingran that the man who had attacked the city was Ye Tianyi, and he did not want to provoke a war for the sake of the stability of the people. Ye Qingran teamed up. Ye Qingran knew that he was going to die soon, and also knew that Rong Jing was a man with the world in mind, so he made a bet with Rong Jing. If Ye Qingran wins, Tian Sheng will live forever. If Rong Jing wins, the Heavenly Sage army will return to Shun Rong Jing.

It was raining heavily when Yun Qianyue found the two, which stimulated her to remember how she and Rong Jing met, knew each other, fell in love and became married, and at the same time remembered how they fell in love and the death of Old Lord Yun. Yun Qianyue regained her memory. Ye Qingran was defeated by the backlash. Rong Jing swung his sword towards each other but did not start. Ye Qingran held the sword in his hand and inserted the sword into her heart. Yun Qianyue immediately moved forward when she saw this situation. ,

Rong Jing couldn’t explain why he could only leave, Yun Qianyue cried bitterly in the heavy rain holding the dying Ye Qingran, Ye Qingran apologized for giving Yun Qianyue gu, and Yun Qianyue forgave him and thanked him more. I gave myself and Ling’er a home. Ye Qingran knew that Yun Qianyue’s love never belonged to him, but the two were able to live as a husband and wife, which made him very satisfied. Yun Qianyue let Ye Qingran persevere and promised to compensate Ye Qingran, Ye Qingran asked Yun Qianyue to take herself to apologize to Tuoba Yeqian, because his heart was given to Yun Qianyue and couldn’t tell Tuoba Yeqian any more.

Ye Qingran’s coffin was placed in the army’s large tent. When Yun Qianyue played the qin, she recalled how the two grew up, and Ye Qingran’s love for herself after they got married. She decided to escort Ye Qingran’s body back. Back to Beijing. Tuoba Yeqian, who came with an antidote, regretted seeing Ye Qingran’s coffin. She thought it was her jealousy and afraid of Ye Qingran. Yun Qianyue tried to comfort her and said that Ling’er was Rong Jing’s child. , Tuoba Ye Qian, who loves Ye Qingran so much, decides not to entangle her anymore, so that Ye Qingran, who has already passed away, will not be bound from now on.

Tuoba Yecheng was very pleased to hear the news of Ye Qingran’s death. He sent orders to the soldiers sent to Yueqi. He wanted to take this opportunity to gain the world in one fell swoop. When Ye Qingran died, Yu Luoyao urged Rong Jing to recover. Rong Jing decided to change his plan. For the sake of the stability of the world, he wanted to do more meaningful things.

Rong Jing brought some wine to meet Ye Tianyi. He wanted to join Ye Tianyi’s camp. Ye Tianyi didn’t believe in his surrender. Rong Jing claimed that he killed Ye Qingran.

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