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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 34 Recap

Ye Tianyi went to Yueqi to ask for support. Tuoba Yecheng felt that Ye Tianyi had no hope. Ye Tianyi took out the tiger charm and said that he had killed Qin Xiang. This made Tuoba Yecheng very angry. Qin Xiang was originally sent by Yueqi. Undercover, I didn’t expect to have been in business for many years but died in the hands of Ye Tianyi. Ye Tianyi suggested that he create chaos in Tiansheng, so that Yueqi and himself could benefit from it, and Tuoba Yecheng decided to support Ye Tianyi.

Yun Qianyue and Rong Jing returned in disappointment. On the way at night, Yun Qianyue was bitten by a snake on her ankle, and Rong Jing sucked blood for her. This scene made Yun Qianyue feel as if she had seen it before but could not remember it. Shi Ye Qingran was very anxious that she could not find Yun Qianyue and Ling’er. Yun Qianyue’s memory was loose, causing Ye Qingran to vomit blood in her chest pain. Ye Qingran’s close-fitting internal supervisor advised him to take care of his health.

Rong Jing carried the injured Yun Qianyue on his back. Yun Qianyue asked him if he was married. Rong Jing said that she did not marry a wife. Yun Qianyue felt that someone like Rong Jing should have a family long ago. She decided to let Ye Qingran give Rong Jing. Gift marriage.

Rong Jing arranged for Yun Qianyue to live in Wuzhu, which reminded Rong Jing of the loving time the two had spent here before. There was a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, Yun Qianyue was awakened by a nightmare, and Rong Jing hurriedly entered the house. Yun Qianyue said that she always dreamed of keeping someone in the rain in a thunderstorm, but she couldn’t remember the person’s appearance. Rong Jing knew that the person in this dream was him. Yun Qianyue couldn’t forget the painful feeling in her dream, and Rong Jing persuaded her that this is just a dream, don’t take it seriously.

The anxious Ye Qingran vomited blood again, and Tuoba Yeqian happened to see it, and Awu reminded her that this is the inseparable Gu poison that counteracts Ye Qingran. Tuoba Yeqian was heartbroken but couldn’t forgive Ye Qingran.

Rong Jing guarded Yun Qianyue’s bed and played a flute to comfort him. Tuoba Yeqian’s people brought the news back. Tuoba Yeqian wanted to tell Ye Qingran the news. Awu thought Ye Qingran would not believe it. Tuoba Yeqian’s words, for this, Tuoba Yeqian spread the news, and Chen Liu finally told Ye Qingran.

Rong Jing asked Yun Qianyue if she was happy, and Yun Qianyue admitted that Ye Qingran was the best person in this world. Rong Jing made Yun Qianyue roasted hibiscus fish and also helped her remove the fishbone. This reminded Yun Qianyue of the past. For a while, Yun Qianyue had a coma, and Rong Jing helped her return to the house to rest. After seeing Ye Qingran, Xiange, who stayed in the bamboo forest, reported to Rong Jing, and Rong Jing left the book and left.

Seeing Rong Jing’s letter, Ye Qingran felt uncomfortable in her heart. Yun Qianyue was surprised by the arrival of Ye Qingran. Ye Qingran blamed Yun Qianyue for going out alone to find her son. Yun Qianyue sincerely apologized, and Yun Qianyue gave Yeqing a heartfelt apology. Ran asked Rong Jing, and Ye Qingran hugged Yun Qianyue and asked her to go back to the palace with herself.

Although Ye Qingran did not catch Rong Jing, Tuoba Yeqian believed that he already knew that Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue were together these days. In order to let Ye Qingran experience his jealousy and powerlessness, Tuoba Yeqian provoked and satirized. Ye Qingran, Chen Liu brought news that Pingcheng was in danger.

Ye Tianyi borrowed the names of Rongjing and Qi Guoren to join the three cities. Now that the capital will lose the last line of defense after he has captured Pingcheng. In order to prevent Ye Qingran from pointing his finger at him, Ye Tianyi has a real chance of attacking Pingcheng. To Rong Jing.

Ye Qingran remembered that he hated Rongjing, and for this reason, he decided to seduce Rongjing by himself. Tuoba Yeqian took the map to level the coordinates of the city. Although she refused to admit it, she still cared about Ye Qingran in her heart.

Also worried about Ye Qingran’s safety is Yun Qianyue. Ye Qingran said that he would come back alive and stay with Yun Qianyue. In order to be able to see Yun Qianyue day by day, Ye Qingran drew her a picture. When Yun Qianyue wanted to see the painting, she pulled with Ye Qingran. Ye Qingran possessed her and kissed Yun Qianyue and Yun Qianyue. Suddenly feel a headache.

On a rainy night, Rong Jing stood on the bridge and played a flute. He silently bid farewell to Yun Qianyue. After he went to Pingcheng this time, the two would never be together again.

Lan Yi arranged for people to pretend to be Qi people to attack Ye Qingran’s grain and grass camp, which made Ye Qingran hate Rongjing even more.

Qin Yuning asked about Ye Tianyi’s whereabouts. Leng Zhaozhuo didn’t want to say but couldn’t stand Qin Yuning’s interrogation. He had to say that Ye Tianyi was in Yueqi, and Qin Yuning was determined to avenge his father.

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