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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 17 Recap

Chen Songying repeatedly chewed on what Song Sining said, and couldn’t help feeling a little emotional, ready to try to have a child with Guan Zheng, so she took the initiative to contact him and go home early. After finally waiting for Guan Zheng to show up, Chen Songying just wanted to express her intentions euphemistically, but unexpectedly the work phone calls one after another, which made her lose interest in a moment and sulked downstairs alone.

After Guan Zheng had finished all the work, he went downstairs to ask Chen Songying if he had anything to say. At this time, Chen Songying was upset and did not mention the issue of childbirth. Seeing Guan Zheng left home and went to the company, Chen Songying called Song Sining to complain, and under the comfort of the other party, threatened to completely dispel the idea of ​​pregnancy.

In recent days, Lu Keying received flowers frequently. While she was a little surprised, she was also enjoying the envy of her colleagues. Song Youyi took the initiative to come to the company to find Song Sining, seemingly to apologize, but in fact he revealed in a disguised form that he was in short supply and asked her for living expenses.

When attending class with Zhao Zixi on the weekend, Lu Keying felt uncomfortable due to menstruation, but she insisted on finishing the class. Zhao Yunshen once again proposed to send Lu Keying home. During the period, he indicated that he would not care about the difference between rich and poor status and hoped that Lu Keying would not be too pressured. Song only saw Lu Keying get off the luxury car, curious to explore, Lu Keying lied that it was an online car-hailing.

In order to allow Lu Keying to support herself in spending money to publish books, Song Only arranged a candlelight dinner at home, but when Lu Keying learned that Song Only and Xie Xiaofeng were still in contact, she was so angry that she was in no mood to eat dinner. Just as Lu Keying was preparing to wash, he suddenly received a concern call from Zhao Yunshen. On the other hand, Song Youyi was still dreaming of publishing a book and becoming famous, even the fire pit that Xie Xiaofeng dug had to jump in.

The girlfriends had an afternoon tea party, and Hao Liangliang announced that she was going to have three children and made up a good word. Tu Yue believes that this matter is ill-considered and that women can’t always be delayed by family children, so she and Hao Liangliang have a disagreement on this matter. Tu Yue hurriedly left after receiving the call. Hao Liangliang, Song Sining and others chased out curiously and saw that she had taken a taxi away. According to the woman’s intuition, Hao Liangliang believed that Tu Yue had fallen in love, and the man who made her look down and caring like this must be extraordinary.

Song Youyi went to see Xie Xiaofeng with Lu Keying and learned from him that the book number fee would cost 5,000 yuan. If 20,000 copies were published, the total price would be 50,000 yuan. Just because there was no extra money on hand, Song Youyi cheekily asked Lu Keying to borrow money, claiming that he would be an instant fame, but Lu Keying’s firm opposition made him very upset.

Not long after, Father Song came to Beijing to visit his son from his hometown, and he felt distressed when he saw him living in the basement. When Lu Keying came back from get off work to prepare for cooking, Song’s father suggested that the young couple should go out for a meal. However, at the dinner table, he clearly noticed that Lu Keying and Song Youzhi were emotional, and the relationship did not seem to be as close as before.

After eating, Father Song deliberately distracted Lu Keying, instead of reflecting on his son’s problems, he even gave him a bad move, asking him to find a way to make Lu Keying pregnant. Only a woman with a child can hold her heart and be completely tied at home. . Song Youyi obeyed Song’s father’s proposal, and wanted to go home with Lu Keying, but was rejected.

The next day Lu Keying got off work and found Zhao Yunshen waiting for her at the door. He sent an invitation to have dinner together, and Lu Keying readily agreed. At that time, Song Youyi asked his father for 50,000 yuan, and even encouraged him to ask for money from his eldest sister, claiming that he would regret his life if he didn’t publish the book. Father Song felt sorry for his son, and finally agreed, but Song Sining knew his younger brother’s temperament, and did not agree at all. At most, he would continue to help him contact the resources of the literary circle.

In private, Song Sining and Lu Keying inquired about Song Only’s current situation. Lu Keying realized that she had borrowed money to publish books and told her not to indulge Song Only. Chen Songying was waiting for the owner of Party A in the coffee shop, and suddenly saw a cute little boy greeted her and gave her a badge. Chen Songying felt the child’s cuteness for the first time. After returning home, she kept flipping through the children’s photos.

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