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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 32 Recap

Yun Qianyue was angry because Ye Qingran sent Chen Liu to follow her. Ye Qingran explained that she was only worried about her safety. Ye Qingran persuaded Yun Qianyue to go back to the palace with herself. Yun Qianyue refused on the grounds of filial piety.

Cailian feels that she really loves Yun Qianyue’s Ye Qingran and is worthy of trust. Yun Qianyue bluntly said that she thanked Ye Qingran for giving herself and Ling’er a home, but she couldn’t fall in love with him. She would help Ye with the power of the Yun family. Qingran guarded the Holy Kingdom of Heaven. Yun Xianghe was anxious when Yun Xianghe heard the conversation between them. She said that Yun Qianyue lived in Yunwang Mansion and met Wusiren, and asked Ye Qingran to take Yun Qianyue back to the palace anyway.

The news that Rong Jing had been arrested came back, and Yu Luoyao hurriedly took someone to the prison. Shangguan Mingyu felt that Yuluoyao was caring and messed up, and then Shangguan Mingyu sneaked into the Cloud Palace alone. Cailian and others went to prepare bath water for Ling’er, leaving Yunxianghe to take care of Ling’er. Shangguan Mingyu took the opportunity to stun Yunxianghe and took Ling’er away.

After Ling’er disappeared, Yun Qianyue was anxious. Ye Qingran sent Chen Liu to lead people to look for him. Shangguan Mingyu, who was standing on the roof, let Ye Qingran bring Rongjing to the city gate to exchange Ling’er with herself, Yun Qianyue It is really mean to accuse Shangguan Mingyue of using children as a threat. Shangguan Mingyue said that he only wants Rong Jing to return safely and will not hurt Ling’er.

The hatred of killing his father in the past has not yet ended, but now he hates kidnapping his son even more. Ye Qingran enters the prison angrily and tells Rong Jing that if something happens to Ling’er, he will flatten the old land of Qi Country and kill the remnants of Mo Pavilion. Unknowingly, Rong Jing said that he pledged his life to protect Ling’er from coming back safe and sound.

Outside the city gate, the two sides confronted each other, and the released Rong Jing took the child and walked to Yun Qianyue’s side. Yun Qianyue watched Ling’er and Rong Jing have mixed feelings, and she accused Rong Jing of being mean.

Rong Jing drank and poured his sorrow. He felt that Yu Luoyao shouldn’t use her children to threaten Ye Qingran, so he left angrily for his Yu Luoyao.

After Qin Yuning’s disappearance, Qin Xiang was very anxious. He asked Leng Zhaozhuo to help him find it. Leng Zhaozhuo took out a huge amount of gold and asked people familiar with the capital’s three schools to help find it. Finally, he saw Qin Yuning naked in the brothel. The physically and mentally traumatized Qin Yuning was tied up with chains. The arrival of Leng Zhaozhuo made her very frightened. Leng Zhaozhuo called her name. Qin Yuning cried and fell into Leng Zhaozhuo’s arms after seeing the person. Leng Zhaozhuo also Heartache.

After Qin Yuning was dressed neatly, Leng Zhaozhuo sent her back to the house. Qin Yuning, who became silent, thanked Leng Zhaozhuo for saving herself. Leng Zhaozhuo, who admired Qin Yuning, cried distressedly. Qin Yuning, who was slightly calmer, met with Qin Xiang. Qin Yuning tried to hold back her tears and did not say the harm she had suffered these days, because she didn’t want Qin Xiang to worry about it.

Ye Tianyi went to Qin Mansion to find Qin Yuning and asked her to help herself ask for tiger charms from Qin Xiang. Qin Yuning asked him why he didn’t care about him. Ye Tianyi said that the personal affairs of men and women are trivial matters, and Qin Yuning realized that Ye Tianyi did not take advantage of herself. Feeling, desperate Qin Yuning rushed Ye Tianyi away, and stunned Qin Yuning at Ye Tianyi who was bound to win the tiger talisman.

After Qin Yuning was taken away, Qin Xiang was very anxious. According to the letter left by Ye Tianyi, he took a tiger charm to find the ruined temple. Qin Xiang knew Ye Tianyi’s wolf ambition, but had to hand over the tiger charm for Qin Yuning. However, after Ye Tianyi got the tiger charm, he killed Qin Xiang directly. Qin Yuning watched Qin Xiang die before him.

Since Ling’er’s return, Yun Qianyue has stayed on, and Ye Qingran asked Yun Qianyue to go back to the palace with herself. After all, the guards in the palace were more strict, and Yun Qianyue resolutely refused. Soon after Ye Qingran returned to the palace, she suffered from angina. Yun Xianghe told Yun Qianyue about the news and persuaded her to go back to the palace. Even if there is no relationship between husband and wife, there is still friendship. Yun Qianyue returns to the palace to visit, and Ye Qingran keeps Yun Qianyue. As a queen, Yun Qianyue leaves the palace to let the government and the opposition criticize him. This is very detrimental to his governance. This Yun Qianyue decided to stay in the palace for a few more days.

Yun Qianyue was depressed and became sick, Ye Qingran was very worried. Chen Liu mentioned that Yueqi has a kind of gu that makes people forget love. In order to make Yun Qianyue get better, Ye Qingran asked Tuoba Yeqian for help. Tuoba Yeqian sighed that the Guangming Temple where she lived was the same as Lenggong, Ye Qingran suddenly appeared, Tuoba Yeqian felt that Ye Qingran did not go to the Three Treasure Hall, and Ye Qingran bluntly said that she wanted her to make one for herself.

The name of the Gu is the inseparable Gu, which can make Yun Qianyue forget her loved ones and relatives. Tuoba Ye Qian reminded Ye Qingran that if Yun Qianyue remembered the past after he gave Yun Qianyue a Gu, his internal organs would fester and die. Tuoba Yeqian asked Ye Qingran whether Yun Qianyue was really that important. Ye Qingran said that Yun Qianyue would always be the first in his heart, and the extremely cold-hearted Tuoba Yeqian promised to help him make life.

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