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The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui 问天录 Episode 2 Recap

One night later, Yang Hongxue woke Ding Xiaofeng up and let Ding Xiaofeng move his injuries. When the injury healed, the two of them could leave early. After spending the night together, their attitudes towards each other were somewhat relaxed. Ding Xiaofeng sighed that his dignified seven-foot man wanted Being taken care of by Yang Hongxue, and there are still so many grievances between the two factions, they are unwilling to continue the struggle between the two factions, but there is no good way to solve them.

Ding Yin and Yang Yaochi died because they failed to fight the blood demons. It was not a personal grievance, but the two quarreled as they talked. Yang Hongxue believes that Yangyaochi sacrificed to save the enchanted Ding Yincai, and that the Nanhai school should feel guilty, but Ding Xiaofeng thinks that Ding Yin sacrificed his life for justice.

It is the people of the world who feel guilty. They do not feel guilty. The dispute between the two is still like this. What’s more, between the two factions, Ding Xiaofeng said that as long as they have the heart, the two factions will be able to tell right from wrong sooner or later. Yang Hongxue sighed and said that it might be possible to distinguish between the right and wrong of the ancestors, but his father died because of the Nanhai Sect.

Yang Tiemei will not resolve the hatred with the Nanhai Sect, and Ding Xiaofeng’s relatives also died because of the fairy castle, Yang Hong Although Xue also wanted to avenge his father, she still didn’t want to hurt more disciples because of the revenge. The three of Zhong Yunfei who wanted to come to save people saw that they had a heart to reconcile, so they wanted to make them an opportunity for the two factions to reconcile, but Zhong Yunfei did not intend to bet the treasure on only these two people. He wanted to let the people of the two factions. Sit down and talk.

The big brother of Xianbao Di Renfei found Yang Hongxue and Ding Xiaofeng in the forest. When he saw Ding Xiaofeng, he planned to do it. Yang Hongxue stood in front of Ding Xiaofeng to prevent Di Renfei from hurting Ding Xiaofeng. Di Renfei had to give up and let him go. It is said that after leaving the valley, Ding Xiaofeng will never be spared. Zhong Yunfei attracted people from the two factions to meet, but when the two factions met, the swords were drawn.

Di Renfei showed up with Yang Hongxue. Before Yang Hongxue walked back to the group of people in Xianbao, Ding Xiaofeng’s father, Ding Gang, held Yang. Hongxue pressed Ding Xiaofeng’s whereabouts, but Ding Xiaofeng stepped out in time and said that Yang Hongxue had saved herself, and Ding had just let go of Yang Hongxue.

Head Ding and Yang Tiemei looked down on each other, Di Renfei even wanted to sneak attack Ding Xiaofeng, which escalated the contradiction between the two parties. Seeing that the two factions were about to fight, Zhong Yunfei’s three appeared to stop both sides. Zhong Yunfei said that the blood demon would come. Seeking revenge for the two factions, but both factions felt that their own sects could deal with the blood demons. Yang Tiemei would even rather burn with the blood demons and jade instead of cooperating with the Nanhai faction.

After returning to the fairy castle, Yang Tiemei rebuked Di Renfei for stealing the sword and hurt Ding Xiaofeng with a secret arrow. He deliberately provoked a dispute between the two factions. Di Renfei hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy. Tiemei became angry with Yang Hongxue and asked her what happened to Ding Xiaofeng. On the South China Sea faction, Ding Xiaofeng persuaded Ding Gang to cooperate with Xianbao, saying that he had fought against the Gorefiend, and that no one faction had the power to deal with the Gorefiend.

Yang Hongxue also persuaded Yang Tiemei to cooperate, but Yang Tiemei also refused to do so. , And to draw a clear line between Yang Hongxue and Ding Xiaofeng. After Yang Hongxue left, Yang Tiemei asked Di Renfei where he put the Promise Sword. Di Renfei said that he buried the sword under the ruins of the fairy castle. On behalf of Ding, he bowed and apologized to Yangyao Pool. Di Renfei, don’t let the third person know. After Di Ren flew out, Yang Hongxue begged him to return the Wuji Sword to the Nanhai faction, but Di Renfei said that he had already given the Wuji Sword to Yang Tiemei.

Seeing that the conflict between the two factions was so great, Zhong Yunfei planned to act separately with Liu Hanyan, each to persuade the Nanhai faction and Xianbao to let them know that only two like-minded people can defeat the Gorefiend with a combination of two swords. However, Liu Hanyan said that he wanted to go to Xianbao. Zhong Yunfei was a little puzzled. Liu Hanyan was a little embarrassed. It turned out that Xianbao was good at medicine. Liu Hanyan wanted to take the opportunity to find out if there was any way to restore his male body.

Liu Hanyan went to Xianbao and met Yang Tiemei. Yang Tiemei said that he could agree to work with Liu Hanyan and the others to eliminate demons, but he wanted them to stop interfering in their sect grievances, and said that he believed in the fairy castle. Can find two like-minded people. On the other side, Zhong Yunfei found Ding Xiaofeng. From Ding Xiaofeng, he learned that the two factions were really incompatible with each other from his aunt Geng Yun and Liang Ze from Xianbao.

Liang Ze is Yang Tiemei’s husband. Liang Ze was still disconnected from Geng Yun after he entered Zhuxianbao. After being discovered, Yang Tiemei’s mother ordered Liang Ze to be executed. Geng Yun was overwhelmed by the news of Liang Ze’s death. Choosing to kill himself, Ding Gang hated Xianbao for Geng Yun’s death. After hearing this story, Zhong Yunfei lamented that the contradiction between the two factions was too deep, but the killing of the Gorefiend was urgent. Ding Xiaofeng promised to persuade Ding Gang to first find a connected person in the Nanhai faction as an expedient measure.

This clock Yunfei suddenly felt a devilish energy. He tracked it out, but the devilish energy disappeared. It turned out that the Demon Infant was about to take shape and had an unstable breath, but the Demon King had long expected it, so he attracted Zhong Yunfei’s attention. He set up a barrier, but he was worried that Liu Hanyan’s suspicious nature would ruin their good deeds, so he planned to use Liu Hanyan to restore his obsession with the male body and prepared to do something with Liu Hanyan.

Wang Fuqu saw Di Renfei took out the Promise Sword in Xianbao, and took the opportunity to snatch it away. Wang Fuqu wanted Zhong Yunfei to return the sword to Ding Gang in order to cooperate with Ding Gang, but if Ding Gang asked about the origin of the sword, They couldn’t answer either, Zhong Yunfei had to keep the Promise Sword first, and then take it out when the time was right.

Zhong Yunfei learned from Jianxian the swordsmanship and formulas of combining two swords, and went to the fairy castle to demonstrate to everyone, and said that this is the key to test whether the two people are connected. But everyone had seen Zhong Yunfei’s demonstration and felt that this sword move was too funny, and no one was willing to step forward to try it.

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