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The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui 问天录 Episode 1 Recap

In the first year of the miracle, heaven and earth were in chaos. The heaven and the earth descended by chance. In the vast expanse, the spiritual power became Emperor Xuanqiong, but the Emperor was ambitious and wanted to create a new order. For this reason, the Emperor was punished by heaven and struck by thunder to disperse the spiritual power. After annihilating the body, a hundred years later, the demon emperor provoked a war to rule the three realms. The three righteous men in the human world gave up their lives to help the heavens seal the demon emperor. The demon emperor did not give up and broke through the seal by practicing magic power.

A hundred years later, the demon emperor devoured human souls and practiced magic skills, and the human life was disgraced. The demon emperor also ordered the demon king to guard the demon infant, and he wanted to borrow the demon infant to be reborn. At this time, three spiritual lights flashed on Lingshan, and the three of them flashed on Lingshan.

These three were Liu Hanyan, Wang Fuqu and Zhong Yunfei, who helped the heavens seal the demon emperor a hundred years ago. The three of them were brothers who worshipped before and saved the world together. But now Fu Qu and Liu Hanyan’s appearance has changed. Liu Hanyan has even changed from a man to a daughter. Zhong Yunfei didn’t recognize it for a while. The two were surprised to see the changes in their bodies.

Shiren Shixianzun came to explain the situation to the three of them, and named them the demon slayer of the heavens, and gave them three treasures, the sword of falling demon, the wings of the King Kong, and the umbrella of the universe, to help them slay the demon and eliminate the demon. When Liu Hanyan was holding the Universe Umbrella, the Universe Umbrella suddenly changed. Five umbrella spirits jumped out of the umbrella. After saying that they would listen to Liu Hanyan’s dispatch, Wang Fuqu joked that Liu Hanyan became a woman, and Liu Hanyan went Let the umbrella spirits teach Fuqu.

The Xianbao and the Nanhai faction formed an enmity due to the battle of demonic surrender a hundred years ago. A hundred years ago, Yangyaochi sacrificed for righteousness, but the Nanhai faction took Ding Yin’s revenge as an excuse to fight against Xianbao. The two factions have been fighting over the years. The lord of the fairy castle, Yang Tiemei, led the crowd to worship the ancestor Yang Yaochi. Yang Tiemei wanted her daughter Yang Hongxue to split the ice in front of her, but Yang Hongxue exhausted all her strength and couldn’t split the ice. Upon seeing this, Yang Tiemei said that the ancestors had been wronged. The thousand years of ice and snow represented the grievances of the ancestors. Unless the ice disappears and the snow melts, the two factions will be incompatible.

At night, the thief flying spider was instructed to break into the South China Sea sent sword pavilion to steal the sword, but his whereabouts were revealed for a while, and only stole a Promise Sword in a hurry. And this employer is actually the big brother of Xianbao. The big brother Xianbao was a little dissatisfied when he saw that there was only one sword. Who knows that the flying spider sits on the ground and raises the price. He opened his mouth to the big brother Xianbao Lion and threatened him to tell the Nanhai faction about his trajectory. , Big Brother Xianbao did nothing but endlessly, killing the flying spiders and destroying the corpses.

When Zhong Yunfei and his party were walking on the road, they suddenly discovered that the blood demon was born. Seeing that the big brother hadn’t returned all night, the people in Xianbao planned to find someone from the Nanhai Sect. They happened to see Ding Xiaofeng of the Nanhai Sect leading people to break into the realm. The two sides fought with each other. The blood demon here is no more than Zhong Yunfei’s trio.

They fled hurriedly and possessed Wang Biao, a disciple of the Nanhai faction. The blood demon laughed at the poor strength of the descendants of the two factions, and knocked Yang Hongxue and Ding Xiaofeng down the cliff. When sending his disciples to start, Zhong Yunfei and the three rushed to wound Wang Biao. Although the Gorefiend was shot out of Wang Biao’s body, the rules of heaven do not allow harm to mortals.

After Xianbao’s group returned, the senior brother was very excited to learn that Yang Hongxue had an accident. The fort master, Yang Tiemei, rushed to hear the news and learned that Yang Hongxue had fallen off the cliff. Ding Xiaofeng and Yang Hongxue survived the catastrophe, but Ding Xiaofeng was injured, and Yang Hongxue couldn’t bear to see death and did not save him, so he took out Xianbao’s special nourishing pill to treat Ding Xiaofeng’s injuries.

Zhong Yunfei searched Shushan with his spiritual sense, but found no trace of the blood demon. Liu Hanyan suggested to go to the sword fairy Li Yiqi to ask about the blood demon. It was Li Yiqi who sealed the blood demon with the purple and blue swords. Before the three of them went to Li Yiqi, the Gorefiend first sought Li Yiqi’s revenge. When one man and one demon fought, Zhong Yunfei rushed to help. He trapped the blood demon with the dragon spirit of the sword, but the blood demon broke free of the dragon spirit.

Runaway. Zhong Yunfei and the others are a little surprised why the dragon spirit cannot eliminate the blood demon. Li Yiqi said that the blood demon is born of blood and only the purple and green swords can kill the blood demon. Combination can only exert its power. At present, only Xianbao and Nanhai faction in Shushan have the background of sword immortals. Unfortunately, the two factions are in constant disputes, and it is too difficult for them to cooperate.

The Gorefiend escaped and healed his wounds. The Demon King came to the door to reprimand the Gorefiend. It turned out that the Demon King helped the Gorefiend to regenerate and asked him to protect the Demon Infant. However, the Gorefiend only wanted to avenge his personal revenge. , The Demon King urged the Gorefiend to confuse the audience and not let people discover that they were cultivating the Demon Infant. As long as the days of the Tengu Eating Moon were passed, they would not have to hesitate.

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