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Star of Ocean 星辰大海 Episode 2 Recap

When Li Yiming heard that Jane Eyre was working in a video store, he pretended that the Cultural Affairs Bureau was looking for pornographic discs. Jane Eyre had already recognized him and took the opportunity to teach him a lesson. Li Yiming invited Jane Eyre to attend the class reunion, and Jane Eyre promised.

Jian Yanping signed a contract with China Haifa Trading Company to breed nutria at home, but the black-hearted merchant suddenly took up the money and escaped. Jian Yanping, like many farmers, had nowhere to complain. She wanted to sell nutria at a low price, but no one bought it, and saw the money back. Days, the game hall owner led someone to arrest Amin.

Jian Yanping bite the bullet and went to her elder sister’s house to borrow money, but she closed the door. Jian Yanping called the matchmaker Zhou Amu and did not agree to marry Gillian to the second son of the Liang family, a big family in the country. She wanted to pay the bill with a gift, Liang The family calculated that Gillian and Liang Lao Er’s characters were incompatible, and Jian Yanping gave Jane Ey’s characters to the matchmaker, and the two of them were very suitable. Because Amin is addicted to gambling, she lost all the money for Jane Eyre to go to college. Jane Eyre can only work while studying at night. Gillian envied Jane Eyre’s urban household registration. Jane Eyre would go outside if she wanted to get a diploma. Seeing the world, promised to stand firm and take Gillian away.

Jian Yanping lied that she would take Jane Eyre to sell nutria in the countryside tomorrow, and she also specifically asked her to bring her ID card, and Jane Eyre agreed without much thought. Jian Yanping tricked Jane Ey into the countryside, Zhou Amu took them directly to Liang’s house, Jane Eyre was locked in the room by Liang’s father, Jian Yanping received a gift of 10,000 yuan and left. Jane Eyre resolutely refused to agree to such a marriage and wanted to return the bride price to Liang’s family. Liang’s mother and Zhou Amu sent Jane a red dress and tried to persuade her to marry Liang’s second child. Jane Eyre proposed to marry Liang’s second child. Speaking separately, Liang Mu and Zhou Amu had to avoid them first.

Jane Eyre made it clear that she was forced, and what Liang’s family did was illegal. Liang’s second love to Jane at first sight wanted to marry her as his wife. That night, the Liang family set up a banquet with lanterns and festoons, and Jane Eyre wanted to go to the toilet under the pretext of an excuse. She wanted to take the opportunity to slip away, but the boss of Liang was arrested and tied up to the new house. Liang Lao Er came to see Jane Eyre in the new house by Jiu Jin. Suddenly she fell on the ground with a seizure and foamed at her mouth. Jane Eyre greeted the people who came to Liang’s house loudly. They rushed to take Liang Lao Er to the hospital. Take the opportunity to break away from the rope and escape.

Wen Xin came to the class reunion on time, Jane Eyre was late, and Li Yiming was disappointed. At the end of the party, a male classmate harassed Wenxin through the use of alcohol. Li Yiming hurriedly persuaded the male student to leave, took out a rose from the flower basket and gave it to Wenxin, and Wenxin blossomed with joy. Jane Ey ran home overnight to find Master Jian Yanping to ask her guilt, and she denounced Jian Yanping for betraying her for money. Jian Yanping yelled at Jane Eyre, and also scolded her that she was just like Liang Xiaoyan. She was annoyed by smashing Jian Yanping with a vase, and then ran out of the house.

Li Yiming rode to the video store to find Jane Eyre. Seeing that the door was closed, he squatted down on the side of the road in disappointment. Jane Eyre ran over, and neither of them saw each other. Jane Eyre came to Guangzhou by train. She didn’t want to admire the city’s busy traffic and high-rise buildings. She just wanted to fill up her stomach. Jane Eyre stood in a daze in front of a luxurious cafe. She saw a man drinking coffee leisurely from the window. She was envious. Finally, Jane Eyre turned over all her money and went to Fengying Noodle House to eat a bowl of fish ball noodles. .

The proprietress Fengying was very busy. Some guests took the opportunity and left without paying. Jane wanted to stay in the store to help. Fengying excused that the store was too small to hire help. Jane took the initiative to help. She was quick and smart. Capable, Fengying was very satisfied with her and asked her to try for two days. Jane Eyre put her chair together and slept in the store, falsely claiming to be Gillian. That night, a little mouse got into Jane Eyre’s clothes. She was so frightened that she exclaimed. A police car roared past. Jane Eyre thought of Jian Yanping who was hurt by her, and her heart was full of guilt. Early the next morning, Fengying and his wife brought bedding to Jane Eyre.

Li Yiming came to the house to find Jane Eyre, and learned from Gillian that Jane Eyre had run away from home, Gillian asked Li Yiming to inform Jane Eyre that Jian Yanping’s injury was all right. When the noodle shop closed late at night, Jane Eyre was about to close the door when she suddenly saw A Ying, the tenant upstairs, drunk and vomiting on the side of the road. Jane took her home, and A Ying let Jane sleep on the sofa outside.

Jane Eyre cleaned up the house early in the morning and made breakfast. Another tenant, Axiang, reminded Jane Eyre to stay away from Aying. Aying sneered at Axiang and promised to let Jane Eyre live. Fengying and his wife came to the noodle restaurant early in the morning, and Jane Eyre rushed to explain to them. Fengying was worried that she could not keep Jane Eyre, so she negotiated with her husband to give her a little salary. A month later, Fengying paid Jane Eyre 200 yuan and gave her a day off. Jane Eyre was very happy.

Jane Eyre came to the cafe again and saw that there was no one on the seat, so she had to leave disappointed. Jane Eyre used her first month’s salary to buy vegetables and wine, and she personally cooked a table of dishes to invite Ah Ying and Ah Xiang. Jane Eyre used the remaining 100 yuan to pay the rent. Ah Ying learned that Jane Eyre would Only earning two hundred yuan a month, I persuaded Jane Eyre to go to work with her in the clubhouse. Axiang looked down on Aying to accompany the guests to laugh, and Aying made fun of Axiang’s fake high salary. As a white-collar worker in the company, she couldn’t even pay the rent, and she had to rely on her every time. After the month of assistance, the two people quarreled very hard when they didn’t agree, and Jane Eyre hurried to mediate.

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