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Star of Ocean 星辰大海 Episode 1 Recap

Jane Eyre grew up in a poor family. His father, Jian Daguo, ran a tailor’s shop with a pair of skillful hands. His mother, Liang Xiaoyan, was elegant and beautiful. Jane Eyre was influenced by her mother and loved beauty since she was a child. She liked princess dresses, high heels and lipstick. Jian Daguo made one for her by herself. Jane Eyre danced happily, but Liang Xiaoyan was very worried and couldn’t be happy at all. She reminded Jane. When Ai grows up, she must choose according to her own mind. Young Jane Eyre doesn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, so she just dances in the room wearing her beloved skirt.

Jane Eyre wore a beautiful princess dress to go to school early in the morning. She made a stunning appearance in the classroom and immediately attracted the attention of all her classmates. Wen Xin, a classmate from a well-off family, has always been the focus of the whole class. She was jealous of Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre’s composition “My Mom and Dad” was shortlisted for the city’s middle school student essay contest, which made Wenxin hate Jane Eyre even more.

Jian Daguo is always obedient to Liang Xiaoyan and is considerate. She made a delicious breakfast for her in the morning. Liang Xiaoyan had to go to work without two bites. Jian Daguo brought her an umbrella and prepared stomach medicine. Usage, Liang Xiaoyan has been absent-minded. After class, male classmate Li Yiming deliberately splashed blue ink on Jane Eyre’s skirt. Jane Eyre was very sad. She hurried to find a hose to clean. A classmate found a piece of blood on the back of her skirt. Teacher Liu knew Jane Eyre had a period and asked her to return. Go to my mother at home.

It was pouring rain, and Jane Eyre ran to the factory to find Liang Xiaoyan in the rain. After learning that she was going to pay her colleagues on maternity leave, Jane Eyre had to ran home and saw that there was a portrait of her mother on the table. It is a name called Zhou Nan. Jane Eyre ran to the tailor’s shop to look for Jane Daguo. Jane Daguo saw the blood on her and asked her to wait for her mother to return from get off work. Jane Eyre was so scared that she screamed that she didn’t want to go home, and her father was dumbfounded.

That night, her mother settled Jane Eyre to bed. She filed for divorce from Jane Daguo. She repeatedly claimed that there was no love between them. She married Jane Eyre because of gratitude, and she maintained it until now because of Jane Eyre. She got furious and forced her to name the man. Liang Xiaoyan persuaded Jian Daguo to give up as soon as possible. Even if the man did not appear, they would get divorced. Liang Xiaoyan packed her luggage overnight to leave, Jian Daguo knelt down and begged her to stay, but Liang Xiaoyan had decided, and Jane Eyre hid in the quilt and heard clearly, she was so frightened that she did not dare to speak out.

Early the next morning, Jane Eyre got up and found that the family was in a mess, and both parents fell in a pool of blood. The police inspected the scene and finally concluded that Jian Daguo first killed Liang Xiaoyan with scissors and then committed suicide. Jane Eyre became an orphan overnight. Mayor Wen informed Jane Eyre’s aunt in the country, Jian Yanping, that he wanted to take Jane Eyre and his daughter Wenxin to stay for one night. Jane Eyre insisted on going back to his home.

Jane Eyre returned to her empty home, the furnishings remained the same, the old laughter and laughter were still in her ears, but she was distraught. Jian Yanping arrived early in the morning and threw herself down on Jian Daguo’s body and howled. She claimed to be raising two children by herself. Her life was too stretched and she was unable to adopt Jane Eyre. She wanted to send her to the county orphanage. The neighbor, Grandma Huang, came to see Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre paid back the money her father had borrowed from her. Grandma Huang told Jane to take the money left by her father. Jian Yanping was thinking about dividing the house and money left by Jane’s big country, and immediately decided to stay and take care of Jane Eyre.

Mayor Wen is very sorry for Jane Eyre and tells her daughter Wenxin to take care of her more. Jian Yanping wanted to bury Jian Daguo and Liang Xiaoyan separately, but Jian Eyre insisted that her parents be buried together, but Jian Yanping had to give in. After Jane Eyre finished taking care of her father’s funeral and came to school, Wenxin took the initiative to help her. Li Yiming learned that Jane Eyre was back to school and returned to the classroom happily.

Jane Eyre’s composition won the second prize in the city competition, and the teacher congratulated her. Jane Eyre took the initiative to give Wenxin the composition paper bought by her mother, but Wenxin did not appreciate her. Li Yiming and her male classmate teased Jane Eyre in partnership, and Jane Eyre ignored them.

Jian Yanping brought her children, A Ming and Gillian, and searched for her passbook at home while Jane was in school, but found nothing. Jane Eyre went home from school, but Amin shut her out and deliberately broke Jane Daguo’s sewing machine. Jane Eyre gritted her teeth with anger. Jian Yanping asked Amin to live in Jane Eyre’s room, Jane Eyre and Gillian squeezed to sleep in the attic, Jane Eyre resolutely refused to do it, Jian Yanping forced her to take out her passbook at home, Jane Eyre flatly refused, Jian Yanping pissed off her schoolbag Throw away. Jane Eyre and Gillian were crowded in the leaky attic. Gillian talked about her father who died early, and they cherished each other.

Jane Ai came to the County Cultural Center to look for Zhou Nan, and saw the sign that the interior decoration was closed for three days at the door, so she had to leave first. Jane Eyre came home very late. Not only did Jian Yanping not leave her a meal, she also took Gillian and Amin back to the country to send Jane Eyre to the orphanage, unless Jane Eyre took out her family passbook, Jane Eyre Ask three questions.

Jian Yanping forces Gillian to find Jane Eyre to find out the whereabouts of her passbook. Gillian reveals to Jane that life at home is difficult and she has no money to go to school. Jane Eyre considered repeatedly and had to give her passbook to Jian Yanping, on the condition that Gillian go to school and save her university tuition. Jian Yanping promised, and Jane Eyre told her the passbook password.

Jane Eyre came to the Cultural Center again to find Zhou Nan and learned that he had resigned and left a month ago. Li Yiming and her male classmate intercepted Jane Eyre halfway, Jane used scissors to pierce Li Yiming’s head in angrily. The teacher called Jian Yanping to the school. Li Yiming’s mother forced her to pay for the medical expenses. Jian Yanping firmly disagreed. Li Yiming’s mother insisted on expelling Jane Eyre, and Li Yiming lied. It was said that he was injured while practicing iron head skills, and the matter was left unresolved.

Jian Yanping left the meat dishes to Amin, and Jane Eyre and Gillian were not allowed to eat them. Jane Eyre was angry and put the dishes on the table. Jian Yanping gave her a severe lesson, and Jane Eyre ran away from home without eating too much. The sky suddenly flashed and thunder, Jane Eyre remembered the tragedy of the rainy night, and ran home in fright.

More than ten years have passed in an instant. The owner of the game hall brought someone to his home to find Amin to settle the accounts. Amin lost money in gambling and broke two game consoles. Jian Yanping knelt down to plead for Amin. The boss wanted 10,000 yuan in compensation, otherwise So he cut off Amin’s hand. After hearing the news, Jane Eyre came to rescue Amin and calculated the depreciation of the game console in detail, and persuaded the boss to take the opportunity to replace it with a new machine with more functions. The boss promised to reduce it to 5,000 yuan. After Li Yiming graduated from university, he wanted to organize a reunion with high school classmates, so he called Wenxin to inquire about Jane Eyre’s whereabouts, but Wenxin did not know.

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