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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 26 Recap

Li Qian asked Jin Xiao to interrogate Cai Shuang. Cai Shuang was afraid of being severely tortured and immediately begged for mercy to tell the truth about the general need. Then Mrs. Zhuang’s mother and daughter were imprisoned, and Cai Shuang was punished with a stick for embezzling military pay and making huge profits. Hundred, dismissal of the military post.

After Li Changqing returned to the mansion, he was very angry when he learned that the mildew rice and the sand-padded coat were involved, but Hu Yiliang only gave three days to reply. Li Lin came forward to bear all the blame. It turned out that Li Lin had privately asked Li Qian whether Cai Shuang had confessed Gao Miaorong. Li Lin did not want Gao Miaorong, an unmarried woman who could not survive due to stigma, so he knelt and asked Li Qian to bypass her. .

Li Qian did not reveal Gao Miaorong’s actions on the spot because of his cousin’s plea. Baoning pointed out that Li Lin is only responsible for the general affairs of the Li Mansion, and without Li Changqing’s private seal, the government and businessmen would not cooperate with him. If this matter continues, the Li family will inevitably be ransacked and annihilated.

Li Changqing wondered if anyone in the Li family dared to steal his seal. Gao Fuyu remembered that he had witnessed Gao Miaorong sneak into Li Changqing’s study to protect his niece. Gao Fuyu came forward and admitted that he had stolen the seal for personal gain, and Li Changqing gave Li Lin the silver. It was also after his persuasion that it was embezzled for private use.

Li Changqing was very disappointed by what Gao Fuyu had done and was very distressed, but he also ordered him to be sent to the government, waiting to be sent. Seeing that his uncle was not guaranteed, Gao Miaorong knelt and begged Li Changqing to bypass Gao Fuyu, and threatened that a strict investigation of the matter would also involve Li Mansion. After all, He Cuihua’s monthly discount money came from the underground bank. Li Changqing heard that He Cuihua was cursed, but he was helpless.

Seeing this, Baoning only said that underground banks are involved in a lot of ways. For the present, he can only minimize the loss. Baoning is willing to temporarily take out a dowry to make up for the shortfall, and then slowly recover the shortfall after the matter is over. Gao Fuyu was willing to come forward and bear the accusations from the government, so that Li Mansion could avoid being accused, and Li Changqing had no choice but to respond.

Half a month before her birthday, Queen Han Tongxin learned of the people’s disaster and was willing to cancel the birthday and use the money for disaster relief. This move won unanimous praise from officials. Zhuang Li claimed that his brother Zhuang Shu was framed by a traitor in Jinxi, and begged the emperor for justice. Hearing that Zhao Yi was furious, he took out the evidence that had been collected from Zhuang Shu, and Zhuang Li had to beg for mercy. But Wang Jidao, the first assistant, saw the students deceive the good and do evil so, and cut off the teacher-student relationship with him. In the end, Zhao Yi used Zhuang Li to protect his ancestors, and was abolished in the name of framing the princess, awaiting trial by the Criminal Ministry.

The recovered military pay was not sent to the quarters department. Zhao Xiao came to ask. Li Qian admitted that Zhao Xiao had been deceived by this incident, but he had to take out a dowry to make up for his fault. Zhao Xiao also asked Zhao Xiao to recognize his position. Stop doing stupid things.

Li Lin stayed in Li Mansion without face, and invited Gao Miaorong to leave with him when he left. Gao Miaorong is unwilling to let her leave and choose another life, she is unwilling to live like this. Seeing her so obsessive, Li Lin had to leave in disappointment. Gao Fuyu was sentenced to exile outside the Great Wall three days later, frankly confessing that she would never meet again with Gao Miao Rongjing, and persuaded her to do it for herself.

In order to protect Gao Miaorong’s safety, Gao Fuyu decided that his future was willing to sacrifice, and Li Lin was also forced to leave. But Gao Miaorong didn’t feel that he owed them at all, but instead felt that Li Qian owed her. She is unwilling to marry Li Qian to Baoning, but thinks that if there is no Baoning, she will eventually be consummated with Li Qian. Li Qian said frankly that even without Baoning, he and Gao Miaorong would not have a day of marriage talks. Seeing that Baoning was sealed by the emperor for this matter, Gao Miaorong was still persevering, and he threatened that one day Baoning would have nothing.

Seeing Li Qian talking with Gao Miaorong in private, Baoning was jealous. Seeing this, Li Qian expressed his sincerity to Baoning. This time, Gao Fuyu and Li Lin pleaded for mercy to bypass Gao Miaorong, but he treated her like a younger sister from beginning to end, and will always be just a younger sister.

The winter solstice was out of town due to a mission, and was finally ambushed by the enemy, and was rescued by Siqin in a critical moment. Siqin explained that Qing’an didn’t deliberately approach the winter solstice, he really liked the winter solstice. Qing’an and Anbu wanted to overthrow Qingtai’s tyranny, but they failed and were killed. They gave the ring to Siqin before leaving. Knowing that his lover is dead, the winter solstice collapsed and cried.

Boring and his lover went to the market to buy things and met Ren Yazi abducting a child. Fortunately, Boring was witty and the child would be abducted, but Boring suffered a hand injury as a result. The Queen had no intention of eating meals on her birthday. He did not expect that Emperor Zhao Yi specially prepared a table of meals to celebrate her birthday and praised her for canceling her birthday as a disaster relief act, which made Han Tongxin flattered. Afterwards, Zhao Yi sent the drunk Han Tongxin back to the bedroom, and the couple spent a warm and affectionate night.

Li Qian was concealed about Baoning’s injury, but Li Qian, who was busy on official business, suddenly came back, and Xiaoman came to report that the person was arrested. Li Qian happened to hear him. Baoning had to truthfully explain. Zhao Xiao has been working hard in martial arts recently, but Jing Haihou persuaded Zhao Xiao to return to Nanmin, but Zhao Xiao was perplexed. Jing Haihou scolded Zhao Xiao for abandoning and depraved for the sake of a woman. Persuade Zhao Xiao not to be willful and learn to grow up to face the thorns and bumpy roads that may appear in the future.

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