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People’s Property 突围 Episode 19 Recap

When Qin Xiaochong heard Li Shundong’s words, he suddenly realized that Niu Shiyan had been in the office for two years ago because he was not in love. Niu Shiyan’s suspicion was washed away, but Qin Xiaochong felt that Shi Hongxing’s suspicions could not be washed away. She could buy Li Shundong’s love for 100,000 yuan, and of course he could also buy his life for 100,000 yuan.

Lu Deguang came to the shanty town and found that many petitioners had signed the petitions. Everyone felt that the government was lazy. Niu Shiyan interviewed Lu Deguang in front of everyone. Why can’t Document 24 be revoked? It stipulates that it must be more than 95%. Residents can only demolish the house if they agree. Is the government acting irresponsibly? Lu Deguang replied one by one, that Document No. 24 was approved when it was issued, but time has passed.

Lu Deguang hopes that everyone believes in the government and that a happy life is the most fundamental goal for everyone. As soon as Lu Deguang got home, he called Mayor Wu and asked how the city government was going to face it. He was dumbfounded by the masses and reporters at the scene. Mayor Wu became anxious when he heard this. At this time, there were still people running to fan the flames. Lu Deguang had no time to care about with Mayor Wu. He wanted to make a big determination to invalidate Document 24, but Mayor Wu didn’t think so. Niu Shiyan dared to speak frankly in Lu Deguang, but everyone believed in Lu Deguang, he was a leader who dared to think and do.

Lin Manjiang asked Pi Dan to contact Qi Ben’an and ask him to come to the group headquarters. The Jingzhou Disciplinary Committee asked for the transfer of Li Gongquan. Lin Manjiang told Pi Dan to ignore them. The Jingzhou Disciplinary Committee could not manage us, but if the Jingzhou Procuratorate really wanted to open a case, they would not be able to handle it. Lin Manjiang told Pi Dan to talk to Lu Deguang for a while, and he couldn’t stand him to negotiate with Lu Deguang. If Li Gongquan didn’t fully explain the corruption, he couldn’t transfer it to the Jingzhou Procuratorate. Niu Shiyan took the manuscript and said that Lu Deguang had sent it, and she still had recordings.

Fan Jiahui thought that Lu Deguang knew that this manuscript could not be published, and she always felt that it was Niu Shiyan who forced Lu Deguang to express his attitude. Fan Jiahui was cautious and deliberately asked whether Lu Deguang had been to a shanty town, and Niu Shiyan was very helpless. Secretary Liu asked Lu Deguang for confirmation. Lu Deguang said that it was true, and that Niu Shiyan had a stand and temperature and should be praised. Fan Jiahui immediately praised Niu Shiyan and posted this in-depth report on the shanty towns.

Lin Manjiang called Lu Jianshe in and called Shi Hongxing in front of him, saying that her integrity had nothing to do with Wang Ping’an and Li Gongquan, and then he asked for Lu Jianshe’s resume. Lu Jianshe didn’t talk about Lin’s shop now, but Lin Manjiang didn’t plan to let him go. When Lu Jianshe reached his age, but he did not become the secretary, he simply broke his face with the group.

Lin Manjiang was very dissatisfied with him, and Lu Jianshe almost cried when he was wronged. Lin Manjiang gave way to construction and urged Li Gongquan to explain as soon as possible, no matter who was involved, even Qi Benan could not let it go. It is the eve of the storm in Jingzhou Zhongfu right now. Lin Manjiang must check and balance Qi Ben’an, otherwise it will be difficult to land safely. Lu Jianshe expressed his sincere heart to him.

Niu Junjie believes that Shi Hongxing’s worship of Lin Manjiang has become abnormal. Shi Hongxing has even kept Lin Manjiang’s speech records over the years, a total of more than 170 notebooks. Niu Junjie said that this is why Lin Manjiang did not allow others to interfere in Jingzhou Zhongfu. The 4.7 billion pointed at Shi Hongxing. Niu Junjie really worried that she would be sold by others and count the money for others. He wanted to let Everyone knows that Jingzhou Zhongfu was manipulated by Lin Manjiang.

Qi Ben’an also knew that there was a problem with the 4.7 billion, and it was still a big problem. Jingfeng and Jingsheng still had a loss of 2.1 billion, so who should count this. Niu Junjie felt that this was a stolen business. He heard that the trader Fu Changming also bought a special plane for Lin Manjiang. Pi Dan called and asked Qi Benan to come to Beijing to see Lin Manjiang, and Qi Benan was about to report to Lin Manjiang. Qi Ben’an didn’t feel very good. Perhaps he and Lin Manjiang were about to fight head-on. He asked Niu Junjie to tell himself about Fu Changming’s situation.

Qian Rongcheng begged Fu Changming’s head. They and Huang Qingyuan had been reselling coal together before, and they heard that they had also worshipped a buddha, but Qian Rongcheng had a buddha with one mouthful, obviously he didn’t intend to help. Shi Hongxing went to Cheng Duanyang and said that if someone wanted to rectify her, it would be easy to deal with corruption and malfeasance.

Lin Manjiang’s strategy committee decided to transfer Jingfeng Jingsheng Mine to Changming Group for 1.5 billion, so Shi Hong Xing was afraid, and came to Cheng Duanyang, saying that Niu Junjie suspected that Lin Manjiang and Fu Changming had an interest transfer relationship, and Fu Changming had even bought a business jet for Lin Manjiang. Cheng Duanyang didn’t believe it, and told Shi Hongxing not to say these crazy things.

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