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People’s Property 突围 Episode 18 Recap

The Rolls-Royce that Qian Rongcheng escorted to Angel Company was lost. People from the Executive Bureau of Luzhou Court executed Rolls-Royce. Li Shundong received a call from someone who thought it was Qian Rongcheng, and they also broke the law. Hearing that Qian Rongcheng owed more than seven million yuan to a company in Luzhou, he mortgaged Rolls-Royce, and the Luzhou court simply went through a procedure to enforce it.

Niu Shiyan was talking to Fan Jiahui in the office and suddenly received a call from Li Shundong. Li Shundong begged her to call Captain Wang to explain the situation. Qin Xiaochong was a little puzzled when he heard them talking, but he didn’t expect that Li Shundong and Niu Shiyan not only knew each other, but they also dealt with them. Niu Shiyan immediately helped Li Shundong call Captain Wang, hoping that he would help as much as possible within the scope permitted by the law.

Niu Junjie criticized Shi Hongxing at the life meeting, and Qi Benan mentioned that party members and cadres should make up for and pay back bad debts in the shortest time to build a clean and honest government. Li Shundong called Qian Rongcheng, and Qian Rongcheng was haha ​​with him, Li Shundong was almost impatient. However, Qian Rongcheng was not very happy. He must get a 500 million loan this month, otherwise the Rongcheng Group would collapse. Fan Jiahui secretly told Qi Ben’an that he had information to give him, this matter controlled whether he would be finished, but Qi Ben’an didn’t care at all. Lu Jianshe ran to Lin Manjiang’s house, but ended up closing the door.

Li Shundong asked Qin Xiaochong to drink, saying that the Executive Bureau must execute Huang Qingyuan, so they could not have a fight with the Luzhou Court Executive Bureau. The love history of Qin Xiaochong’s gossip Li Shundong and Niu Shiyan is interesting enough, but Li Shundong is reluctant to mention it. Qin Xiaochong had always suspected that Niu Shiyan and her parents had allowed herself to be wronged and imprisoned. Li Shundong firmly said that it was impossible.

In Li Shundong’s heart, Niu Shiyan is an angel, but in Qin Xiaochong’s heart, she is a devil. Lu Jianshe still refused to go after being closed-door, and kept wandering downstairs. Shi Hongxing was completely alive after receiving Lin Manjiang’s support. Niu Junjie was not happy again. No matter how good Lin Manjiang is, he is not Shi Hongxing’s man. Her man is herself. Don’t take their practical life for Lin Manjiang. Now, Shi Hongxing didn’t care at all, and he didn’t even like to eat rice.

Qi Benan told Fan Jiahui that Jingzhou was Lin Manjiang’s base camp, and it was precisely his arrival that broke his base camp. Lin Manjiang is now avoiding him. Li Shundong and Qin Xiaochong were drinking and chatting. In Qin Xiaochong’s eyes, Li Shundong had succeeded, but Li Shundong thought that he had not succeeded. Just like Qian Rongcheng’s case, he didn’t make any money, and Qin Xiaochong was cold. Lu Jianshe has been refusing to go in the community.

Lin Manjiang can only ask Tong Gehua to call Pidan and tell Lu Jianshe to see him in the office tomorrow. Tong Huage guessed that Pi Dan told Lu Jianshe most of the address of his home, and screamed at him, and Pi Dan quickly gave way to Jianshe. Qi Benan concluded that Lin Manjiang would do it himself. Fan Jiahui felt that the authenticity of Qin Xiaochong’s intelligence had greatly improved after hearing it. Qi Benan was worried about its reliability after hearing it. After all, Qin Xiaochong was sentenced.

Fan Jiahui believed that Qin Xiaochong was framed by others, and listened to a deep-throat recording. Qi Benan became more and more strange after hearing this. Niu Junjie repeatedly mentioned the 4.7 billion at the meeting today. His temper was a little rude, but he is indeed a serious colleague. Fan Jiahui also believes that Shi Hongxing is not a greedy person. People, so if this is really a problem than trading, the root should be Lin Manjiang. If it is true, Qi Ben’an can’t get rid of the relationship. Fan Jiahui fears that he will be held accountable for malfeasance if he is weak, but Qi Ben’an says he has his own way.

Niu Shiyan’s interview with Li Shundong was a special topic arranged by Qin Xiaochong. The first time I saw Niu Shiyan and Li Shundong, he fell in love with her. Niu Shiyan reported a story of a college student’s struggle, but was shot by Fan Jiahui and Qin Xiaochong, otherwise Li Shundong and Niu Shiyan would have been Married and had children. However, the real executioner of their love was Shi Hongxing. She thought that Li Shundong was not worthy of Niu Shiyan.

She gave Li Shundong 100,000 yuan in cash to let him leave his daughter. Until now, Li Shundong regretted abandoning his love for 100,000 yuan. Qin Xiaochong believed that Shi Hongxing was a corrupt official, and felt that one hundred thousand yuan was a bit less. But feelings cannot be measured. Li Shundong said that Niu Shiyan almost committed suicide after learning about it. She stayed in the office late every day and didn’t even go home. Lu Deguang and Lin Xiaowei talked about the transformation of shanty towns. He really wanted to change this place.

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