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People’s Property 突围 Episode 17 Recap

Fan Jiahui asked Niu Shiyan to avoid it first, but Qin Xiaochong insisted on holding her and talking about what happened that night two years ago. Two years ago, Qin Xiaochong received an anonymous report call. Niu Shiyan stayed at the newspaper late that day before returning, but Niu Shiyan ran out crying and said that she could not speak. Qin Xiaochong and Fan Jiahui talked about business. Last night, he received an anonymous report call.

The other party should be a 40-year-old Yantai. He claimed to have a deep throat. He said that the internal corruption of Zhongfu Group is serious and that the corruption is not in the headquarters but in Jingzhou. Lin Manjiang, Shi Hongxing and others sold high and low bought state-owned assets. Fan Jiahui was a little angry when he heard these things. Qi Ben’an was also in Zhongfu. Didn’t he say that he also pulled Qi Ben’an in. Fan Jiahui scolded Qin Xiaochong emotionally. Qin Xiaochong quickly said that Qi Benan hadn’t been transferred for a long time. His purpose was to ask Fan Jiahui to help him with a certificate to see if Qi Benan could fight corruption and rehabilitate him.

Shi Hongxing flew to Beijing to meet with Lin Manjiang. Shi Hongxing was worried about what Qi Benan would do, but Lin Manjiang was confident that he could not do much. Shi Hongxing also said that she received a threatening call last night. She is also from Yantai in her forties. Shi Hongxing panicked and wanted to report the crime, but Lin Manjiang was still calm. Shi Hongxing complained that Lin Manjiang should not send Qi Ben’an over and broke the peaceful situation in Jingzhou. Lin Manjiang asked Shi Hongxing if he had any opinion on Qi Ben’an, otherwise, how did Li Gongquan and Wang Ping’an give him gifts so quickly, and others would know it.

Besides, there are surveillance videos. Shi Hongxing quickly used party spirit and personality to ensure that this matter has nothing to do with her. . Qin Xiaochong continued to talk about the revelation. Two years ago, on the night of the incident, a deepthroat called and broke the news. Qin Xiaochong believed that he was the same person as the current deepthroat. Shi Hongxing did not oppose the three divisions of promotion, saying that he would do a good job of unity with road construction, but Lin Manjiang must restrain Qi Ben’an.

Zhang Jiying reported to Secretary Xu about his encounter with road construction. Zhang Jiying guessed that someone in it was trying to divert attention from Qi Ben’an’s article, and Secretary Xu thought so too. Lin Manjiang understood what Shi Hongxing meant, and said that he should think about it again. The triangle is the most ideal form, but the inspection of road construction is not ideal, so this candidate is not necessarily road construction. Shi Hongxing left the scarf he bought for Lu Jianshe, and left after reporting these things.

After listening to Qin Xiaochong’s recording, Fan Jiahui believed that the deep throat two years ago and the current deep throat were the same person, and Qin Xiaochong’s case was most likely framed. At this time, Qin Xiaochong received a call from Li Shundong. Li Shundong wanted Qin Xiao to rush back, and Qin Xiaochong agreed very happily.

Fan Jiahui saw Qin Xiaochong clearly. He did have a sense of justice, but he was indeed restless. Fan Jiahui didn’t intend to let Qin Xiaochong go to the angel to be an undercover agent. From now on these are his personal behaviors, but that piece of information is still negotiable. Pi Dan also advised Lin Manjiang not to let Qi Benanhu come. Lu Jianshe wanted to come to see Lin Manjiang, but Lin Manjiang didn’t want to see him.

Qi Benan held a democratic life meeting. At the meeting, Niu Junjie was dissatisfied with Lin Manjiang’s behavior. Shi Hongxing stopped him in time. Qi Benan also said that this meeting was a meeting of personal reflection. Niu Junjie made Shi Hongxingshuos and Li Gongquan and Wang Ping An’s relationship, Qi Ben’an did not evade. He was transferred to the Shanghai branch twenty years ago and became good colleagues with Li Gongquan and Wang Ping’an.

Good friend, but it was a fake to worship the brother. Niu Junjie then shifted the topic to Shi Hongxing, while Lin Manjiang was upset because of the poor work of the Cultural Propaganda Department.

Fan Jiahui thought about telling Qi Ben’an about Qin Xiaochong’s receipt of the news. Lu Jianshe told Pi Dan that Qi Ben’an asked him to monitor Shi Hongxing to provoke the relationship between the three of them. Lu Jianshe deliberately to please Lin Manjiang, and specifically asked Pi Dan for the address of Lin Manjiang’s house. Niu Junjie accused Shi Hongxing of not having grass-roots workers but upper-level leaders. He not only hung the portrait of Lin Manjiang in the office but also at home, accusing Lin Manjiang of covering the sky with one hand. Shi Hongxing asked Niu Junjie to reflect on himself. Niu Junjie and Shi Hongxing almost didn’t quarrel on the spot.

Niu Shiyan came to Fan Jiahui, and Fan Jiahui persuaded her to think about Qin Xiaochong, and want to help Qin Xiaochong redress the grievances. Fan Jiahui asked Niu Shiyan why she was so late at the newspaper that night two years ago. Niu Shiyan confessed that she was broken in love that night and almost never committed suicide.

Niu Shiyan wiped her tears, but now it’s a little absurd to think about it. Fan Jiahui comforted Niu Shiyan who did not have a few ridiculous things when she was young, she would not marry Qi Benan if she was not ridiculous. Speaking of them, Cheng Duanyang introduced them. Later, she heard that Qi Benan wanted to engage Shi Hongxing, but Shi Hongxing didn’t like him.

Qin Xiao rushed back to the angel Li Shundong and immediately dragged him to solve the major incident, saying that Qian Rongcheng had lost the Rolls Royce they were going to parade, and they had broken the law.

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