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People’s Property 突围 Episode 16 Recap

Lu Deguang once again talked about serving the people. This is not empty talk. For example, shantytowns are renovated. If a small number of residents disagree, there is no way to renovate them. This is still the case even if the March 28th accident occurs. Lin Manjiang brought Pi Dan to Beijing. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing would definitely not want him.

They said that Qi Ben’an asked Pi Dan to install a protective frame for Cheng Duanyang to make people angry, but Pi Dan said that Qi Ben’an was wrong. Pi Dan began to loyally tell Lin Manjiang that he would take it again. Lin Manjiang asked him to be the director of the office for himself, and he would stop real estate speculation.

Qin Xian waited for the neighbors to come to the hospital to visit Cheng Duanyang, hoping that she would sign the petition. She was an old model worker and there would be a way to sign, but Cheng Duanyang was a little worried and wanted to wait for the above response. Lin Manjiang began to regret putting Qi Ben in Zhongfu, Jingzhou. He didn’t expect that he had two bad friends, but Cheng Duanyang’s face was also saved. Lin Manjiang felt that Qi Benan changed too quickly, or Shi Hongxing was more sensitive.

He reminded him on the first day, but Lin Manjiang didn’t take it to heart. Now Lin Manjiang feels that Qi Benan has been planning for a high position for a long time. He thinks he should guard against familiar people because they Know your weaknesses.

Qi Benan taught his son Qi Xiaoan to write at home. Fan Jiahui called him over and repeated Niu Junjie’s words. Li Gongquan became Lin Manjiang’s man. Once Qi Benan did something, Lin Manjiang let Li Gongquan explain in minutes. Fan Jiahui thinks that Lin Manjiang is in crisis, and Qibenan is a little wary. Qi Benan and Niu Junjie felt that Shi Hongxing was fine after talking. Although they were married, he could only believe it. Fan Jiahui looked anxious. The only person Qi Ben’an could trust now was himself. Analyzing Dao Shi Hongxing’s meticulous arrangement long ago, Qi Ben’an was said to be terrified. Eventually the matter returned to Wang Ping’an, and the truth of the matter could only be revealed by catching him.

Wang Pingan lives by working as a temporary worker. He called Shi Hongxing’s house from a public phone. Unexpectedly, it was Niu Junjie who answered the call. Wang Pingan immediately hung up. Wang Pingan is like the world has evaporated, and there is no news. Qi Benan is also anxious. Fan Jiahui reminds him to maintain close contact with the Jingzhou Discipline Inspection Commission. Qi Benan is going to report to Li Xuexue today. Qi Xiaoan ran all the way back from Beijing to accompany his parents. Unexpectedly, Qi Benan would go to work again, and Fan Jiahui was very helpless.

Wang Pingan squatted in the public phone booth for a long time before calling Shi Hongxing again. This time it was Shi Hongxing who answered the call. Wang Ping’an only spoke and asked her to ask the Fortune Mythology Fund to return the money. He would surrender as long as the five hundred million were returned. Niu Junjie hurriedly asked Shi Hongxing to call the Public Security Bureau. Shi Hongxing wanted to report to Lin Manjiang first, but Niu Junjie snatched it over.

Upon receiving the news, the public security hurriedly called up the address and monitored it, and found that Wang Ping’an was now dressed as a migrant worker. Qi Benan hopes that this matter will be filed as soon as possible. This is not what Lin Manjiang meant. Qi Benan will certainly offend him, but he had already figured it out before he came. He is a member of the Communist Party and the leader of a large company. Qi Ben’an confessed that Li Gongquan’s trapping in Beijing would hinder his work in Jingzhou. Jingzhou Zhongfuneng has the current situation, and Shi Hongxing must be responsible.

Lin Manjiang did not make way for the construction to return to Beijing. He could only deal with Li Gongquan’s affairs here, and told Zhang Jiying that this incident involved Qi Benan, but Zhang Jiying didn’t seem to believe it. Lu Jianshe provided many reasons to persuade Zhang Jiying, but Zhang Jiying insisted on his judgment and reminded Lu Jianshe to return to Jingzhou soon. Li Xuexi said that he would bring Li Gongquan back for investigation as soon as possible and would also support Qi Benan’s work. The police found Shi Hongxing for questioning. Shi Hongxing is currently the only person Wang Ping’s trusts. Shi Hongxing has not forgotten to pull Qi Ben’an down and say that he and Wang Ping’an were friends a long time ago.

The police suddenly came to the mine and wanted to check his ID. Wang Ping’an ran away when he saw this, and met a boss to introduce him to work. Shi Hongxing lied in front of the police. The police speculated that Wang Ping’an would still call, hoping that Shi Hongxing would cooperate to tell him that the five hundred million had been recovered, so that Wang Ping’an would surrender. Shi Hongxing ended her questioning with the police in a cold sweat. She decided to fly to Beijing to meet Lin Manjiang. Qin Xiaochong was unwilling to report on the chaos of debt collection.

Fan Jiahui chased him for 30,000 yuan for the manuscript fee. Qin Xiaochong confessed that he gave Zhou Jieling the 200,000 he wanted to return, but this time he brought back an information. Before she finished speaking, Niu Shiyan rushed in and said that she wanted to talk to Fan Jiahui. Talking about it, Qin Xiaochong and Niu Shiyan quarreled. Qin Xiaochong mentioned the night he was designed two years ago and asked Niu Shiyan to talk about what happened that night.

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