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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 24 End Recap

The story returns to real life. This is the world-famous Louvre. The Code of Hammurabi was promulgated by the sixth king of Babylon. At this time, a man in a suit and leather shoes came over. This is Murong Jie Lun, the code is what he once said with Meiru, monogamous, and the white head is not separated.

Meiru was playing in Paris. Jiang Hui was really calling her. Meiru told Jiang Huizhen that she knew Hammurabi. She said that Hammurabi was Murong Jayron. Jiang Huizhen was stunned after hearing this because the code was recently restored. I wrote a line, “I am married to you, monogamous, and never leave.”

This is Murong Jaylun’s promise to Meiru, a love letter written to Meiru over a thousand years, Meiru believes that Murong Jaylun is still alive, but Jiang Huizhen Persuaded her that this is not three or five years, but a thousand years, so that Meiru can see reality clearly. But Meiru insisted that she saw Murong Jaylun again today, and repeated that sentence in front of the code. But Jiang Huizhen told Meiru that they were no longer twelve years old, and some of their feelings were destined to be a tragedy. If sad, she hung up the phone. Although Jiang Huizhen missed it very much, but it was buried in my heart.

Meiru just got off the plane and picked up a notebook at the airport. It said the words Murong Jaylen once said to her, “I am married to you, monogamous, and never leave.” Meiru turned her head and Murong Jaylen was standing behind her. I took notes, but it seemed that she had imagined it. Meiru was looking around with the suitcase.

Then she got in a taxi and Murong Jaylen also came out behind, but they missed it. While Meiru was eating noodles, a man came in and asked for two bowls of noodles. She looked back and grabbed a man’s hand, Murong Jaylen. He saw Meiru remembered his previous memories, but smiled. But he still forgot that memory, no matter what Meiru told him, he said that Meiru was not his food.

The second uncle and the second aunt were walking on the street, but the second uncle did not leave when he came back this time. The second uncle suddenly saw an old thing, but the second uncle frightened her and thought that the second uncle was leaving again, but the second uncle said he did not. He will leave. The things he has done in this life have been done, but some people have some things that are far from over. This is obsession and providence.

Meiru came to the troupe to look for Jiang Huizhen. At this time, Jiang Huizhen was already a famous Sichuan opera actress. Meiru brought the macarons to Jiang Huizhen, and said that they were bought in the Louvre store and Jiang Huizhen saw through them. Because Meiru said that she met him again, she didn’t care about anything, and she forgot to buy gifts. Now, the length of a machine is exactly the same as Murong Jaylen, but Meiru also knows that it is just the same length, not her Murong Jaylen.

At this time, Murong Jaylen really returned to Babylon. At this time, the historian girl was still lying on the ground, saying the same thing as Murong Jaylen. Murong Jaylen said that she was a person who truly possessed great love and divinity. Ouyang Wenshan also returned. At this time, Murong Jay Lun only wanted to make the empire peaceful for a long time. At this time, the new king was born. Murong Jay Lun gave himself the name Hammurabi and he is also a great king.

Murong Jaylun and Ouyang Wenshan rushed to the water cage to save the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl. She told the Dragon Girl to stay alive after leaving, but the Dragon Girl was already ashamed. She had no meaning to live. Murong Jaylen advised her not to betray her love. Her people’s entrustment to her.

Ouyang Wenshan missed Jiang Huizhen very much. A year later, the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl met Duan Shui Liu again in Babylon. This is true. The Nine Heavens Dragon Girl is very happy.

Meiru believes that miracles will appear in life.

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