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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 23 Recap

The nine-day dragon girl anxiously looked for the stream under the cliff. At this time, the wedding ceremony of Murong Jaylun and Chen Meiru had begun. They were saying vows to each other, and suddenly Meiru felt a little dizzy. She thought it was the reason for the wine she had just drunk. It may be too happy. Murong Jaylun wanted Meiru to visit her hometown, but Meiru said that as long as she closes her eyes, she can go anywhere.

In the blink of an eye, she returned to the beauty of her childhood. She stood there. In front of the ancient Babylonian ruins, she kept a diary carefully, like a magnificent picture scroll and a dreamland, as beautiful as walking on this road, she was in awe and could not help fantasizing, maybe she could also become this legend In part, the girl who wrote in the magnificent atmosphere of the ancient country met the prince dreamily.

Meiru ran to look for Murong Jaylun. She felt that she was really happy to marry Murong Jaylun. This would be considered a trip to Wushan together. Murong Jaylun promised Meiru to marry her, monogamous, and never separated. They promised to each other, and Meiru finally said her love for Murong Jaylen. She loved the prince and was willing to do anything for him. The two kissed affectionately.

Suddenly, everything happened between Meiru and Murong Jaylun in the picture. In a blink of an eye, Meiru and Murong Jaylun had finished their wedding ceremony, and they hugged Meiru tightly. Jiang Hui was really worried about Meiru. Ouyang Wenshan pulled her back and told her that in this doomed chaos, everyone had to make a choice. If this encounter was destined to end in tragedy, then everyone would be unable to recover. Jiang Hui really couldn’t understand. Ouyang Wenshan told her that Duan Shui Liu was dead, and Jiang Hui couldn’t believe it.

Jiutian Longnv found Duan Shuiliu under the cliff, but he was lying on the bank of the river, and the Jiutian Longnv couldn’t yell at all. She told Duan Shuiliu that she forgave him. The Nine-days Dragon Girl was very sad, and it was already too long when she found it. In the evening, Dragon Girl was very sad and cried. She kept calling Duan Shuiliu.

She also said that she hadn’t put on her shoes properly. She told Duan Shuiliu to get up and look at him, but he might not be able to continue to take care of Dragon Girl. Nine Heavens Dragon Girl Putting Duan Shuiliu’s hand on her face, she said that only Duan Shuiliu truly regarded her as a princess, and it was because of him that she finally became a real princess.

Murong Jielun touched the knife on the bed and inserted it into his body. He wouldn’t let Meiru get hurt. Ouyang Wenshan tells Jiang Hui Zhenmei if nothing will happen, he now wants to tell Jiang Huizhen to keep her cool forever and must fulfill his dream, because Jiang Hui is really a big star in his heart, always shining, but Jiang Huizhen would definitely forget him, as if he had never been there, but she still loved Ouyang Wenshan in her heart. However, Ouyang Wenshan will always guard Jiang Huizhen like the stars in the night sky.

The King of Babylon was still waiting to return to Babylon and let Keane go to find Meiru’s blood, but Ouyang Wenshan grabbed sin and threw him to the stone to death. Murong Jaylen was also injured at this time. He could only tell Mei. If I’m sorry, it turned out that when he knew his life experience, Murong Jaylun would rather disappear than cooperate with his plan. If you must use a blood sacrifice, Murong Jaylun’s will be used. He discussed with Ouyang Wenshan that she would not hope Jiang Hui would lose her good friend, and he would help Murong Jaylun.

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