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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 9 Recap

Wang Xiaoan was to obstruct, Lin Jin-Jin Ye Nan sign the agreement

Feng Yi a tell Wangxiao An, all they do is a ski game, not to design a universal knowledge of science video . In addition to letting the players understand the technology during the game, she also allows the players to be interested in skiing through the game and want to experience it. Only in this way can they achieve their true goals. Wang Xiaoan said, does she think the game process is not exciting enough? Yiyi said that she should focus on skiing instead of just emphasizing love. Moreover, her love line is too old-fashioned. No matter how the ending changes, the love line remains the same.

But the movie theater game is like reality, love can be transferred, don’t just break up. Wang Xiaoan said, because the hero and the heroine still love each other in their hearts. Yiyi said that she puts too much emphasis on the protagonist’s aura. In reality, after the relationship is over, no one will be able to let go of a relationship after a few years.

Wang Xiaoan said that in reality, many couples reunited after breaking up. She said it was unwilling to break up again, sooner or later. Feng Yiyi asked her to give at least five solutions for her own problems. If she can’t do it, they can substitute. Wang Xiaoan said he would do it right away.

He Feng came to Wang Xiaoan to eat, but only saw Feng Yiyi. She said that Wang Xiaoan went home to revise the plan. She also said that Wang Xiaoan needs a quiet environment. After all, she is not an employee of their company and cannot be so harsh on her. Then she took He Feng to eat.

Feng Yi said that they have to speed up the powder snow. That company has already started planning ski games, and has already robbed two similar projects of funds, winning with speed every time. Lin Jinjin called He Feng and asked him what his progress was. He Feng said there was no progress. Lin Jinjin said that he had laid so much for him, why is he still standing still? He Feng said that Wang Xiaoan is changing the plan recently, and it is not easy for him to disturb her. But Wang Xiaoan hasn’t returned him yet, Jinjin asked him to continue

After the phone call with He Feng, Lin Jinjin felt that he could not count on He Feng, and it was more reliable to go after Ye Nan by himself. Lin Jinjin asked Ye Nan to pretend to be her three-month-old boyfriend, and then she would post a Weibo to clarify and promise not to trouble him. He

Jingxiao unexpectedly saw He Feng working in the kitchen wearing an apron today. He Feng said he let He Jingxiao go out quickly while his knife was still in trouble. He left for the safety of his life. He Feng has been watching the video to cook, and some seasonings are also called by scales. He Jingxiao recorded the scene of him busy in the kitchen.

After He Feng is ready, let He Jingxiao taste it. As a result, He Jingxiao vomited directly.

He Jingxiao’s mother said that if He Jingxiao is disobedient, let He Feng discipline him. He Feng asked him to clean up the kitchen quickly. He

Jingxiao posted a circle of friends with pictures of He Feng cooking.

Feng Yi saw this circle of friends. She called Sun Lie and said that she would meet with an investor someday, so she could talk about He Feng’s project. I deliberately contacted him, and he ran several times before they agreed.

Feng Yi had already prepared a handful of food. She told her godmother that she had moved to her place by herself, which caused her a lot of trouble, and she felt sorry for her. The godmother said that He Feng hadn’t seen anyone for ten and a half months, and his godfather was working again. She didn’t even have a person to talk to, so Feng Yiyi didn’t rush to move back.

The new house was still vacant. When Yi heard that He Jingxiao lived with He Feng, she said it would be inconvenient? Do you want to rent him a house alone outside? Godmother said that it was good for him to live with He Feng. This child has been rebellious since he was a child, so He Feng can cure him.

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