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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 10 Recap

He Jingxiao goes to Wang Xiaoan , Ye Nan wants to terminate the agreement and

He Jingxiao tells them not to fight anymore. Wang Xiaoan asked He Jing to ask him if they had met somewhere. He Jingxiao said it was impossible. He didn’t know him, nor did he know He Feng . After hearing He Feng, Wang Xiaoan stopped him. He Feng threatened him. He knew whether he knew him or not. In the end, He Jingxiao could only tell him the situation and ask him why he was following him.

He Jingxiao said that he was here to deliver a document. I want to see what kind of person Wang Xiaoan is that can make their family Xiaofeng so obsessed. After all, the two of them live together now. He said that if Wang Xiaoan and He Feng are together, he will not see him looking up for a while, so he thought Get to know her in advance.

Xiao Ke said that he thought he was a weird guy, but now he thinks he is very normal. He Jingxiao said that He Feng is a weird man. As the saying goes, things are gathered by kind and people are divided by groups. Then he said that Wang Xiaoan was very normal, just a little bit higher. Wang Xiaoan said that his fists were wrong to the outside, and He Jingxiao was relieved, and then he asked if the two of them were together. Ask her if she has time to eat together in the evening, but Wang Xiaoan is going to attend the celebration banquet at night, so she can explain.

After hearing the difference, He Jingxiao asked if there were directors, stars, and reporters on the scene. Wang Xiaoan said yes, and He Jingxiao asked if Wang Xiaoan could show him insights. He said that he actually wanted to be an actor. He had participated in some art exams before, and he was unsuccessful for some reasons. In fact, he has always been very regretful. Wang Xiaoan asked him, it is not impossible to really want to go. Then He Jingxiao went back tonight to change into a handsome dress. He Jingxiao said that even if he wouldn’t let He Feng’s nephew in the future, he would recognize her as a relative.

Lin JinjinThe dress she wore was very beautiful, and she advised Zhou Xu that it was better to recognize reality earlier. Lin Jinjin asked him why he didn’t change his clothes. Ye Nan said that he would not go anymore. It was inappropriate for him to go to her celebration banquet. But Sister Ai asked them to go by name, and many reporters came today to clarify their scandals. Lin Jinjin acted like a baby. She said that her drinking volume was not good. If Ye Nan didn’t go, she would drink by herself. Ye Nan had to agree to him.

After arriving at the place, Wang Xiaoan told He Jingxiao to introduce him to a beautiful woman. His agent is called Sister Ai, who is very nice. If she sees her, it is equivalent to stepping into the film and television industry with one foot.

Wang Xiaoan told Ye Nan that as Lin Jinjin’s best friend, she had to remind Ye Nan that although he is her own master, she must not bully Jinjin or hurt her, otherwise, she would not respect her teacher. of.

Lai Haoyun asked Wang Xiaomou if he was interested in being his exclusive screenwriter. The treatment was generous and the most important thing was that he could cooperate with major directors. Wang Xiaoan said that he was not interested. Lai Haoyun said that she not only has the right to sign, but also can be the master of the project. I can help her get the most free creative space. But Wang Xiaoan remained unmoved.

He Feng asked her if she was okay, and Wang Xiaoan said it was okay. If he didn’t come in time, she might be a bad person.

Lin Jinjin has been drinking. Sister Ai made Lin Jinjin remember that when the reporter was interviewing, she was not able to play freely, and she had to remind her boyfriend not to let the reporter lead him and say everything. Lin Jinjin told Sister Ai and Lai Haoyun that the relationship between her and Ye Nan was fake, and they broke up as soon as the contract arrived. The result was heard by Ye Nan, and then he ran out.

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