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People’s Property 突围 Episode 13 Recap

Shi Hongxing cried and talked to Lin Manjiang about what happened. This incident originated from Jingzhou Energy. Niu Junjie kept her asking for money all day long, and Shi Hongxing thought of the five hundred million. Li Gongquan and Jin Yiqin are college classmates, and they settled on a meal with Wang Pingan. Li Gongquan also had a lot to do with this matter, and Lin Manjiang concluded that he must have a problem. Lin Manjiang told Shi Hongxing that if she was clean, she didn’t have to be afraid.

Of course, Lin Manjiang believed that her family ugliness should not be exposed. He also agreed that Qi Benan would hold a democratic life meeting. Shi Hongxing should take the initiative at the meeting and ask him and Qi Benan to report truthfully and make a review. Shi Hongxing promised again and again. Lin Manjiang asked Shi Hongxing to call Lu Jianshe again, but not to find Qi Ben’an, but to let him control Li Gongquan and make him be responsible for himself.

Li Xuexue believes that Qi Benan and Lin Manjiang and Shi Hongxing are in sympathy with his brothers and sisters, and it is unrealistic to expect Qi Benan to check Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang has always kept his family ugly to the bottom, and Lu Deguang has such an attitude. This is too difficult. Qi Benan approached Niu Junjie and asked him if he knew Shi Hongxing was related to the five hundred million. Niu Junjie quickly spoke for Shi Hongxing.

She was fooled by others, but Qi Benan felt that Shi Hongxing was not so good. , Otherwise he will not be monitored. Shi Hongxing felt that Qi Benan was not Lin Manjiang, and he would not believe it even if he said it. Lin Manjiang agreed with this, Qi Benan cherished his feathers too much. Lin Manjiang told Shi Hongxing not to worry, this matter was over, and he would take care of the rest.

Lu Jianshe was the first to find Li Gongquan and said that Lin Manjiang was looking for him to talk, Qi Benan was also waiting for him, and Li Gongquan followed him in the car. Lu Jianshe subsequently reported to Lin Manjiang and said that Li Gongquan and Qi Benan are good friends. If Qi Benan is involved, Lin Manjiang said that no matter who is involved, he should investigate, but he still told him to only report to himself. Niu Junjie did not protect Shi Hongxing, but pity her.

This incident caused her nose and tears to come down. Qi Benan didn’t believe it again, Niu Junjie reminded him that it was not Shi Hongxing, but Lin Manjiang that should be guarded against. He packed that Shi Hongxing was not a greedy person, otherwise he would not be brought over to be the boss of Jingzhou Energy. Niu Junjie also said that the 4.7 billion thing is no worse than Wang Ping’an.

Qi Benan beat a drum in his heart, will Lin Manjiang be behind the 4.7 billion? He realized that he must find out the problems behind Jingzhou Zhongfu as soon as possible. Qi Benan suddenly received a call saying that Li Gongquan had been taken away by Lu Jianshe, but Lu Jianshe did not tell him about it. Qi Ben’an called, and Lu Jianshe answered that this was something arranged by Lin Manjiang. Lu Jianshe dreamed of being promoted to the next level, so naturally he would not miss this opportunity, but Qi Benan was confident that Lin Manjiang would not like this kind of person.

Qi Ben’an was called by Lin Manjiang, saying that Shi Hongxing was shocked by him, and then he was also pulled in to talk about the relationship with Li Gongquan and Wang Ping An. Qi Benan explained repeatedly, but Lin Manjiang didn’t give him a chance at all, and in turn accused Qi Benan of being selfish. Lin Manjiang wants to hold a democratic life meeting today. It will be held here. All the members of the team will come, including Li Gongquan. Lu Jianshe had a meal with Li Gongquan, and when he received a call, he hurriedly took him to Lin Manjiang. Li Gongquan looked like an upright gentleman who was not afraid of things.

At this moment, Wang Ping’an was looking for work with a sullen head and face. An elder brother heard that his money had been robbed and did not eat, so he gave him the bun in his hand. Wang Ping’an found a job moving coal. The other party wanted to see his ID card, so Wang Ping’an took out the fake certificate named Liu Sangou. Qi Ben’an informed Niu Junjie to come to the meeting, and his wife’s troubles could hit him righteously. Shi Hongxing received the call and called injustice instead, stating that she would take the lead in the review. Niu Junjie turned around and talked about Shi Hongxing and pulled Qi Benan in, but Shi Hongxing didn’t know how Lin Manjiang talked with Qi Benan.

Qi Ben’an asked Lu Jianshe to remove all those who looked at Li Gongquan, and he couldn’t run away in full view. The leaders were all here, but Lin Manjiang did not show up. Wang Ping’an was dirty and tired when moving coal in the mine. He accidentally knew that his salary was only 100 yuan, while others were two hundred. Wang Ping’an was scolded when he looked for fake money from the boss. One hour later, Lin Manjiang still didn’t show up, Qi Ben’an really couldn’t help but he was willing to come out after he went to him.

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