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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 15 Recap

Although Zhao Yunshen is not familiar with people in the literature circle, he knows Mr. Zhang in the film and television industry, so he immediately contacted Lu Keying and helped Lu Keying meet with Mr. Zhang. At this time, Song Yuyi was still downcast, always feeling that pure reliance was a little lacking in confidence, and worried that others would look down on him.

After Lu Keying’s enlightenment and comfort, Song Youyi agreed to meet with Mr. Zhang, and learned that the other party and Director Wu are cooperating in filming a movie, and the screenwriter and team are needed. Although the screenwriter’s budget was not too high, it was the only opportunity for Song to exercise. After the two parties determined the time for joining the group, Mr. Zhang promised to sign a contract and pay a deposit next.

In order to celebrate finding a job, Song Youyi asked Lu Keying to have a big meal, and until the next morning, he asked Lu Keying to pack his luggage and wait for the crew car to come and pick up people. After coming to the crew, Song Youyi expounded his views on the script in front of Director Wu, which was recognized by Mr. Wu, so he boasted that he promised to expel the manuscript tonight. He was so motivated that he couldn’t help but share the joy with Lu Keying.

When Lu Keying went to work, he took the initiative to call Zhao Yunshen to apologize. As Zhao Yunshen’s work was very heavy, he quickly hung up the phone. But for a while, Zhao Yunshen sent a message to Lu Keying, saying that it was not easy to talk in the meeting just now, so he seemed to have a bad tone. Lu Keying didn’t care about the matter at all, and offered to invite him to dinner if he had a chance.

Li Junlong is going on a business trip, so I want Song Siming and Dora to take this opportunity to cultivate relationships and spend more time alone. However, Song Sining went to pick up her daughter after get off work, and found that her daughter turned a blind eye to herself, so she wanted to find her father or go to her grandparents’ house, until she promised not to ask her to practice dance and study, and then she was willing to go home.

Dora verbally agreed to watch only three episodes of anime. After watching, she regretted to watch two more episodes. Song Sining did not agree and turned off the TV directly, which caused her daughter’s dissatisfaction and white eyes. Li Junlong’s work ended ahead of schedule and went home. She was also worried about how the mother and daughter would get along. Sure enough, Dora heard Li Junlong’s voice and hurried out, hugging him and crying.

Seeing the warm scene of Li Junlong coaxing her daughter, Song Sining couldn’t stand it, and went back to the room alone, always feeling that no matter how much she gave, she couldn’t make Dora get close to herself, as if she was an outsider in this family. So Song Siming didn’t understand why her daughter hated her. If she was just being strict with her, Li Junlong comforted Song Siming to spend more time with her children.

The driver’s wife, Xiao Jin, had a second child, so she asked for leave to go home to serve. Guan Zheng was touched by this and mentioned to Chen Songying about childbirth because he felt that if the couple had no children, their lives would be incomplete. But Chen Songying’s attitude was firm, and the couple once again had an unpleasant quarrel.

In the next period of time, Song Only relied on himself to be appreciated by Director Wu, playing various big names, even letting others buy him the chili sauce, which aroused the indignation of the same group. But a few days later, Song Only did not write anything useful, his content did not meet the market demand, and even got into a dispute with Mr. Zhang.

Director Wu kindly persuaded Song Youyi to change the content of the script. In the end, Song Youyi only replaced the villain and the protagonist in the role of the uncle, and was eventually expelled by Mr. Zhang. Before leaving, the deputy director complained to the crew that Song Youyou wrote something shit, so angry that Song Youyou beat him up, and then went into the police station. Song Sining and Li Junlong made a special trip to release him on bail. Lu Keying hated Song Youyi because iron was not made of steel, and went home to pack up and move out. Especially when Song Youyou didn’t want to repent, he was even more disappointed.

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