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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 14 Recap

The kindergarten teacher noticed that Dora had obviously changed. Not only would she be distracted during class, but she would be alone in a daze after class, and would not play with her friends. Because of this, the teacher urged Li Junlong to pay attention to this problem. If the root cause is not found, the child may gradually become autistic.

Li Junlong and Song Sining proposed to stop the painting class, but they were rejected, including that he wanted to take Dora to the zoo, and Song Sining changed it to a painting exhibition. Although Dora obeyed Song Sining’s arrangement, Li Junlong saw that Dora was not in a high mood, which made him reflect on the teacher’s words, ready to find an opportunity to have a good talk with Song Sining.

At this time, Song was the only one who lost his temper at home and complained about others. He refused to look directly at his own problems. He felt that it would be hard for a Maxima to meet Bole. If anyone is willing to pull him into the circle, he will definitely shine. Lu Keying was tired of Song Only’s complaint. When cooking noodles for him, Lu Keying suddenly thought that Zhao Yunshen should know a lot of resources, and maybe he could ask him for help.

Song Youyi, who had previously worked in the company, came to Lu Keying for an unprecedented time, falsely claiming to pick her up from get off work, but actually wanted to find out if Lu Keying had asked Zhao Yunshen about the literary circle. Lu Keying promised to find Zhao Yunshen again after class. How could he have thought that Zhao Yunshen was on a business trip suddenly and asked his ex-wife to pick up his daughter.

Lu Keying wanted to ask Zhao Yunshen about the literary circle and put it aside for the time being. When he went home, he saw Song only find someone to restore the computer files. After inquiring, he found out that he had impulsively deleted the manuscript and regretted it. Song Youyou asked Lu Keying to pay for the maintenance of the computer, and asked if she had contacted Zhao Yunshen. Lu Keying explained the situation truthfully, and saw that Song Youyou immediately became lost, all kinds of yin and yang.

The drawing class is about to participate in the competition. If the grades are excellent, there will be prizes. All the children actively sign up, but Dora is not interested and deliberately dropped the list. The next day Li Junlong was going to take Dora to class, but Dora pretended to have a stomachache and avoided participating in the competition.

Li Junlong believed it was true, so he let Dora rest at home and turned on the TV for her. Song Sining received a call from her teacher when she went out to buy vegetables, and she learned about today’s art competition. She realized that Dora was lying on purpose, and she was so angry that she went back to question her daughter. Li Junlong and Song Sining were arguing over the matter, and Dora ran back to the room crying. After Song Sining calmed down, she went to Dora and confirmed that she didn’t like painting at all, so she agreed not to go to painting class in the future.

A few days later, Lu Keying plucked up the courage to call Zhao Yunshen and offered to invite him to dinner. But Zhao Yunshen was exhausted just after getting off the plane, and he tactfully refused, and when he was about to get off work, he invited her to the previous restaurant for dinner. Zhao Yunshen saw that Lu Keying had something to ask for, and when she asked, she knew that she was contacting the literary circle for others. Although Zhao Yunshen had no relevant acquaintances, he promised to ask in the circle of friends.

Zhao Yunshen offered to send Lu Keying home, but Lu Keying immediately refused when he thought of where he lived. Song Soong was meditating on the bed at this time. Even if he was too hungry, he did not want to cook by himself. Yin and Yang blamed Lu Keying for eating out. Lu Keying said that she told Zhao Yunshen about the situation, and the other party promised to help. At first, Song Tong was still questioning Zhao Yunshen and checking his identity online, which made him very happy.

Dora beat up her little friend Cici in the kindergarten, Song Siming asked Dora to apologize, but Dora protested loudly. Song Siming couldn’t figure out why the cute and cute daughter before became like this, but Dora accused her of always shouting at herself and should apologize to herself. These words made Song Siming stunned on the spot.

Li Junlong quickly comforted Dora gently, which made her soften her attitude. The teacher thought Dora had a mental problem. So when she left the kindergarten, Dora was reluctant to take Song Sining’s car. Song Sining was rather helpless, and took the initiative to talk to Tu Yue about the matter, and he also listened to her suggestions. Tu Yue received a call and asked Li Junlong to take her to the Dynasty Club. Li Junlong went home to gossip with Song Sining, guessing that Tu Yue had a very rich boyfriend.

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