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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 13 Recap

In order to thank Zhao Yunshen for his relief, Lu Keying took the initiative to invite him and Zhao Zixi to dinner, but the other party tactfully refused. Just as Lu Keying was about to go home, he suddenly received a call from Zhao Yunshen and learned that he had sent his daughter to his parents’ house and canceled the business dinner, so she specially invited her to dinner.

Zhao Yunshen set a position in a high-end restaurant. Looking at the price of the menu, Lu Keying thought that the meal would cost half a month’s salary, but considering that Zhao Yunshen helped him, he was painfully prepared to pay the bill. I never thought that Zhao Yunshen was a member of the restaurant and had already paid the money. Lu Keying felt embarrassed and decided to invite him next time.

Back at home, Song Youyi was eating instant noodles in front of the computer, and threatened that he would soon have a formal job because the company of the last screenwriting planning meeting called him to talk about the script. Lu Keying was very happy about this and thought this was Song’s only good opportunity, and encouraged him to take it well.

However, that night, Lu Keying dreamed that Song’s only playwriting had won an award and the two entered the wedding hall. But when they exchanged rings, they saw herself in a wedding dress having dinner with Zhao Yunshen, and she was scared to wake up immediately.

Song Only went to the company to submit the script outline, but the boss asked him to add tens of thousands of words more detailed content, only the platform approved it to sign. But this condition was too harsh for Song Youyi. After all, the hard work during the period of creation was equal to free, and he didn’t get any remuneration. He was so angry that he cursed the boss and left, and then complained to Lu Keying endlessly.

Song Sining went to pick up Dora at her in-laws’ house, only to see Dora scribbling on the wall with a paintbrush, and couldn’t help but rant. Back home, Dora had to confront Song Siming, as long as she didn’t allow her to do anything, and in the end Song Siming was so angry that she punished Dora to copy English words, regardless of whether she was willing or not.

In order to prevent Li Junlong from poaching other company customers, Lao Xu deliberately found excuses for not giving contact information, and even asked the finance company for this month’s salary. After Li Junlong learned of this, he reluctantly told Amin to pay Lao Xu his salary. When he went home, he saw Dora crying and writing words, so he hurried to comfort him. He asked Dora to go to the living room to watch TV and help him finish writing the words. .

When I went to work the next day, the company’s middle managers talked about Song Sining and Chen Songying in private. Chen Songying, who had always been straight-tempered, rushed into the pantry and cursed them. With the resolution of the crisis, Wu Zhiguo met in public to praise the ability of the public relations department, and Chen Songying also let go, claiming that if she was asked to find out that someone in the company was doing her own work, she would never give up.

Lao Xu knew that he had cheated all the employees and did not dare to show up again. So it didn’t take long for a large number of creditors to find the company to see Lao Xu. A Ming came forward to calm the anger and told Li Junlong not to enter the company first, so as not to make the trouble more fierce. After the creditors left the company one after another, Li Junlong came forward to calm the anger of the employees and told them that they can only get the money if they work together.

Although Li Junlong was very tired, seeing the photos of his wife and daughter was instantly motivated. Li Junlong took his daughter home and realized that her daughter didn’t want to see Song Siming at all, so he realized the seriousness of the matter. In the evening, Li Junlong and Song Sining had a disagreement on education. He believed that children should not have too much pressure, but Song Sining insisted that letting his daughter learn to dance and paint is a way of love, and that he can only achieve something when he grows up with strict requirements from an early age.

For the next period of time, Song Sining walked with Dora in the various cram schools every day, Li Junlong watched Dora’s mood getting lower and lower, and he was also not happy in his heart. Dora lost her temper during the painting class, and the teacher couldn’t stand it, so she took the initiative to explain the matter to Li Junlong. With Li Junlong’s comfort, Dora agreed to eat ice cream after class.

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