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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 12 Recap

After finally solving the problems of colleagues, Chen Songying, Song Sining and others gathered to chat, discussing the impact of having children on women. The more she listened, Chen Songying became more frightened, and quickly ended such topics, and immediately reminded Song Sining to be prepared to attend Monday’s regular meeting. According to the current poll results, the position of vice president is mostly due to her.

As the company needs financing, Mr. Tang recommends some CEOs in the circle to Li Junlong as much as possible, but everyone has heard about Lao Xu and hopes that Li Junlong will leave him alone as soon as possible. However, Li Junlong believed that he was brought into this circle by Mr. Xu, and his position today has a lot to do with the other party. He should not be ungrateful and tactfully rejected the proposals of the bosses.

After the entertainment was over, Li Junlong received a video from Dora and learned that she had been at her grandparents’ house all this time. On the other hand, Song Sining didn’t know what she was doing and rarely took time to accompany her daughter. Originally, Li Junlong was waiting for Song Siming to come back at home, and wanted to have a good theory with her, but Song Siming suddenly said that he was going to be promoted to vice president. This sentence immediately dissipated him and couldn’t help being happy for his wife.

As Monday’s regular meeting arrived, Wu Zhiguo presided over the meeting. During the meeting, some middle-level leaders deliberately mentioned Song Sining’s appointment of his younger brother and sister Lu Keying. However, Lu Keying worked diligently during her tenure and saved the company’s losses. Therefore, many people affirmed that he did not continue to provoke him. However, when the poll results were about to be announced, the secretary Lu Lu ran to report that someone had posted a photo of Chen Songying dancing in a bar. Going online has aroused public opinion among many netizens.

Chen Songying insisted that someone was maliciously framing herself. Wu Zhiguo took the opportunity to fan the flames and ordered the Public Relations Department to minimize the negative impact. At the same time, the meeting to select the vice president was temporarily suspended. Song Sining had been looking forward to the position of vice president for a long time, and it was obviously a certainty, but now she suddenly failed, which made her feel heavy.

The board of directors met to discuss the photo crisis. Chen Songying admitted that she was wrong and was willing to cooperate fully and bear the cost of public relations. Wu Zhiguo’s strategy succeeded, pretending to be a human being, waiving half of the public relations fees, and he continued to serve as vice president. Song Sining did not blame Chen Songying, but on the contrary comforted her until after get off work, he had dinner with his girlfriends and threw out bitterness at them.

Based on this incident, Tu Yue inferred that someone was doing bad things in the middle. After all, going to the bar to drink and dance happened a month ago, and it happened to be exposed during today’s meeting. In addition to embarrassing Chen Songying, it also wanted to prevent Song Sining from sitting in the position of vice president. Afterwards, Song Sining relayed Tu Yue’s words to Chen Songying, reminding her by the way whether Xia Guan Zheng had already known, after all, this matter should not be allowed to hinder the relationship between husband and wife.

At the same time, President Tang found Li Junlong again, wanting to understand his final thoughts. Li Junlong decided to advance and retreat with the company and promised that if the hole could not be plugged in half a year, Mr. Tang would leave it to the board of directors. Mr. Tang originally admired Li Junlong’s talents and character, and agreed to his request, but Lao Xu still refused to come forward to deal with company affairs on the grounds of inconvenience to show up, which made Li Junlong feel more pressured.

At Song Sining’s reminder, Chen Song took the initiative to call Guan Zheng and invite him to dinner together in the evening. Guan Zheng withdrew from the company’s dinner for this reason. When he went home, he saw Chen Songying sitting in a daze by the window. Only after asking about the crisis did he find out about the crisis caused by the photo. Chen Songying is very concerned about Guan Zheng’s views, but Guan Zheng knows that his wife is a well-measured strong woman, and frankly confessed that he had received the photo a month ago, and deleted it without seeing it at the time.

Because of Guan Zheng’s trust, Chen Songying was very moved, and the couple’s indifferent feelings gradually heated up. Guan Zheng went out and called Mr. Ma, asking him to settle the matter as soon as possible. At the same time, he took the money to the nanny at home so that the other party would take a day off and come back to work tomorrow, and he wanted to live with Chen Songying. It is a pity that the husband and wife have been separated for too long, and Chen Songying is not used to this kind of intimacy at all.

The next morning, Wu Zhiguo’s sister-in-law brought the dog to the company. Even when faced with Lu Keying’s obstruction, she still forced her way and even abused Lu Keying and asked Lu Keying to apologize to her dog son. Fortunately, Zhao Yunshen showed up in time and scolded the vixen for her behavior and asked her to apologize to Lu Keying. Wu Zhiguo refused to come to Taiwan and scolded her sister-in-law. Chen Songying also informed the front desk that she would be blacklisted in the future.

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