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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 11 Recap

Because Li Junlong was not answering the phone for a long time, Song Sining could not contact him, so he had to pick up her daughter Dora in person. But she didn’t bring the admission card, so she was stopped by the security guards. Fortunately, she met the teacher and explained her identity. Now that this kind of thing happened, Song Siming really didn’t want to take care of Dora, so he sent her to her in-laws’ house, and then went to Longxiang Company, where she was once again blocked by the security at the door.

Li Junlong saw Song Siming calling himself downstairs, and lied that he was now on a business trip to another place, and he was relieved until he saw Song Siming leave. Originally, Li Junlong wanted to contact his acquaintances to borrow money, but unfortunately everyone avoided him. Song Sining asked Chen Songying and Guan Zheng for help. Therefore, Guan Zheng could give a suggestion that Li Junlong should sue Lao Xu and reduce it as much as possible. Own loss.

Early the next morning, Song Sining went to the company to block Li Junlong again, and she realized that he was hiding from herself deliberately. In just a few days, the high-spirited man became so haggard and exhausted, Song Siming felt very uncomfortable, but when he saw Li Junlong take out the divorce agreement, he tore the agreement on the spot, claiming that he would not get a divorce anyway.

Seeing his wife’s attitude so resolute, Li Junlong felt uncomfortable, turning his back and weeping silently. Song Sining hugged Li Junlong from behind, gave him a great spiritual support, and at the same time expressed Guan Zheng’s opinions. This is the only way at present. However, Li Junlong was hesitant to consider the relationship between him and Lao Xu. At Li Junlong’s plea, Mr. Tang made an exception and promised to give him another chance, provided that he could fill the hole in the company by the end of the year.

Song Youyi, who has nothing to do, intends to publish novels on the Internet. Unfortunately, he repeatedly hits the wall. It is obvious that his own ability is not good enough, but he has to blame God for injustice, and he will be humiliated by his hard work for many years. In the following days, Song Youyi continued as usual. Even if the reality made her suffer, he still fantasized about publishing a book and becoming famous all day long, and would not even consider going out to find a job.

On the other hand, Lu Keying worked hard outside. In addition to paying rent, his monthly salary was only for daily expenses, which was very stressful. Hao Liangliang persuaded Lu Keying not to be dazzled by love. He can raise a man for a while, but he can’t raise him for a lifetime. The relationship also needs to be maintained by both parties. Moreover, a woman’s youth is limited, and she cannot always do business at a loss.

Lu Keying went home and heard Song Only and Xie Xiaofeng talking. He was very angry about this. In order to keep him away from the liar, he promised to help Song Only to win resources. After coming to the company, Lu Keying asked colleagues if they knew people in the literary circle, but unfortunately, to no avail.

Zhao Yunshen wanted to find a pianist tutor for her daughter. Chen Songying thought of Lu Keying, so she informed her about it, and worked with Song Sining to advise her and choose a classroom in a nearby school to teach Zhao Zixi. Although Zhao Zixi was rather naughty and would encounter various problems between classes, Lu Keying was very patient and passed her test very quickly.

Li Junlong makes breakfast for his wife and daughter, and then he has to devote himself to busy work. There is really no time to accompany his daughter Dora. Song Sining saw Dora’s loss, so he calmed her emotions by the side, and sent her to dance practice until after breakfast. Dora didn’t like dancing, and proposed to play Ocean Ball, but Song Sining refused.

At this time, Song Sining received a call from Chen Songying and learned that a pregnant colleague had come to the company to make noise, so she had to send her daughter to her in-laws’ house first. When Song Siming had just left, Mother Li called her son to complain, urging him to put the second child on the agenda. Song Sining persuaded her female colleague to no avail. Seeing that she was still reluctant, she stated that the cause of the matter was her husband’s complaint. Now there are only two options, either staying in the logistics department or quitting. As soon as this remark came out, all the colleagues present were shocked.

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