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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 30 Recap

Awu asked the court lady to give Yun Qianyue chestnut powder cake mixed with abortion medicine. Yun Qianyue, who had a poor appetite, didn’t eat it, but was accidentally eaten by Ye Qingnuan. After that, Ye Qingnuan’s abdominal pain was unbearable until she fainted. Yun Qianyue summoned the imperial physician to diagnose and found that the chestnut powder cake was poisonous. Yun Qianyue’s childbirth is approaching.

She was frightened and gave birth prematurely. Ye Qingran caught the maid who gave the chestnut powder cake, and the maid confessed Awu. Ye Qingran wants to put Awu to death. Tuoba Yeqian, who regards Awu as his relatives, knelt and begged Ye Qingran to let him go. Ye Qingran believed that Awu was under the instigation of Tuoba Yeqian, so he ordered Tuoba Yeqian. Qian took care of it.

Yun Qianyue, who had exhausted her strength to give birth to a son, passed out, and Ye Qingran was very happy. Tuoba Yeqian was willing to exchange Awu’s life as a noble concubine. Ye Qingran said that Awu was not dead, and she could not escape the blame. The heartbroken Tuoba Yeqian asked Ye Qingran to believe in herself, but Ye Qingran cruelly refused.

Tuoba Yeqian felt ashamed when she heard it. Yun Qianyue is worried that Ye Qingran will anger Tuoba Yeqian, so she asks the eunuch to send a message to the emperor not to blame Tuoba Yeqian. The queen mother looked at the emperor and grandson very much. Ye Qingnuan mentioned the child’s lack of months, and the queen mother hurriedly covered the past. The Ministry of Rites gave the prince several names, and Yun Qianyue picked the word Ling.

Lan Yi asked Qin Xiang for Ye Tianyi’s help. Qin Xiang felt that Ye Tianyi was too overwhelmed. Lan Yi believed that as long as Qin Xiang was willing to help, Ye Tianyi would make a comeback and Qin Xiang drove away Lan Yi. Ye Tianyi was not surprised when he learned of Qin Xiang’s attitude. He knew that the old and cunning Qin Xiang was not sure about him and would definitely not trust him. In order to win the help of Qin Xiang, Ye Tianyi decided to start with Qin Yuning.

Leng Zhaozhuo brought the news that Yun Qianyue gave birth. Qin Xiang lamented that Ye Qingran was willing to be this cheap father. Leng Zhaozhuo suspected that the prince’s blood was impure. Qin Xiang decided to take advantage of Ye Qingran’s unreliable foundation. The questioned prince made some articles.

Zongzheng Mansion is the department in charge of the royal jade plaques. Its director Zhao Ruiming led a group of officials to kneel in front of the temple to question the blood of the prince. According to the calculation based on the date of birth, Yun Qianyue was not with Ye Qingran when she was pregnant. Ye Qingran was very angry.

He could only lie that Yun Qianyue was born prematurely because of the poisonous murder of Tuoba Ye Qian. Zhao Ruiming bluntly said that Ye Qingran was a faint lord who was bewildered by beauty, and Yun Qianyue was the demon girl. Ye Qingran was touched by the pain, and angrily ordered Zhao Ruiming to be killed. Ye Qingran decides that Liyun Qianyue’s child will be the prince, and warns the officials that if anyone else discusses the matter arbitrarily, he will end up just like Zhao Ruiming.

Yun Qianyue heard the conversation between Zhao Ruiming and Ye Qingran in the hall. She begged Ye Qingran to release Awu and not let Tuoba Yeqian stand alone. Ye Qingran felt guilty and should be punished. Yun Qianyue said that she is safe now. Well, let Ye Qingran not struggle with this. At the same time, Yun Qianyue wanted Ye Qingran not to punish Zhao Ruiming, who was devoted to the blood of the royal family. She didn’t want Ye Qingran to lose her courtier’s mind and get the name of a faint king.

Yu Luoyao was anxious for Rong Jing’s reluctance to make a decision. Rong Jing pointed out that the Murong Mansion’s case was hidden. Wu Yu’s pursuit and the formation of Mr. Yun need to be investigated.

The beaten Awu, who was covered in blood, returned to Tuoba Yeqian alive. Tuoba Yeqian was heartbroken. Awu worried about Tuoba Yeqian’s situation, and the seeds of hatred were in Tuoba Yeqian’s heart. , She vowed to take revenge on Ye Qingran and Yun Qianyue.

Zhao Ruiming risked his remonstrance, but it was because after hearing Qin Yuning’s remarks about the impure blood of the prince, Qin Yuning found out that the Murong Mansion case was tried by Lord Yun. She wanted to tell Rong Jing about the news and see what happened to Rong Jing. Facing Yun Qianyue. At this time, under the leadership of Lan Yi, Rong Jing found General Murong’s old friend, Mr. Meng.

Talking about the Murong Mansion’s extermination case, Mr. Meng said that the respectful Old Prince Yun pretended to befriend General Murong in order to investigate Rong Jing’s identity. To prevent General Murong from stealing his position in the dynasty, the old prince Yun framed General Murong with disobedience. Rong Jing couldn’t believe it but had to believe it. The hatred and sadness made him cry.

The harassment in the harem made the Queen Mother worried, Ye Qingnuan interceded for Tuoba Ye Qian, and the Queen Mother hoped that Ye Qingnuan persuaded Yun Qianyue not to worry about the past and cherish the people in front of him. After Ye Qingran saw the queen, Yunyue asked him to go to Tuoba. Ye Qian’s Guangming Palace was resting. Ye Qingran felt that she was still a great grace to Tuoba Ye Qian when she let go of Awu. Yun Qianyue didn’t believe that Tuoba Ye Qian would really harm her. She didn’t want Ye Qingran to get along. Tuoba Ye Qian had misunderstandings because of herself.

In order to leave space for the two to be alone, Yun Qianyue took her prince Ling’er back to Prince Yun’s Mansion. After learning the news, Old Prince Yun hurriedly prepared gifts for her great grandson.

Rong Jing, Yu Luoyao and others went to Kyoto, but the impulsive Rong Feng did not go with him, Shangguan Ming Yue stayed with him.

Qin Yuning and Ye Tianyi met at the inn. Qin Yuning, who was already in love with Ye Tianyi, cared about his current situation. Ye Tianyi asked Qin Yuning to persuade Qin Xiang to help her make a comeback. Qin Yuning didn’t want to implicate her father, and Ye Tianyi did not force him. , He gave Rong Jing’s address in Beijing to Qin Yuning, and asked Qin Yuning to report to the court.

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