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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 29 Recap

Ye Tianyi stood on the cliff and sighed about his life. He didn’t expect that not only did he not get the throne in the end, but he also lost the only woman he really loved. The unwilling Ye Tianyi decided to leave Yuezhou and return to Kyoto to investigate the news. Lan Yi supported Ye Tianyi’s idea and said that he would follow him to the death.

Ye Qingran, who finally married Yun Qianyue, was very happy. Yun Qianyue persuaded him to rest earlier. Ye Qingran took Yun Qianyue and sent her back to the bedroom.

Rong Jing, who had left the Nuwa Temple, wanted to leave the city, but saw guards checking the pedestrians at the city gate. In desperation, he had no choice but to rush out, but fortunately, Yu Luoyao and others showed up in time to rescue Rong Jing. Yun Qianyue was awakened by dreaming that Rong Jing was injured. At this time, Rong Jing was bandaging the wound he was injured when he was out of the city. Yu Luoyao, who cares but chaos, hopes that Rong Jing will not forget his responsibilities. Rong Jing said that since Yu Luoyao wants to follow her, she must act according to his plan.

Yun Qianyue loved peonies since she was a child, and Ye Qingran invited Yun Qianyue to grow peonies with her. Yun Qianyue wanted to refuse. Ye Qingran expressed that she was willing to spend her whole life in exchange for Yun Qianyue’s sincerity, just like waiting for peony. Just like flowering, once planted, it will be guarded day and night. There was a sudden heavy rain at night, and Yun Qianyue was worried about the newly planted peony, but did not expect that the peony would sprout after the rain stopped.

The king of Yueqi Kingdom died of illness, and Tuoba Yecheng, who had been staring at Heavenly Sage, inherited the throne. Taking advantage of the fact that the new emperor of Tiansheng was enthroned, and the foundation was not stable, Tuoba Yecheng released the news of the death of the old king, and at the same time informed him that the person placed in Tiansheng was ready to wait for an opportunity to act. This person was Qin Xiang.

The news of the death of the old king of the Yueqi Kingdom reached Tiansheng, and Tuoba Yeqian couldn’t believe it when she learned about it. She wanted to go back to Yueqi to have a look. Ye Qingran came to stop Tuoba Yeqian from leaving, and the heartbroken Tuoba Yeqian leaned in Ye Qingran’s arms and cried bitterly.

A few months have passed. As Yun Qianyue’s belly grows bigger day by day, the peony flowers he planted are also blooming. The two court ladies talked about Tuoba Yeqian not being a holy favorite. Yun Qianyue interrupted them after hearing the words. Talk and be warned. Yun Qianyue went to Ye Qingran to persuade him to be nice to Tuoba Yeqian, and Ye Qingran bluntly said that marrying Tuoba Yeqian was just following the order of the first emperor.

At present, the only salt lake in Tiansheng is turbulent in the northwest, so official salt is scarce. Yueqi, who is densely covered with salt lakes, is willing to provide official salt for free, but Yueqi wants Tiansheng to exchange it with Wangeng Island. Although Wan Geng Island is deserted, it is the western fortress of Tian Sage. The East China Sea has been eyeing it. If Yueqi obtains Wan Geng Island and joins forces with the East China Sea, then Tian Sage will be at risk.

The queen mother returned to the palace with Ye Tianci, who was out for medical treatment. Ye Tianci has returned to normal. The queen mother persuades Yun Qianyue to accept the identity of the mother of the country and face her husband and wife relationship with Ye Qingran. Tuoba Yeqian asked Ye Qingran to see her own face and agreed to Tuoba Yecheng’s request to exchange official salt with Wangeng Island. Ye Qingran asked her not to interfere in government affairs. Why did Tuoba Yeqian think Yun Qianyue can talk about government affairs but she can’t. Ye Qingran bluntly said that Yun Qianyue’s status in her heart is unmatched, and Tuoba Yeqian is extremely sad.

Awu persuaded Tuoba Yeqian to relax, and Tuoba Yeqian suddenly fainted. The imperial physician diagnosed that her illness was caused by depression. Ye Qingnuan asked about the cause of the disease. Ye Qingnuan asked the Queen Mother to help and persuade Ye Qingran. The Queen Mother thought that only when Tuoba Yeqian gave up pursuing Ye Qingran’s love, could Tuoba Yeqian live steadily.

Shangguan Ming Yue discovered that Yu Luoyao had recruited soldiers privately. Rong Jing took the initiative after learning about it. Yu Luoyao admitted frankly that she felt that Rong Jing had not yet recognized his responsibility as a prince. Rong Jing believes that the fortune of the country is God’s will. He does not want to go against the sky, let alone put the people in fire and water, but Yu Luoyao, who has been brainwashed by the restoration of the country, is still unwilling to give up.

Nan Lingrui and Yun Xianghe enter the palace to accompany Yun Qianyue, come to join in the lively Ye Qingnuan and invite Yun Qianyue to go with them to see Tuoba Yeqian, Yun Qianyue is worried that Tuoba Yeqian does not want to see herself but politely said Refuse.

The scarcity of grain and grass in the north has caused Ye Qingran’s attention. Yun Qianyue put out a terrace plan to help Ye Qingran solve the trouble.

Ye Qingnuan comforted Tuoba Ye Qian, and Ye Qingran came back to see him after busying the government, but Tuoba Ye Qian suddenly realized that she was not the love of Ye Qingran’s heart. Ye Qingnuan took out a gift from Yun Qianyue, but Tuoba Yeqian was very resistant.

Ye Qingran reminded Ye Qingran not to forget Tuoba Yeqian’s birthday. Although Ye Qingran did not forget, she came very late. Ye Qingran asked Tuoba Yeqian what gift she wanted, and Tuoba Yeqian said that she needed her husband to put it. Accompaniment, if not, she wants a child that belongs to both of them, but Ye Qingran, who has a lot of scruples, rejected her on the grounds that Tuoba Yeqian was unwell.

After Ye Qingran left, Tuoba Yeqian curled up in the quilt and was very sad. Awu, who was distressed about her, decided to help her get rid of Yun Qianyue who had taken Ye Qingran away.

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