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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 28 Recap

Yu Luoyao cooked fish soup to nourish Rong Jing. Rong Jing asked Xian Ge to give Shangguan Mingyue a bowl first. Yu Luoyao was unwilling, but Rong Jing hoped that the two would not have a rift because of this. Yu Luoyao had to personally give it to Shangguan. Ming Yue sent it. Shangguan Mingyu did not accept the fish soup that Yu Luoyao handed out. He hoped that Yu Luoyao would think about it. He had never cared whether Rong Jing, who was fame and fortune, was willing to be a king. If he failed, what would Rong Jing face.

Qin Xiang knelt in front of the temple and begged Ye Qingran to let Qin Yuning live. He also mentioned that Yun Qianyue had an affair with Rong Jing, and suspected that Yun Qianyue’s son was not of royal blood, and Ye Qingran was worried about being arrested. Zhuojing agreed to Qin Xiang’s request, but he decided to release Qin Yuning from prison after the wedding, which made Qin Xiang very grateful. Ye Qingran warned Qin Xiang not to mention the old things about Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue, nor to doubt the identity of Yun Qianyue’s son.

Qin Yuning sent a cloak to Rong Jing. Rong Jing said that he had recovered and did not dare to bother her to take care of him. Qin Yuning felt that Rong Jing had a marriage contract with him, and it was appropriate to take care of him by himself. Chen Liu clamored to see Rong Jing. After the two met, Chen Liu said that Yun Qianyue was going to marry Ye Qingran. He laughed at Rong Jing for not getting the country or the beauty.

Chen Liu’s words repeatedly appeared in Rong Jing’s mind, which made him very sad. For this reason, Rong Jing could only drink strong alcohol to extinguish the sadness in his heart, but he still couldn’t stop missing Yun Qianyue after he was drunk. The love life of the two in the paradise, the promises they made on their wedding day, the intimacy between meal and meal, all touched Rong Jing’s affection. A sad voice echoed in the pavilion, and the drunk Rong Jing laughed in extreme pain.

Yu Luoyao took the drunk Rong Jing back to the room. Rong Jing mistakenly regarded Yu Luoyao as Yun Qianyue. He held Yuluoyao tightly and told of his longing and affection for Yun Qianyue, and confessed that he gave it to Yun. The damage caused by the light moon. Yu Luoyao was very uncomfortable, but when she turned around to leave, she was held back by Rong Jing. He asked Yun Qianyue to appear in her dream for a while. Rong Jing slept beside Yu Luoyao. Yu Luoyao lamented that although Yun Qianyue was deeply emotionally hurt by Rong Jing, she still envied Yun Qianyue’s love for Rong Jing.

Chen Liu did not return long, so Ye Qingran retrained a team of people in order to capture Rong Jing on the day of the wedding. He determined that Rong Jing would definitely appear. The team generals felt that it was difficult to find Rong Jing in the crowd. In fact, Ye Qingran made arrangements early. He let Yun Qianyue go to the Nüwa Temple alone to pray for blessings. At that time, he only needs to hold the Nüwa Temple to catch Rong Jing.

Ye Qingran not only prepared the magnificent Ronghua Palace for Yun Qianyue, he also made two silver lusts to wear together with Yun Qianyue. Ye Qingran confessed to Yun Qianyue with a silver ring. He told about his love for Yun Qianyue for many years. Yun Qianyue said that she has no love for Ye Qingran. She hopes that Ye Qingran can cherish Tuoba Yeqian. Ye Qingran bluntly said that he married Tuoba Ye Qian to comply with the emperor’s request and that he did not love her. Yun Qianyue slapped Ye Qingran in anger. She felt that she could not repay Ye Qingran’s love for her.

Yun Qianyue was caught in entanglement. She didn’t expect Ye Qingran to have no feelings for Tuoba Ye Qian, but she had to intervene between the two. Recalling what Cailian said was in Yun Qianyue’s ears, Yun Qianyue knew that if others knew that the neutron in her belly was Rong Jing’s flesh and blood, the result would be disastrous.

On the day of the wedding, everyone was happy for Yun Qianyue to be loved by the emperor, and Yun Qianyue could only accept it with a smile. When Yun Qianyue came to Nüwa Temple to pray for blessings, the guards were attracted by a figure, and when she caught up with him, she found Chen Liu in a coma. At this time, Rong Jing was looking at Yun Qianyue in the Nüwa Temple, who was dressed in red.

Chen Liu pleaded guilty for her inability to do things, so angry that Ye Qingran left directly. Seeing that Rong Jing could not be grasped, Ye Qingran appeared beside Yun Qianyue. The carriages of Ye Qingran and Yun Qianyue drove on the road, and Rongjing was overlooking from a high place.

Ye Qingran led Yun Qianyue into the palace. Tuoba Ye Qian, who was watching from the side, understood that she was not taken seriously when she was newly married because Ye Qingran didn’t love herself at all, and when she used it, she also hated Yun Qianyue for betraying them. Friendship, married to her beloved Ye Qingran,

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