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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 27 Recap

Ye Qingran arranged for Yun Qianyue to wait for her family in the Yunwang Mansion on the wedding day. Even if Yun Qianyue wanted to leave, Ye Qingran left her to live in the palace with peace of mind and wanted to stay in the same room with her. Yun Qianyue felt that the marriage of the two was unfair to Tuoba Yeqian, so she asked Ye Qingran to accompany Tuoba Yeqian. Ye Qingran left Yunqianyue’s Lanyue Pavilion but did not go to Tuoba Yeqian’s palace, and the sad Tuoba Yeqian shed tears alone until dawn.

There was a drought in Qingzhou, but Wang Shi, the governor of the three provinces, did not have a precise understanding of the disaster, which made Ye Qingran very annoyed. Ye Qingran, who is determined to be Mingjun, understands the disaster situation in Qingzhou very well. He ordered Zhong Ming to be an imperial envoy to Qingzhou to preside over the disaster relief activities and allocated a huge amount of money for disaster relief and comfort people’s livelihood.

The minister advised Ye Qingran not to be so rash. After all, the treasury was empty. Ye Qingran said that since he became the king of a country, he must benefit the people. For this reason, he decided to use the money he would build the mausoleum in the future.

Although Rong Jing’s body is not serious, he still needs several anti-cold decoctions. Shangguan Mingyue and Yu Luoyao are vying to go to the city to buy medicine. Rong Jing is worried that the two pursued will reveal their identities, and Yu Luoyao arranges one. The members of Ming Mo Pavilion sneaked into the city, but the cautious members of Mo Pavilion were still spotted at the entrance of the drugstore.

Lan Yi always followed the exiled Ye Tianyi. The frustrated Ye Tianyi advised Lan Yi not to live a life of drifting away with her. Lan Yi believed that Ye Tianyi would one day become a superior, and the inspired Ye Tianyi cheered up. Up the spirit.

Chen Liu grabbed the members of Mo Ge and learned about Rong Jing’s location. Ye Qingran asked him to act quickly to capture Rong Jing. At this time, Rong Jing took a closer look at the clothes Yun Qianyue had sewn for him, and Yu Luoyao reminded Rong Jing of his mission. The members of the Mo Pavilion who had not returned home attracted Rong Jing’s attention. With an order, countless flying arrows shot into the thatched house, but no sound was heard in the house. Chen Liu led his subordinates into the thatched cottage to find out, but was caught by Rong Jing’s trap. In the end, Chen Liu was caught by Rong Jing alive.

Cailian worried about Yun Qianyue, who was always depressed. In order to comfort Yun Qianyue, she counted Ye Qingran’s care and love for Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue sighed by the lake that Rong Jing couldn’t know that she was pregnant, and Nan Lingrui came to see Yun Qianyue. Nan Lingrui, who has lived in the palace since childhood, did not want Yun Qianyue to live a life of intrigue. Yun Qianyue responded by saying that there is a girl in the Yun family. Nan Lingrui asked if she was willing to marry Ye Qingran, Yun Qian Yue means that when everyone is involuntary, so do. Nan Lingrui hoped that his sister Yun Qianyue would be happy, and Yun Qianyue asked Nan Lingrui to marry him.

In order to marry Yun Qianyue, everyone in the palace is preparing nervously. Tuoba Ye Qian is in such an environment day by day, and her heart is painful. She came to Yuhuayuan to relax, and happened to meet Nan Lingrui, who wanted to unwind. Tuoba Yeqian, Tuoba Yeqian said that he has long been used to seeing the emperor’s affection.

Yu Luoyao encouraged Rong Jing to rise up for the restoration of the people of Qi, and Shangguan Ming Yue directly opposed him. He believed that after the war started, Rong Jing would face more people’s hatred.

Ye Qingran brought Yun Qianyue to Huxin Island and told her own experience. The first emperor’s beloved Princess Lan suffered a bloody death while Ye Qingran was left, which made the first emperor very sad. Some imperial Taoists saw that Ye Qingran’s fate was extraordinary, so the first emperor decided to cultivate Ye Qingran as his heir. Ye Qingran was sent to Huxin Island to receive education and training since he was a child. In order not to attract the attention of other princes, Ye Qingran also pretended to be a demon king. Ye Qingran bluntly said that he had to keep moving forward because of heavy responsibility. Yun Qianyue encouraged Ye Qingran to believe in herself.

Qin Yuning’s imprisonment in the death row reminded Qin Xiang around. Leng Zhaozhuo came to visit. Leng Zhaozhuo bluntly said that it was his most regrettable thing that he failed to save Lord Leng, but now he hopes to fight with Qin Xianghua as a jade silk and face it together. At the difficult moment when the new emperor was in power, Qin agreed with Leng Zhaozhuo’s suggestion, and Leng Zhaozhuo took Qin Xiang to visit Qin Yuning. In the death row, Qin Xiang persuaded Qin Yuning to lower her head and admit her mistake, and Qin Yuning questioned whether Yun Qianyue’s child was of royal blood.

Yu Luoyao took care of Rong Jing’s diet and daily life, which reminded her of what her young father told herself. The Prince Qiguo in the eyes of Prime Minister Yu was just such a person with high clouds.

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