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Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 Episode 4 Recap

On the day of the official performance, Yu Fei was accidentally late. Everyone looked weird and the layout inside was destroyed. Everyone thought Yu Fei did it, but it was not Yu Fei. Instead of reasoning here, it’s better to think. Thinking of how to remedy it, Yu Fei took Liu Xichan’s costume and went to Hao Shi to remedy it. When they came over, the people had already put Guan Jiu in his clothes. Yu Fei was about to take it off, so Bai Feili came over to stop her and insisted. He didn’t believe that she broke things when he let Yu Fei onto the stage.

Yu Fei came on stage to make those people look at her with admiration. When Yu Fei was singing, her aunt didn’t receive a phone call from her. Yu Fei’s mother was being rescued. Yu Fei was both civil and martial artist, and there was a martial arts performance. The end of the performance won the applause of the audience, but Yu Fei collapsed on the stage, as if feeling something. Outside Lingjiu is questioned whether it is the most popular now. Data shows that Yu Fei is the most popular now.

Guan Jiu found Bai Feili who was buying coffee. At the end of the performance, he planned to re-arrange the “Nan Ge”. Guan Jiu also felt that Liu Xichan was looking for the right person this time. At this time, Yu Fei received the call and ran out quickly. Bai Feili saw her and ran out to find her. Yu Fei was stopped by Jiubai’s enemy and cooperated with her on the road.

Yu Fei had no time to pay attention to him. He didn’t know whether he was caught Yu Fei slapped twice, and the rest of the people continued to do it. Yu Fei was angry but picked up the stick to hit them. As a result, they took the stool and threw Yu Fei and was rescued by Brother Dao. Brother Dao was attacked. Yu Fei Picking up the paint and sprinkling them, Yu Fei and Brother Dao happened to see Bai Feili on the road. They went to look for him, but when he saw the blood, he seemed to have completely lost consciousness and almost fainted.

Yu Fei stopped a taxi and took Brother Dao to the hospital before rushing to find her mother. The elevator stopped and she ran up one by one, but she still didn’t catch up. Yu Fei seemed to have nothing for a moment. She couldn’t accept it and couldn’t believe it. She lay on the bed and wept bitterly, but it was too late.

Yu Fei walked in the corridor of the hospital. A strange woman came and told her that the hospitalization fee had been paid. Yu Fei asked how much she would pay her back, but the woman told her not to ask how much when she could not afford it. Qian, she helped Yu Fei’s mother because she wanted to make Yu Fei sad, but Yu Fei was dead now because she was not afraid of anything anymore. When Bai Feili came to the hospital and heard that Yan Peishan had passed away, she fainted because he thought that Yu Fei was Yan Peishan, and then she learned that Yu Fei was her daughter.

Three months later, Hao Shi finally came to the Jiubai studio he had dreamed of. Only Hao Shi knew the answer to what happened on the day that they performed “Nan Ge”. Everyone now wants to make “Dragon Scales” but Bai Feili has been rejecting it because Jiubai is different. He is the creator standing on the shoulders of the original work but has not started work for three months. Jiubai has no way to run it because Bai Feili only wants to do it. After finding Yu Fei, Hao Shi gave Guan Jiu a clue, but only when Bai Feili answered to meet with “Dragon Scales” did the boss tell him that the meeting place was in the Lantern Boat.

Yu Fei moved to a new home and cleaned up with Wang Zhongqiang. In his heart, Yu Fei was a different person. Every time Yu Fei went to Shanghai, he only brought one suitcase. This time it was the same. She was going to the opera school, and Lingxiao was broken. Into a big angle.

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