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Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 Episode 3 Recap

Bai Feili listened to the voice sent by Guan Jiu, and had already booked a location for him to solve Liu Xichan’s affairs, otherwise she would have to listen to her. Yu Fei took her mother to the theater, and was taken to the best place to watch the theater inexplicably. It was originally ordered by Bai Fei, and he claimed to be Yu Fei’s genuine boyfriend. He could only talk about his feelings at the theater, Yu Fei. Mother was very happy, although Yu Fei still looked reluctant.

Hao Shi’s mother turned out a bunch of his comic books here. As soon as he entered the door, he was pulled by his mother to fill his brain, walnuts, black wolfberry, and black sesame paste. Suddenly Hao Shi asked the teacher for a home visit. Guan Jiu pretended to be. When Yu Fei was about to leave, her mother pulled the car that was Bai Feili back. Suddenly the audience was invited to perform on stage, and Yu Fei was about to sing “The Peony Pavilion”.

Guan Jiu pretends to be the head teacher to talk about volunteering with Hao Shi’s mother. Although she wants her child to apply for business, she is still under a lot of pressure. Guan Jiu brainwashed Hao Shi’s mother. It is also a good choice to learn clothing design. It is an important part of the cultural and creative industry, but Hao Shi’s mother still knows that he likes stage plays and the fancy clothes above, but Hao Shi’s mother is worried that this profession has no future. In fact, this is a new industry with development prospects. Very well, talking about it, Hao Shi’s father came out to ask about the content of the comic. This aroused Guan Jiu’s interest and hurried to explain. Hao Shike was worried that it would be broken, and he suddenly revealed his stuff.

Yu Fei has changed clothes, Bai Feili also put on clothes to help Yu Fei set up the show. Before the stage, Yu Fei thought that he could not sing at all. He did not expect to sing very well, and he matched it well with Yu Fei. Mother Fei left tears of relief. When they left, they also praised their performance. Yu Fei is also very grateful to Bai Feili, but after singing, she still goes her own way. She still can’t act, and is full of hostility towards him. When she left, Bai Feili left his contact information and can wait until her five o’clock. Fei always had a question why so many people could sing, he chose himself, because she was the only person who was Liu Xichan in Bai Feili’s heart, and she was the best choice.

Nan Ge tells the story of Liu Xichan chasing love, but it is not all. Liu Xichan is a girl that a scholar who went to Beijing to rush for the exam met in a dream. The scholar met Liu Xichan in a dream three times, although his identity is different each time. The dynasties are different, but the same thing is that he will fall in love with Liu Xichan every time, and the rest will be known when Yu Fei arrives. Suddenly, the sweet-scented osmanthus floats in the air when he raises his head.

As soon as Yu Fei walked in and found her mother lying on the ground, she rushed to the hospital. After Bai Feili went back to discuss the plan with Guan Jiu, Bai Feili’s head was still stained with a lot of osmanthus, which meant that she was accompanied by her beloved. The next day came in a blink of an eye. Bai Feili was still waiting for Yu Fei. It was ten o’clock, and Yu Fei hadn’t come yet. Suddenly Bai Feili received a call from Yu Fei that she could perform, but the performance fee was 50,000 yuan, which was required on the same day. Finally, because her mother was sick and hospitalized, although she had stabilized, but the medical expenses had to be collected, so she agreed to take part in the performance of Bai Feili.

Yu Fei came to rehearse with Bai Fei Li. He took care of Yu Fei very carefully. He guided her step by step from the costume to the meaning of the role. The two rehearsed together, delving into the profound content and discussing the props together. , He seemed to recall something, but did not show it. Yu Fei bandaged him, and the two of them said something they had never said before.

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