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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 10 Recap

Song Sining saw Li Junlong coming to pick her up from work and learned the news of the company’s successful financing. He couldn’t help being happy for him. The couple took Dora to celebrate. At this time, Lu Keying met Zhao Yunshen of Yunhai Fund, so he took him upstairs to find Chen Songying and Wu Zhiguo.

However, when Zhao Yunshen was about to enter the elevator, he suddenly received a call from his ex-wife and found that the other party had sent his daughter Zixi. As Zhao Yunshen was still busy discussing business, he could only ask Lu Keying to take care of it. During the next encounter, Lu Keying discovered that Zhao Zixi was also learning piano, so the two played a ensemble until Zhao Yunshen finished talking about the matter and went downstairs. Zhao Zixi kept praising Lu Keying to his father.

Song Youyi knew that the time ago was a bit too much, and he simply prepared a candlelight dinner, which once again coaxed Lu Keying into an energetic mood. After dinner, Song Only stated that his friend wanted to write a script by himself, but when he went to the boss with his friend the next day, he found that there were several other screenwriters at the scene. Because the plot conceived by the boss was too unreasonable, Song Youyi asked questions straightforwardly, which led to his dismissal by the boss.

Although Song Sining and others have sent a pregnant colleague to the hospital, the matter has not subsided. Her colleague’s husband ran to the company to make a big noise and wanted to ask the company leader for an explanation. Wu Zhiguo took the opportunity to throw the mess to Song Siming, and his colleague’s husband learned that Song Siming had sent her wife to the hospital, and his attitude improved instantly.

Considering the family’s position, the company’s request for pregnant women who are close to giving birth to attend regular meetings is inherently unreasonable, so rights protection is normal. However, the company focuses on employee creation. If the employee’s family riots rashly cause a bad impact, he will definitely not let the employee continue to work. So Song Sining calms the man’s emotions and promises to give him a compensation. This is a complete matter. solve. Unexpectedly, Wu Zhiguo was very dissatisfied with the result, and asked this colleague to go to an idle position after the maternity leave ends, and the corresponding salary must also be lowered.

In order to save the company before, Li Junlong decided to take a risk and follow the advice of Lao Xu to contact the private loan, hoping to use this money to make up for the project they received. Once the project is over, not only will the performance be improved, but also enough funds will be available. To operate. However, the problem is that they were loaned by Qiu’s boss, and all the company’s money was taken away by the other party, and the person in charge of the project party came to discuss one after another.

Now the company’s accounts are only a few dozen yuan, Li Junlong wanted to ask Lao Xu to understand, but found that Lao Xu was hiding in a simple hotel. Old Xu said that he was obsessed with ghosts, not only invested all his savings, but also called relatives and friends, and now he ended up betraying his relatives.

Although Li Junlong hated the old Xu, he had no choice but to do nothing. The two came to the police station to call the police, but the police clearly stated that Qiu was always a habitual offender and defrauded many people’s money. Judging from the current amount of money involved, he must be running. No, it’s hard to say whether the money can be recovered.

Li Junlong comforted the employees and paid them to advance their wages for the next month. Mr. Tang of the holding company was furious about this, claiming that Long Xiang belonged to Li Junlong and Lao Xu. If he filed for bankruptcy and liquidation, Li Junlong would lose money in proportion to his shares, and the board of directors would also hold Lao Xu and him for embezzling public funds in accordance with the law. .

That night, Song Sining went home and saw Li Junlong sitting on the sofa desperately. He immediately took off the ring and returned it to her, asking for a divorce. At first Song Sining thought it was Li Junlong who was joking, but only when he saw his serious appearance did he realize the seriousness of the matter. Song Sining did not agree to the divorce, thinking that no matter what difficulties they encounter, as long as the couple face them together, they will definitely overcome this difficulty.

Unexpectedly, Li Junlong left without saying goodbye the next morning, and immediately texted Song Siming, stating that he would move to the company from today. Song Sining insisted on sending messages to Li Junlong, hoping that he could go home as soon as possible, but Li Junlong asked Amin to help him find a lawyer and draft a divorce agreement. On the surface, it seems to be a determined divorce, but it is more painful than anyone else, and he is very reluctant to give up his wife and daughter.

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