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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 8 Recap

Wang Xiaoan saw Feng Yiyi , He Feng knew the reason for

his anger , Wang Xiaoan saw the woman in the office, and she was angry.

Lin Jinjin was eating snacks again. Sister Qiao was so troubled for her. She said that even if there were no outsiders, she would let Lin Jingjing pay attention to her image. Lin Jinjin said why she didn’t pay attention to her image. She woke up an hour early and put on makeup. Sister Ai said that Director Zhang is a director who has directed for eight years and showed her the TV series information.

She said that this was a role that she had finally won for her, so she must not lose the chain. Lin Jinjin told her not to always pick up the role of these vases for herself, which made her play narrow. Sister Ai said that these were all made by him, and she had never played any role seriously.

Ye Nan called Lin Jinjin, and Lin Jinjin was about to be reserved. But Wang Xiaoan was injured, so she immediately took a taxi back. When he went back, Ye Nan told him that Wang Xiaoan had just strained his leg muscles, and he should rest for a few days. Ye Nan asked her if Wang Xiaoan had anything to do in the past few days. He had never seen her smile before. Lin Jinjin said that she might be too tired from work. Ye Nan asked Lin Jinjin to accompany Wang Xiaoan.

After Wang Xiaoan and Lin Jinjin had a fight, they reconciled. In the evening, Wang Xiaoan was eating ice cream. Lin Jinjin asked her to give herself a bite. Wang Xiaoan said that the calories were too high and she would not give it to her. However, Wang Xiaoan was in a bad mood today, so she wanted something sweet. Lin Jingjing asked her if it was because of He Feng that she wanted to find He Feng’s troubles. He said that why He Feng made Wang Xiaoan uncomfortable, and she wanted to be alone. Here it is. Wang Xiaoan didn’t want to go, Lin Jinjin said when she became so embarrassed.

Sister Ai told Wang Xiaoan that the director who was cooperating this time had his own team of screenwriters, and it was not good to add more people. However, in the past few days, Wang Xiaoan can help Lai Haoyun and Lin Jinjin read the script, and she will settle the bill separately. Lin Jinjin said no, they all belonged to the same company. They couldn’t be so polite. Sister Ai said they couldn’t help in vain.

Sister Ai told them to start the project, and today she asked Xiao An to come over and help them understand the script.

Wang Xiaoan asked if they have any doubts about their role? Lin Jinjin was playing games, and then Lai Haoyun said that finding an acting teacher is more useful and a waste of time than finding a screenwriter. Wang Xiaoan told him that the acting teacher would tell him the state of each scene and how to express each emotion according to his script, but he hadn’t understood the script and didn’t have his own thinking, just to be a doll at the mercy of the teacher.

Wang Xiaoan asked Lai Haoyun if he had seen the barrage of the upper part of the show? Why is the man on fire? Because he had read the script, he let it go, and performed the scum and shamelessly. And he played a mature and gentle man next door into a rich second generation who is cold and cool. Wang Xiaoan said that although he was eating by his face, he couldn’t let empty appearance become synonymous with him. Don’t let others forget how hard he has been because of his current position.

He Feng went to Lin Jinjin. He wanted to know why Wang Xiaoan ignored him recently. Did Lin Jinjin say what he did? His childhood sweetheart Mayi is in his company, and he has two ex-girlfriends, isn’t it tired? He Feng said that his ex-girlfriend is only Xiao An. Lin Jinjin thought he and Feng Yi didn’t break up now. He Feng said that he had never dated Feng Yi at all. Lin Jinjin said, Xiaoan heard him personally admit that he was dating Feng Yi in front of Sun Lie ?

He Feng said that it was because Yiyi couldn’t accept Sun Lie’s request, so he was used as a shield.

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