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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 7 Recap

He Feng grabbed the bag and got hurt. Wang Xiaoan agreed to be a friend He Feng walked into the office with a smile today and brought Wang Xiaoan breakfast. I’ve been waiting in the office for a long time, but I haven’t waited until Wang Xiaoan. Then he contacted Xiao Ke by phone , and he will come over now. Xiao Ke said that he wanted to confirm with his boss yesterday, but he did not answer the phone.

Xiao Ke said that Wang Xiaoan is creating inspiration in a familiar work, but she will never waste time. He Feng asked him what Wang Xiaoan was doing, whether he was sleeping, chasing drama, or in a daze. Xiao Ke trusted her so much, why didn’t he be an assistant to her. He Feng said what he was still doing, waiting for himself to write him a letter of recommendation? Then Xiao Ke said that he would call Wang Xiaoan now. When he came out, Xiao Ke told his colleagues that he would never enter the boss’s office again, which was terrifying.

They asked the boss what’s the situation. It was sunny when he came in the morning. Why is there thunder and lightning so quickly now? The little fat man still envied Wang Xiaoan, because at least he could hide, but he wanted to hide but couldn’t. Xiao Ke said that Xiao An’s good days are coming to an end. At this time, He Feng asked the balls to go in. Xiao Ke said Feng Shui took turns, let him cheer.

Xiao Ke told Wang Xiaoan to go back quickly, because if she didn’t go back, the boss would continue torturing them, and he would be tortured crazy.

Wang Xiaoan said that she needs to be quiet at work, and that her boss can’t let her go, and his boss can’t let her go. Lin Jinjin said that Wang Xiaoan’s temper has come up, and no one can say that she can’t be better. They also said that their boss is also very weird. It is enough to submit the manuscript on time, and she has to let her work in front of him.

Party A is already very difficult to serve. Now, Party A with this kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder is simply the best. Fortunately, their screenwriter asked for skiing, and Maruko said that their boss was serious and responsible. Besides, not everyone could work for their boss. Like those who make up the bill, their boss would never use it.

Xiao Ke asked Wang Xiaoan to go back with him. Xiaoan went to the office. He asked how the game plan was written. Wang Xiaoan said that the progress was normal, but he hoped that he could take over. He Feng asked her why she mentioned this matter again. This is the company, not the children’s play house. At the beginning, she patted herself with her breasts, but now she is also the one who gave up. He said that since he has accepted it, he has to be responsible for the project, and the newcomer also needs a transition period.

When Wang Xiaoan was walking on the road, he met a thief and robbed her of her things. She called to catch the thief, He Feng immediately chased him and asked the thief to return the bag to her. In the end, He Feng snatched Wang Xiaoan’s bag, and his hand was also injured.

Wang Xiaoan bandaged He Feng’s wound. He Feng said that he would do anything for her. He Feng said that one thing he regrets most is that when Wang Xiaoan left, he didn’t catch her again. At that time, he was too naive.

He thought that Wang Xiaoan would understand a lot of things without saying, so he didn’t stand at all. Considered the problem from her perspective. He Feng said that the story of the former campus is over, can he apply for a chance to resurrect? He asked Wang Xiaoan if he could give him another chance? Wang Xiaoan said that all the past things are over. Now that you have grown up, don’t keep holding on to the past.

He Feng asked her, is there no chance? Wang Xiaoan said that there is an opportunity, but there is no right to read files. They start with friends. He Feng accepted.

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