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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 5 Recap

He Jingxiao gave He Feng a trick , and Wang

Xiaoan was scared by He Feng that Wang Xiaoan wore a pink ski suit. She didn’t think it was right, Ye Nan thought it was pretty good-looking.

He Feng asked He Jingxiao the bowl he asked him to wash yesterday, why didn’t he wash it? He Jingxiao said that he did it, and then He Feng said that he needed to control the water when he cleaned the bowl. Did he control the water? Moreover, his shoes were also placed randomly, and his shoes were all over the door. He said he didn’t wear it and put it back in the shoe cabinet. Then He Jingxiao hurried to wash the dishes, and put his shoes away after washing.

He Jingxiao talked with He Feng. He told He Feng to take the initiative long ago, and now he has become someone else’s. He let He Feng face his heart honestly, and he can help him. After all, the young man has not stumbled on relationship issues, but when he feels sad because of being alone, he knows to take the initiative.

He Feng remembered the scene where they broke up. He said that it is already the case, and everyone’s entangled words will only make the trouble more enjoyable. He Jingxiao said that just like when he looked at this photo, others would think that they are boy and girl friends, so you have to look at the essence through the phenomenon.

He Jingxiao said that the two of them are not boyfriends and girlfriends at all, otherwise the man would not be so polite. Then He Feng was about to be happy. He said that he had a boyfriend just after the blind date, and he asked He Feng to work hard.

He Jingxiao stopped him when he went out in the morning. He said that since he decided to take action, he must have a new look. He said that a good start is half the battle. Then go to prepare him for rummaging through the cabinets. When my colleagues saw the change of the boss today, they all thought it was amazing and handsome.

Then they all stood outside the boss’s office, and Wang Xiaoan asked them what they were doing. They said that the boss has changed a lot today, and it might be because of an appointment with a beautiful woman. The little fat man thought that the boss was in a good mood today, so he felt that he had to hit the iron while it was hot and hand in the report first.

Xiao KeLove asked Wang Xiaoan to think about it from a female perspective. How is the boss’s outfit today? Wang Xiaoan said that if the clothes are OK, the person will be stretched.

He Feng watched Wang Xiaoan secretly, but at this time a colleague came and told him about his work. He Feng was guilty. He said he was so busy that he couldn’t even send texts. Did he tell the matter in person?

Seeing Wang Xiaoan’s relationship with other programmers is jealous. Little cutie told Wang Xiaoan that he used the PA when he called him. Xiao An’an complained about He Feng, and he heard them all. Wang Xiaoan was in a bad mood, so she hurriedly hugged her things into the office.

The two people in the office are not on the same channel at all. He Feng was chatting with He Jingxiao, and Wang Xiaoan was the Xiuluo field, she asked Lin Jinjin to find a way, she was going to die. He Feng told He Jingxiao that a smile didn’t work, and then the Wang Xiaoan told Lin Jinjin that it was over, and the boss smiled at her. Wang Xiaoan sent a message to her colleagues for help, and colleagues, let her resist.

Wang Xiaoan asked Mr. He why she was allowed to work here. He Feng said, in order to follow up her progress in real time.

Lin Jinjin came to Ye Nan again, he was chatting with a friend, and then Lin Jinjin went to say hello. Ye Nan introduced to Lin Jinjin that the person opposite is the boss of a virtual reality game company. They have a new project to promote tomorrow and are looking for a game spokesperson. The two of them can talk first.

The boss wants to add her WeChat. Lin Jinjin said that their company has regulations that they can only talk to their brokers on work matters, and cannot match them by themselves. Then the boss said that she was wondering why Ye Nan suddenly became interested in the game. It turned out that it was because of her, and then Lin Jinjin left happily.

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