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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 4 Recap

He Jingxiao came to He Feng, and Lin Jinjin

saw He Jingxiao when he got three pounds a day when He Feng came home. He Jingxiao wanted to give him a big hug when he saw him.

He Feng asked how he got in? He Jingxiao said it was the key given by his cousin. He Feng asked him how long he would stay and why he brought such a large suitcase. He Jingxiao said that it didn’t take long to live until graduation. He Feng told him in surprise that he was only a freshman now. He Jingxiao said that their dormitory was wonderful. One had stinky feet, one didn’t throw trash, and the other didn’t take a shower. He couldn’t coexist with them. After much deliberation, he is better here, comfortable, no money, close to the school, parents can rest assured, the most important thing is that the cousin agrees. He Feng asked him to restore this place within 30 minutes.

He Jingxiao started talking about seniority. He said that he was his uncle and his elder. He Feng saw that He Jingxiao bought a new computer and threatened him. It would be a shame if such a good computer was infected with a virus and could not play games. He Jingxiao was threatened. He said that he was just joking. Give him 30 minutes and he will definitely clean up the house before going to give He Feng a massage.

Lin Jinjin wanted to go to Wang Xiaoan. Sister Ai said that she now took over a game planning company and worked in another company, which is what he wanted to endorse. I heard that Xiao An’an was present. Sister Ai asked her to meet with an acting teacher later. Her acting skills should be tempered, and the barrage was blown up.

Wang Xiaoan asked He Feng, what the investors said, did you agree? He said he agreed. Wang Xiaoan hugged him excitedly, just when Lin Jinjin came upstairs to see him.

Lin Jinjin hates that iron can’t make steel. She said that she couldn’t hide from such a person. Why did Wang Xiaoan pick up his project? The key is to go to their company every day. Wang Xiaoan said that if he did not do this project, he would be unemployed, and unemployed would have no wages. Why should the two of them hug each other? Wang Xiaoan said that the project investor agreed, so she was so excited when she got excited.

Lin Jinjin felt that Wang Xiaoan was too embarrassed, so she wanted to go out on her own.

Lin Jinjin went to He Feng’s company, and she just wanted to help her girlfriends. When he was in the office, He Feng and Wang Xiaoan talked about work, and Lin Jinjin had been playing games nearby. He Feng told Wang Xiaoan that they are starting to overemphasize the worldview of the story, which is a bit flat. However, Wang Xiaoan has tried to compress it as much as possible.

If the background of the story is not explained, it will be difficult for the follow-up plot to advance. He Feng said they could try to change the opening animation, but Lin Jinjin said that she was dead again and their game was too difficult. He Feng told Wang Xiaoan that they wanted to stimulate the curiosity of the players and let the players take the initiative to explore. At this time, Lin Jinjin came to tell Wang Xiaoan that He Feng’s game had a bug.

Wang Xiaoan told Lin Jinjin that she had done a bit too much today. Lin Jinjin said something too much. She is the spokesperson of their new game. And she came today to treat He Feng, if he dared to change, she would dare to cry. Wang Xiaoan told Lin Jinjin not to mess around. She didn’t care about her when she did other things, but she affected their work today.

As a result, his best friend went to make trouble again. He pretended to accidentally smash the things in the office, and also took a selfie in front of He Feng, asking him to revise the picture for her. After he left, he sat in his seat again.

He Feng began to retaliate. He asked his subordinates to seduce Lin Jinjin with food, and then Lin Jinjin gained three pounds in one day.

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