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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 3 Recap

Lin Jin-Jin spotted Ye Nan , He Feng to Wang Xiaoan boss

Ye Nan to buy coffee. Lin Jinjin said, Wang Xiaoan was talking about something, and he didn’t come back. Then she called Wang Xiaoan and he said how can a boy pursue her proactively. She said that a friend of hers asked. Wang Xiaoan told her not to mess around, and Ye Nan was busy enough with her research and asked her not to mess around.

Wangxiao An cry out small can love, she said, programmers are not 996 Well, not to 7:00 are done. Little cutie said that the boss said that failing to complete the work within working hours is incompetent, and the later you go, the worse your ability. Did Wang Xiaoan say that their efficiency is so high? Eat and play, and get off work on time. Little cutie told her a way to take it home if you can’t finish it. It’s really impossible to work overtime on weekends.

Wang Xiaoan feels that their boss is too perverted, and their boss is really embarrassing them, and they met such a boss when they first entered the workplace. But they said it’s good, bitter first and sweet later. As a result, when Wang Xiaoan was talking about He Feng, he suddenly appeared from behind. Little cutie asked her to take care of herself and left first.

He Feng said that the screenwriter has no concept of time. Today, he is quite knowledgeable. When she went to work today, except for watching videos, taking a nap, and chatting. I don’t have to blame others for not being able to complete the work myself. Wang Xiaoan said that her work needs to be quiet, and that all his so-called watching video chats are all work, and all she watches are videos related to games.

Lin Jinjin came to catch Ye Nan, but Ye Nan is not here today. But he will be back in a while. Lin Jinjin went to the lounge to wait for him. But he waited until ten o’clock before he came back. Lin Jinjin wanted him to have supper together, and then went to help.

When I went to work the next day, Wang Xiaoan saw that everyone changed their suits and asked what day? At this time, He Feng came out and said that in ten minutes, the relevant staff held a planning meeting in the large conference room. Early in the morning, Wang Xiaoan saw the boss’s bitter face, and his mood was ruined.

A colleague said that the boss’s business ability is first-rate. Although sometimes he speaks a little bit mean and unsmiling, but the boss bought him coffee and snacks, which is quite enthusiastic.

Wang Xiaoan made several plans with skiing as the theme. The first one is the direction of love. The heroine is a wealthy daughter. Her parents died in a car accident. After the uncle took control of the family inheritance, he took her to the mountain village ski resort. A grassroots administrator. The second is a suspenseful adventure. The male protagonist is the best candidate for the champion of the World Championships.

One day he went skiing on the track with his friends, but unfortunately was in danger. When he thought he was dead, he suddenly woke up. He found that he had returned to the scene of the previous day, and as he continued to die, he gradually realized that his death was not simple. Wang Xiaoan asked He Feng which plan he was satisfied with? Then He Feng asked everyone again.

The little fat man said that he thinks the love plan is better, because the subject matter of the overbearing president is very attractive to modern women. But another colleague likes this suspenseful one more. Now many TV shows are based on this theme, which is fresh and exciting, and a bit more advanced than love.

He Feng asked them if they understood the problem? A group of game designers turned into film critics, and then asked Wang Xiaoan if he let her play the game, have you played it? The film and television industry is about storytelling, and games are about participation. He wants the public to choose the way of the game.

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