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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 2 Recap

He Feng changes Wang Xiaoan’s password, and the master takes Wang Xiaoan to ski Wang Xiaoan and asks He Feng to unlock it for him. He Feng asked Wang Xiaoan to give himself a reason that he couldn’t refuse. Wang Xiaoan said that he changed her password and asked her to give him a reason. result. He Feng said directly, let her use a cup of coffee to convince herself.

He Feng asked Wang Xiaoan to help him clarify. Wang Xiaoan said that five years have passed and they broke up a long time ago. What is the reason why Wang Xiaoan hacked him? Wang Xiaoan said that this is an issue left over from Yi’s history. She just wanted to tell him that she didn’t feel anything about him now. He Feng said that it was not that he wanted to break up, but that Wang Xiaoan had been insisting.

Wang Xiaoan asked him to unlock his mobile phone and delete Weibo by himself. He unlocked it, and it turned out to be four zeros. He Feng said it was too difficult for her to guess.

When Wang Xiaoan went out, he saw that the car parked at the door had the same license plate number as the car on which he sprinkled his coffee that day. She lay down on the car and looked at the phone number, but the car turned out to be He Feng’s.

She asked He Feng to pay for the balance. He Feng asked her to show evidence. He Feng said that the paint on his car was off and asked her to pay compensation. Then Wang Xiaoan looked at the surveillance and could only run away in a desperate manner.

At night, He Feng took a pair of the bill, and then sent the bill to Wang Xiaoan, asking Wang Xiaoan to pay. Wang Xiaoan said that no one had an inspiration, He Feng came to give him inspiration, this time he used his English name Robert. The same name as the teacher who invented the homework.

She immediately coded words on the computer. Robert, a top student, has a pitiful little EQ compared to the English 180 IQ. Will remind the teacher in front of the classmates to forget to leave homework, be hypocritical, not flexible, proud and conceited.

Sister Qiao said that there are many popular styles of online dramas, sweet pets, fantasy, and suspense. What is this about? Wang Xiaoan said that by blindly pursuing the audience’s preferences, they will become tired sooner or later, and they will be independent, and they may be able to get out of the circle and become a hit. Sister Qiao asked her to tell the hot spot of her plan, even if she could tell a selling point.

Sister Qiao said that the repetitive character set, there is no novel plot, no sweetness, no abuse. She said that Wang Xiaoan has a lot of hatred for the male protagonist. It has been three years, but no matter how sweet the role she handles, she will definitely be shot and separated by her writing.

Wang Xiaoan said that he would take it back and revise it immediately, and that she would definitely come up with a plan that she is satisfied with tomorrow. But with Wang Xiaoan’s current state, it is difficult for Sister Qiao to believe that she will be able to come up with a satisfactory plan tomorrow. The opportunity was given to her, and she could only leave without seizing it. Sister Qiao said that if she still wants to be a screenwriter, she should improve her abilities. The remaining one month is to complete the handover work, and then go to approve copyright novels. Watching more is also an accumulation.

Wang Xiaoan told Lin Jinjin that the company would not renew the contract with her, and that he would resign as soon as the contract period expires. Lin Jinjin said it was okay, she might still be able to find a blast from the copyright novel to turn over. Wang Xiaoan said, it’s the same as looking for diamonds from the soil. You are tired of debts.

By the end of the year, you will really have to drink the Northwest Demeanor. Lin Jinjin asked Wang Xiaoan to go to her parents’ house to eat and drink. Wang Xiaoan said that her parents didn’t agree with her as a screenwriter. In this life, I will bid farewell to the screenwriters and the whole line. She didn’t want to give up easily.

Ye Nan came to Wang Xiaoan, and Wang Xiaoan was very happy. They go skiing. Wang Xiaoan said that there is something to make Master mentally prepared, maybe he will be able to successfully surpass him this snow season.

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