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Snow Lover 爱在粉雪时光 Episode 1 Recap

Wang Xiaoan soiled his costume, Hao Feng directed to deal with the loopholes.

Lin Jinjin asked Wang Xiaoan how they felt about their snow suit experience here. Wang Xiaoan said that the warmth and windproof effect is good, and it can be added to production. . The previous partner asked Wang Xiaoan, didn’t they have already agreed, and canceled if they said they would cancel it.

The director called a card, and Wang Xiaoan said that Master Lai, why did he forget his words again? Can he be more dedicated?

Wang Xiaoan went back and told them that she was finished with just one facial expression, and ended up spending more than an hour here with him. People say that digital actors have been boycotted, and actors like him who need a teleprompter can actually live to this day. My friend said that Haoyun was too intense in filming recently. Wang Xiaoan said that they were all excuses.

For an unprofessional actor like him, his own company would let him change someone else, who would give him face. If Wang Xiaoan is the director, he will be replaced directly, and all the previous shots will be changed with AI. Sister Ai said that Wang Xiaoan just came here for a cameo, and Lai Haoyun was the male number one on their crew. Now it is not easy for the company to become an artist.

Let her think about it and how to apologize to Lai Haoyun later. Wang Xiaoan was speechless. It was obvious that he didn’t recite his lines, so why would he make himself apologize? Sister Ai asked her if the balance was settled, and Wang Xiaoan immediately persuaded her.

This person who twitters is called Lin Jinjin, a small actor outside the 18th line. It is Wang Xiaoan’s hairpin and best friend, the legendary silly white sweet. Her name is Wang Xiaoan, and she is a small screenwriter who is striving for the upper reaches of a film and television company. However, she faces tremendous pressure every day, and often makes her physically exhausted.

For her own health, she insists on exercising every week. Exercise allows her to meet different people, increase her knowledge, and collect materials. After all, there is no way to broaden your horizons at home.

When a car drove over, Wang Xiaoan’s coffee fell on her. Lin Jinjin told her that she had only one set of high-priced clothes, and she had to take the scene.

Hao Feng saw a lot of people gathered to deal with a bug, so he asked them why? They said that the limit on the number of times to swipe gold coins can’t be fixed. Hao Feng said, then quickly add restrictions, collect all the player data with bugs, and then give all players an appropriate amount of compensation. In an internal test, they actually did this and asked them to check it after get off work.

The friend gave Hao Feng the handover list and the key, and the task was successfully completed. The friend suggested that he wear the key with the key and carry it with him so that he can receive the password at any time. At this time, Zhao Ke came to interview for the assistant position.

Sister Qiao said to Wang Xiaoan that she left the filming scene, didn’t she know that she changed her costume? It was because she got dirty in the costume, which led to the rejection of the scene. It was originally finished today, but in the end, she could only find time to film. Wang Xiaoan said that he would never make such a mistake again. Sister Qiao said that there was no future and asked her to find her at the company early tomorrow morning, and then she hung up the phone.

The crew deducted Wang Xiaoan’s balance. She was expecting the balance to pay the rent. It is estimated that after the meal, there will be less than 3,000 Kari left. Jinjin said it was okay and insisted that she had a bonus until the end of the year. But Wang Xiaoan was afraid that she would insist on the wrong not until the end of the year.

Wang Xiaoan told Lin Jinjin that she was just a codeword machine without emotion. Write as the chief screenwriter asks you to write, and the director asks you to change whatever you want, staying up late to write lines every night, and when the actor arrives at the scene, the actor says that the change is changed. The key is that it fails to review in the end. In the later stage, it will be hard based on the mouth shape and the number of words. Compiling a similar sentence, she said that she was really miserable.

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