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People’s Property 突围 Episode 12 Recap

Shi Hongxing wanted to invite Lin Manjiang to the family for a meal. By the way, he said about it, and Lin Manjiang would always help her solve it no matter what he said. Shi Hongxing also denied the camera in Qi Ben’an’s room. She was also curious about who would do this. After all, no one cared about Qi Ben’an more than her.

Niu Junjie asked Shi Hongxing if he had benefited from Wang Ping’an. When signing, Wang Ping’an gave Shi Hongxing a card, but she didn’t ask for it. Shi Hongxing is not greedy for money, but he is greedy for power. Because he couldn’t live in a hotel and had no money, Wang Ping’an ran into a residential house that he had seen during the day to rest.

Shi Hongxing originally wanted Niu Junjie to host Lin Manjiang with him, but Niu Junjie was so bitter and enmity that he would scold him on the spot. Qin Xiaochong and Qin Xian confessed the reason for joining Angel Company. He wanted to find out his unjust cases and also make money to raise a girl. This position is very beneficial to him. Fan Jiahui also felt that Qin Xiaochong was very likely to be wronged, and asked Qi Ben’an to take care of him.

Qi Ben’an didn’t have time to care about this. Shi Hongxing had clearly fallen into it, and he was really worried. Qi Ben’an was worried that Lin Manjiang would be embarrassed, and even more worried that he would favor favoritism. He understood Lin Manjiang, and Shi Hongxing was pulled up by him with one hand. Lin Manjiang would definitely favor favoritism, so he couldn’t handle it. When Cheng Duanyang woke up, Qi Benan quickly contacted Shi Hongxing and Lin Manjiang.

Shi Hongxing was in a bad mood, and he went back to the room before finishing the meal. Niu Shiyan didn’t take it to heart. By the way, she complained about the acting couple Niu Junjie and Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang and Shi Hongxing cried in front of Cheng Duanyang’s bed, Qi Benan grabbed Pi Dan’s ear to admit Cheng Duanyang’s mistake. Cheng Duanyang passed the dangerous period, Lin Manjiang asked Shi Hongxing and Qi Benan not to always come here in the future.

Their relationship is well known in Zhongfu, and attention should be paid to the influence. Lin Manjiang was about to remove Pi Dan from the post of chairman and took him to Beijing. He didn’t want to watch Cheng Duanyang worry about his only son. Lin Manjiang made an appointment to go to Shi Hongxing’s house for dinner in Chinese tomorrow. Shi Hongxing politely invited Qi Ben’an, and Qi Ben’an was busy for a meeting and had no time to go.

Li Shundong told Qin Xiaochong that Huang Qingyuan had run away, so he didn’t plan to use Qin Xiaochong, and asked him to report back to the agency as a reporter. Qin Xiaochong couldn’t argue, and his whole body became decadent. On the contrary, Qin Inspection felt that this was a good thing, and it was too risky to be an undercover agent.

Qin Xiaochong was not at all restless, and went to block Huang Qingyuan to ask for money at night. Early the next morning, Qin Xiaochong returned with a sullen expression, Huang Qingyuan really ran away without a trace. Qin Xiaochong specifically reported Li Shundong’s plan to ask for money to Huang Qingyuan, and agreed to return the money to him as long as he helped him escape, but he didn’t expect Huang Qingyuan to give him a fake address, which was even the address of the Criminal Police Brigade.

Qin Xian said that Qin Xiaochong did not do this thing authentically. He and Huang Qingyuan just laughed at each other in fifty steps. Neither he nor anyone had any sincerity and professional ethics. Qin inspection asked Qin Xiaochong to report back to the agency for work, but how could he go back to explain Fan Jiahui in his current state, and how could he explain to Zhou Jieling if he didn’t come back for the three hundred thousand. Qin Xiaochong rallied and went to Huang Qingyuan again.

Li Xuelai came to talk to Lu Deguang and reported that it was Jin Yiqin, Shi Hongxing and Wang Pingan who jointly committed the crime, but Lu Deguang believed that Chen Yingcheng was also responsible for this and should be held accountable. If Chen Yingcheng does not sign, five hundred million will not be allocated. Li Xuexue believes that Chen Yingcheng was ordered to sign, but Lu Deguang believes that the responsibility cannot be shifted to Jin Yiqin.

Chen Yingcheng clearly has malfeasance and is even suspected of committing a crime. Li Xuexue and his opinions are very different. Chen Yingcheng has clearly been punished, not to mention whether the problem of malfeasance is not judged by Lu Deguang’s mouth alone. Chen Yingcheng called the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to report Lu Deguangcheng that he had committed a malfeasance error. He was very excited. In order to appease him, Secretary Qian said that he would send someone to accept his report as soon as possible.

Qin Xiaochong ran all over Huang Qingyuan’s company and villas, but all the premises were sealed up. Qin Xiaochong bought a toy and sat on the side of the road to watch her daughter’s video. Niu Shiyan came up, but Qin Xiaochong spoke very aggressively, sending her to Beishan for soup if she didn’t agree. Li Xuexue and Lu Deguang were in a dispute, and then he received a call from Secretary Qian about Chen Yingcheng. Niu Shiyan replaced the portrait of Lin Manjiang in her family with a portrait of Fan Jiahui.

The police came to inquire about Qin Xiaochong’s situation, and Fan Jiahui was afraid that Niu Shiyan would make her bitter and persuade her not to fight. Shi Hongxing respectfully invited Lin Manjiang to eat at home, only to find that Niu Shiyan’s portrait had been replaced at home, and he was so angry that he almost went mad on the spot. After Niu Shiyan left, Shi Hongxing drank a few glasses of wine and became courageous. Lin Manjiang had already guessed that it was a 500 million thing. Shi Hongxing confided the ins and outs.

In the March 28th incident, Chen Yingcheng performed very well, but Lu Deguang stared at him and didn’t put a hat on him, and he couldn’t carry out a lot of work. Many doubts about five hundred million yuan in the shanty town were cut off when they reached Zhongfu, but Shi Hongxing’s responsibility is not small anyway.

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