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Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 Episode 2 Recap

Yu Fei dreamed of a lion and held her up with one hand, as if to punish her for her arrogance. In fact, this dream indicates that she will meet someone, a very attractive, strong and powerful man, and he will become Yu Fei’s lover. Suddenly a water glass fell on the ground and awakened Yu Fei. It turned out that she was dreaming. When she woke up on a strange bed, she knocked her head and recalled that she seemed to be carried back by someone last night and threw up on him.

Yu Fei hurriedly packed her things. At this time, Bai Feili had already taken a shower and came out to blow her hair. Yu Fei still felt ashamed to want to be responsible, and saved some money. At this time, a girl came over and passed her by. Bai Feili sneered when she saw Qian when she came out, she accidentally stepped on a bracelet, which was dropped by Yu Fei.

The girl who just passed by Yu Fei came in to find Bai Feili and said that it was his girlfriend, but Bai Feili did not admit it. It turns out that she is also an actress, but she has let off the pigeons before, and now it doesn’t matter if Liu Xichan is acting as Yu Fei or not, it won’t be her acting.

When Yu Fei was walking on the road, she just ran into her aunt. She came to find Yu Fei and run errands to deliver food to Hao Shi. At this time, a comic exhibition was being held, and Hao Shi happened to run into Young Master Wuchang and Ma Fang Nanshan. He liked them very much and Guan Jiu even more, and Hao Shi was nervous. Guan Jiu also looked like Sister Gao Lengyu during the interview. Hao Shi was embarrassed, and she was too embarrassed to watch it, and she was secretive.

After Guan Jiu found out, he also made him look at it openly. Guan Jiu thought it was fun, and even teased Hao Shi. It turned out that Hao Shi was a senior in high school and was a college student in a few months, but he still had a lot of ideas. Guan Jiu decided to leave him a place and take him. Go backstage to see. Yu Fei asked classmate Hao Shi to find out that he was going to Manzhan again, she came to look for him

, I went to the bathroom. The people inside were really weird. I just saw Hao Shi who was washing his hands chasing him out, but he was lost. When I arrived at a rehearsal place, Li Hentian moved the props of Jiubai, and he was still confident. , And said some ugly things, when Bai Feili came over to give him harsh words. At this time, Yu Fei’s hair in front of the broadsword was hung up, and the props were knocked over with one pull, and the scene of the death was directly on the scene.

Bai Feili came out to save her and was misunderstood. Taking this opportunity, Bai Feili officially announced the invitation to Yu Fei. Liu Xichan, who appeared in “Nan Ge”, Yu Fei refused his announcement and dragged Hao Shi away. Bai Feili chased him out and covered his clothes, sending out a sincere invitation, but she still refused.

Yu Fei felt that Hao Shi would be badly learnt with them. Peking opera is a national quintessence and is different from anime, and cannot be compared with each other, but Hao Shi refuted her. He obviously didn’t like being dragged to learn Peking Opera by his aunt. He didn’t even want to say no, Hao Shi told her about her being kicked out. Yu Fei obviously didn’t talk about it, and asked him how he knew it. In the end, he said it was from the auntie.

Yu Fei bought a new bird’s nest for her mother and went back, but her mother slapped her so that she could enter the house with slippers. The water that Yu Fei poured was also overturned by her mother. She begged the troupe to make Yu Fei take it. Going back, but Yu Fei’s heart is determined, she will not go back, Yu Fei finally said what she had said in her heart for many years, since childhood, she did not have her own opinion, what she said is what she said, no matter what the injury is , I only care about when she becomes a wrist and when she becomes a horn. It turned out that her mother had cervical cancer and there was not much time left. As long as Yu Fei could go back and sing, she would be considered filial piety.

Bai Feili and Guan Jiu were in the car discussing how to get Yu Fei to agree to participate in Liu Xichan, and asked Guan Jiu to drive back on the road, and he went to find Yu Fei. In the troupe, Yu Fei went over the wall and was caught by a dog. At this time, Bai Feili just ran away after pulling Yu Fei. After stopping, she formally introduced herself and officially invited her to perform on stage.

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