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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 24 Recap

Zhao Yi deliberately told Jiang Baoning that the empress dowager was seriously ill and was lying in bed. Just to see Baoning, the empress dowager complained that Zhao Yi disturbed Baoning. Zhao Yi wanted to stay with the Empress Dowager to accompany Baoning, but Baoning politely refused. Zhao Yi was angry and ordered the eunuch to stop Li Qian outside the palace. He Cuihua was teaching the winter solstice because of Li Dongzhi’s ran away from home.

The winter solstice was very impatient. He Cuihua was angry and said that he would not care about her anymore. The winter solstice felt that He Cuihua would definitely not be able to do it. Unexpectedly, He Cuihua would really ignore her. Is angry. Dongzhi deliberately dressed up as her mother liked. He Cuihua didn’t expect He Cuihua to even look at her. Dongzhi was very disappointed.

Boring discovered that Susu was taking medicine and asked her if she was sick, so Susu had to tell Boring about her fetus, and Baoning comforted her that she would have a child in the future. Empress Han waited for her at Zhao Yi’s place, mocking that Zhao Yi would not hesitate to go to the Empress Dowager to show her hospitality in order to see Baoning. Zhao Yi was so furious that she should not be nosy, as long as she was in charge of the harem.

Empress Han left angrily. Baoning refused to rest late at night, waiting for Li Qian to enter the palace, but he could not wait for anyone. It turned out that Li Qian was stopped outside the palace. At this time, the Wei family came to see Li Qian being stopped, and Li Qian had to let the Wei family tell Baoning not to worry about going to the Li Mansion in the capital.

In the middle of the night, He Cuihua lay on the bed and felt that the winter solstice had really grown up, as if she really didn’t need to take care of herself. The doctor told Baoning that the empress dowager was okay, and Baoning was very happy. Baoning rushed out of the palace to see Li Qian. She was afraid that Li Qian would be angry because he was stopped outside the palace. When she saw Li Qian, she asked if Li Qian could not be angry with herself. Li Qian hugged Baoning and told her that she was not angry. , I didn’t force him into the palace because I didn’t want to cause trouble to Baoning. Baoning was very happy that in order to reward Li Qian for allowing Li Qian to be expensive with his son, the two of them sweetly consummated the house.

He Cuihua wandered on the street and encountered the winter solstice which was made difficult by the hawkers. The hawkers were shoddy but refused to return the winter solstice. He Cuihua immediately replaced her daughter with the goods. He Cuihua taught the winter solstice that she could not do without herself, winter solstice.

Seeing He Cuihua finally take care of herself and said that she bought the hairpin for He Cuihua. He Cuihua is very happy that the winter solstice has finally grown up. The winter solstice hopes that her mother can listen to her opinions in the future, but she didn’t expect He Cuihua to not listen to her daughter. Winter Solstice I had no choice but to compromise.

Baoning took Li Qian into the palace, and the guard at the gate of the palace stopped Li Qian and was scolded by Baoning. The guard had to let him go. The Empress Dowager called Zhao Yi and told him to discipline the guards of Shenwumen. Even the Junma dared to prevent the Empress Dowager from paying attention to him.

Zhao Yi immediately said that he would be disciplined properly. The empress dowager took the opportunity to say that she was okay to let Baoning return to Bingzhou. Zhao Yi also wanted to let Baoning stay for a few more days, but the empress dowager said that some people didn’t want the princess to enter the palace and didn’t want Baoning to be stunned, so To let Baoning couple set off back to Bingzhou, Baoning had to agree.

Empress Han summoned the Minister of the Ministry of Etiquette for the birthday ceremony, and the ministers submitted the record of the price comparison. Unexpectedly, Empress Han burned the record and said that the dereliction of the Ritual Ministry would result in the loss of the record of the price comparison. This threatened the Ministry of Ritual to buy immediately, and the Minister of Ritual went to buy immediately in a panic.

Empress Han has taken down an official from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and asked him to immediately start dispatching utensils. It turned out that Zhao Yi asked the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to deliberately delay the arrangement for Queen Han. The two officials had no choice but to find the emperor. Zhao Yi had to let the two officials follow the procedure. Zhao Yi asked the eunuchs around him to check the money in his private treasury and use it for disaster relief.

When Li Qian and Baoning returned to Bingzhou, Baoning saw that He Cuihua had a bad appetite at the dinner table, so he found her the red agate earrings she had lost in Lizhai, the capital city last time. He Cuihua immediately became happy at the sight and asked her Did you go to Lizhai in the capital to find yourself earrings? Li Qian said that the husband and wife spent the night in the Li’s house. He Cuihua knew the meaning of the words as soon as he heard it. He immediately ordered his servants to make Baoning a decoction for warming and nourishing health. Baoning was very embarrassed to be on the sidelines.

When Li Dongzhi was taking care of the victims in a shantang, a woman was in a trance. After seeing the fire, she was panicked. The winter solstice hurriedly helped her to take care of her. Gao Fuyu said that the shantang was very helpful to the Li family. He felt that the Li family had married a good daughter-in-law. Li Changqing was also very grateful to Baoning for his help to the Li family, so he called Li Lin and wanted to put himself in Li Lin’s place.

He took out some of his money to buy some rice and cotton and sent it to the shantang. If you are a father-in-law, you can’t let the princess run it alone. Li Lin found Gao Miaorong, but Gao Miaorong said that the money had been put into the underground bank by himself and he could not get a penny. Li Lin persuaded that if Li Changqing found it difficult to explain the matter, Gao Miaorong said that Li Lin should use his emergency money to deal with it.

For a moment, Li Lin said that Li Changqing asked himself to buy four thousand catties of cotton and five thousand stones of rice, and he couldn’t afford so much money. Gao Miaorong said that Zhou Dashan in the neighboring county had hoarded tens of thousands of stone mold rice. It would be good if the victims had no food to eat. The cotton would be easier to handle. You can add sand to the cotton. Gao Miaorong saw that Li Lin refused to agree to start selling miserably in front of Li Lin, and Li Lin immediately relented and agreed to her.

One of the victims, Chuanwa, suddenly had a high fever and vomited and was not rescued soon. Dongzhi immediately told Baoning about the incident, and Baoning asked Dongzhi to see if there was really mildew. At this time, someone brought the dead child and mother to the gate of Li Mansion to ask for an explanation, saying that the princess’s establishment of a shantang was false, and that it was true that it was true that the princess had set up a shantang. When He Cuihua opened the door, she was thrown into a bag of vegetable leaves. Baoning came out to respond to the crowd, saying that she would give the victims a satisfactory explanation.

At this time, a woman came out and said that the winter clothes prepared by the shantang for their military widows were mixed with half of the sand. Wouldn’t it be freezing to death in winter? Baoning will check it out immediately. I hope everyone will give themselves a few days to investigate and take out. I bought rice and cotton again for five thousand taels of silver, and promised to take all the responsibilities on my own when such things happen again in the future. A man among the disaster victims was bought to make trouble. He saw the silver that Baoning had taken out and immediately greeted the victims to rob him. At this time, Li Qian rushed back in time to stop the person who led the trouble.

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