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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 22 Recap

The queen asked to see the emperor Zhao Yi. Zhao Yi guessed that the Queen’s birthday would be three months away, and promised that the Ministry of Rites would make good preparations for the birthday. The queen was very happy because of Emperor Zhao Yi’s promise. And Zhao Yi was willing to give Queen Han Tongxin a grand ceremony, one for the face of the queen, and the other for talking with the envoys who came to he about the introduction of war horses.

The empress dowager was happy for her when she learned that she was pregnant, and she also prepared a meeting ceremony for the fetus in her womb. Although both Baoning and Susu were married and left the palace, the Empress Dowager also rejoiced for them. On the way back to the house, Susu wanted to go to the cloth shop to choose fabrics for the child in the belly to make clothes. The coachman bumped the carriage on the way to avoid the children. Susu fell and got fetal gas unable to keep the child. Susu blamed himself for accidentally losing his child, and Cao Xuan comforted Susu who was the most important person in his life.

Liu Guirong came from afar, and when he entered the Li Mansion, he lamented that he lost his father since childhood and his fate was miserable. He also complained that Li Changqing’s family did not help him. Seeing Liu Guirong’s request, Li Qian quickly arranged for him to stay. Not only did he wait for him with delicious food and drink, he also asked someone to make clothes for him.

Baoning heard about this and asked Li Qian to find out that Liu Guirong’s father was Li Changqing’s powerful subordinate, and Yongqing died in a battle to save Li Changqing. Therefore, even if the opponent made trouble, the Li family would treat him kindly. Baoning worried that the other party’s appetite would be getting bigger and worse. Li Changqing originally wanted to give Liu Guirong some money to send him away, but he was afraid that the other party would continue to entangle him. Finally, at the suggestion of the winter solstice, Li Qian decided to give the other party a try beforehand.

He Cuihua was also angry about Liu Guirong. Gao Miaorong learned of the matter and guessed whether Liu Guirong wanted to marry a daughter-in-law. He suggested that He Cuihua choose a daughter-in-law for him from the servant’s maidservant. Li Changqing arranged an errand for Liu Guirong. Liu Guirong originally disliked it. After Li Qian emphasized that this errand was a very important thing, Li Changqing promised to give him the opportunity to mobilize other errands, and then he was unwilling to take on the errand. .

Liu Guirong is so lazy to cook, so he can’t do this job well. Since meeting the lover in Li’s Mansion, he has coveted the lover even more. Baoning and Li Qian discussed that they would find an opportunity for Liu Guirong to move out of the Li Mansion. As a result, Liu Guirong was robbed in the city because he didn’t work as a good job, and he couldn’t do the job. Liu Guirong didn’t want to do this job at first, and threatened that the Li family would give him a sum of money so that he could marry a lover, otherwise he would be dependent on the Li Mansion. Everyone in the Li Mansion rejected it, and Baoning left with his lover angrily.

Baoning and Dongzhi followed Liu Guirong and discovered that he had a house and a wife. After discussing with Li Qian, Li Qian asked Liu Guirong to sign the letter of resignation. The next day, the winter solstice took Liu Guirong’s wife to come with a letter of resignation. Liu Guirong’s wife learned that her husband was going to marry another person, and violently took Liu Guirong away and beat him, and then Li Qian gave Liu Guirong a sum of money. Let him go home and farm well, and don’t call on Li Mansion again.

In the autumn of the third year of Zhending, heavy rain caused the river to burst its dykes and flood the Yellow River for a few days, causing disasters to three provinces, four counties, and 28 counties. Numerous people were killed and injured. Zhao Yi learned of the incident and arranged for officials to provide relief and comfort the victims.

The Xuanjia camp fought against the Huben camp because of the deprivation of food. Li Qian came to accuse Zhao Xiao. The soldiers of the Xuanjia camp did not have enough food and clothes. Zhao Xiao only perfuncted Li Qian with the shortage of food and supplies in the disaster year. After he threatened this, he would compensate everyone well. Baoning learned from Dong Shanhu that the victims were plagued by disasters, supplies were scarce, and the civil rebellion was unrest, and he was very worried.

Li Qian was busy with military affairs. He took advantage of the gap to go home to visit Baoning. He told Baoning that there were so many people in the city recently that Baoning should not go out without problems. Baoning gave Li Qian the five thousand taels of silver bills he had prepared, so that Li Qian could relieve the soldiers’ urgent need for food and clothing. In order not to cause unnecessary trouble, Li Qian was also unwilling to accept it because of a problem of principle, so that Baoning believed that he could solve the matter. Then he took the sachet secretly sewed by Boring, kissed Boring secretly, and left.

In the name of Li Mansion, Baoning served the victims in the city and made the victims very grateful. Later, Dong Shanhu suggested that Baoning could build a shantang, so that merchants and squires in the city who are willing to donate to the reputation of the city can donate money to help the disaster, and also give these victims a safe place.

The Ministry of Etiquette prepared birthday clothes and makeup accessories for the queen, all of which are first-class good things. Han Tongxin wanted to take this opportunity to find Zhao Yi to discuss the matters of the celebration, but he didn’t think that Zhao Yi had guessed the queen’s intentions and escaped early. I didn’t want Han Tongxin to find Zhao Yi to ask about the celebration. Zhao Yi was troubled. Fortunately, the minister hurriedly led the people away.

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