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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 21 Recap

Miss Qi brought a rare azalea called Hong Nishang. This flower was presented to the palace, so she used it to give Baoning a sneak peek. When everyone approached, they found that the flower had been destroyed. The Dong’s servant caught the azalea on her head. Zhang Lan’er. Zhang Lan’er didn’t care and even uttered wild words. Girl Qi slapped Zhang Lan’er in furious slap. Zhang Lan’er refused to suffer from a fight with Girl Qi. Zhang Lan’er fell to the ground.

At this time, a group of young masters saw Zhang Lan’er and heard that she was brought by the princess. They thought Zhang Lan’er was a distinguished person, so Young Master Shao stepped forward to show her courtesy. When Young Master Shao saw Miss Qi step forward, he immediately stood in front of Zhang Lan’er to give her a head. Upon seeing this, Jiang Baoning stepped forward to make a military order with Qi girl. Within three days, she must find a red dress for her to prevent Qi’s mansion from falling into danger.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Laner didn’t appreciate that Baoning bullied her and turned away. Master Shao asked Dong Shan about the identity of Zhang Lan’er. Dong Shan told him that the Zhang family was a wealthy family. As soon as Master Shao heard about it, he went after Zhang Lan’er. Young Master Shao stepped forward to comfort Zhang Lan’er and praised her for her beautiful appearance. Zhang Lan’er was very happy when she was coaxed.

Zhang Lan’er went back to the house and filed a complaint with her mother. Zhang’s mother immediately led Zhang Lan’er to He Cuihua to discuss an explanation. He Cuihua asked Jiang Baoning to come out and solve it by herself. This time, Baoning decided to take care of Zhang’s mother and daughter. Baoning said that Zhang Lan’er destroyed the tribute to be offered and had to copy the whole house. When Zhang’s mother and daughter were frightened, they immediately asked Baoning to find a solution. Shao Yang’s mansion didn’t know who had brought a pot of red neon clothes.

Shao Yang felt that God was also helping him to find Zhang Lan’er with flowers immediately. Zhang Lan’er smiled and showed off her talents to Baoning. Baoning took the opportunity to say that Zhang Laner was dressed very beautifully today and gave her a set of expensive jewelry to coax Zhang Laner very happy. Baoning took the opportunity to ask Zhang Laner to come to Liuhe. It is a pity that the lover lost a set of jewelry, but Baoning said that he wanted to help Zhang Lan’er.

Zhang Laner brought the jewelry given by Baoning to see Shao Yang, and boasted that her family had countless jewelry like this, and her family was rich in wealth. When Shao Yang heard that Zhang’s family was rich and the country was close to Zhang Lan’er, Zhang Lan’er was satisfied when she heard that Shao Yang’s family was a family of officials. All this was seen by Gao Miaorong.

She went to see the doctor told her mother-in-law that she had been pregnant for one month. Mother Cao was very happy and asked her to take care of her body. Mother Cao was very grateful for the pain she suffered in opening up the branches and leaves of the Cao family. Gao Miaorong specially invited Zhang’s mother to dinner. Zhang’s mother deliberately let Zhang’s mother see Zhang Lan’er and Shao Yang eating together. Zhang’s mother went home and questioned Zhang Lan’er’s relationship with Shao Yang, and asked her who she was going to marry.

Zhang’s mother told Zhang Lan’er that Shao Yang’s family had already fallen and couldn’t keep up. Li Qian, Zhang Lan’er agreed to Zhang’s mother, turned around to ask Liu He if he had informed him, and promised that if he married Li Qian, he would take Liu He as a concubine. In the evening, Liuhe saw a lover who came to deliver meals to herself. She knelt down and thanked the princess for being kind to her. Baoning asked her why she didn’t leave, but Liuhe said that he would treat Zhang’s mother and daughter as relatives and would not leave them.

Li Changqing hosted a banquet for his colleagues in the mansion. Li Qian drank too much because he was blocking alcohol for his father. Just as Wei was about to help Li Qian go back, he was stopped by a small servant who said that Miss Gao had something to do with him. Send Li Qian back. The young man sent Li Qian to a guest room and hurried away.

It turned out that Zhang Laner asked the young man to do this. Liuhe stopped Zhang Laner and didn’t want her to be sorry for the princess. Zhang Laner refused to listen and pushed Liuhe to the wall. Liuhe fainted. Zhang Lan’er hurried to the room where Li Qian was. She didn’t expect to meet Shao Yang waiting for her halfway, so Zhang Lan’er left under the pretext of something.

Baoning didn’t see Li Qian when he returned to the house and thought it must be Zhang Lan’er. Baoning was about to go out to find him, but was stopped by Zhang’s mother and others halfway saying that he wanted to set off fireworks for everyone to see. Zhang’s mother deliberately brought everyone from the Li Mansion to come. When the fireworks were set off, there was no movement. Baoning thought that Li Qian was taken to the room and wanted to stop Mother Zhang, but Gao Miaorong insisted on opening the door. As soon as the door was opened, Zhang Lan’er was seen sleeping naked with a man. Mother Zhang was overjoyed, thinking that her daughter and Li Qian had already cooked rice and cooked rice, but she didn’t expect to see that the person with her daughter was Shao Yang when she looked back.

It turned out that Shao Yang thought Zhang Lan’er wanted to get caught, so she followed Zhang Lan’er, but Zhang Lan’er kept driving herself away. Shao Yang asked Zhang Lan’er if she had an appointment with another man. He slammed the door open and entered the room but Zhang Lan’er did not find Li Qian. Shao Yang took the opportunity to confess to Zhang Lan’er, and Zhang Lan’er also felt that God arranged to be with Shao Yang, so the two of them rolled together. The two were caught and raped in bed. Shao Yang took the opportunity to beg Zhang’s mother. Zhang’s mother had to agree because it was difficult for everyone to be present.

Jiang Baoning went back to the room and Li Qian ran out to scare Baoning. Baoning asked him where he had been. Li Qian said that he had said nothing in the Li Mansion. The young man just didn’t listen to him. He felt that something was wrong and went to Li’s father’s study to sleep. Sleep. Baoning congratulated him for avoiding a disaster, but Li Qian said that he was not as smart as Baoning, and only used a pot of flowers to complete Shao Yang and Zhang Lan’er.

Bao Ning asked Li Qian if he thought he was a bad woman, but Li Qian said that he likes to take his own Bao Ning with great effort. Li Qian took the opportunity to kiss Bao Ning, and Bao Ning fled in a panic. The lover found Liuhe in the corner. Liuhe heard that Zhang Lan’er was going to marry Shao Yang and worried that she was going to be Shao Yang’s concubine. Baoning took the opportunity to tell her to make her own decision and don’t regret it later.

On the second day, the lover deliberately said that Liuhe had stolen things from the Li Mansion. Zhang’s mother heard that Liuhe slapped Liuhe. Baoning asked Zhang Laner how to deal with the matter. Zhang’s mother and daughter heard about Liuhe. To involve herself and immediately clear the relationship with Liuhe, Baoning took the opportunity to say that he would punish Liuhe heavily and drive her out of the Li family’s orders and take Liuhe away. In a blink of an eye, on the night of Zhang Lan’er and Shao Yang’s wedding, Zhang Lan’er discovered that Shao Yang had a group of concubines. Zhang Lan’er was so angry that she wanted to kill Shao Yang, but Shao Yang took the opportunity to find that Zhang Lan’er’s dowry was filled with bricks. A lump.

Cao Xuan was very happy to learn that Susu was pregnant. He said that he had dreamed that a fairy gave himself a koi carp. He thought that the child’s name would be Cao Nianci, hoping to be as generous and kind as Susu. He Cuihua gave Zhang Luo a marriage in the winter solstice and asked her to choose, but in the winter solstice he asked Gao Miaorong to persuade He Cuihua to marry him to Shao Yang. Did Gao Miaorong really not know?

He Cuihua also felt that this matter was strange, and decided not to go too close to Gao Miaorong. At this time, Gao Miaorong came over to ask He Cuihua for peace, but He Cuihua refused, Gao Miaorong was very lost. The next person said that the princess also came to He Cuihua to greet him, and He Cuihua happily greeted him, Gao Miaorong saw all this in his eyes.

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