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People’s Property 突围 Episode 11 Recap

Qi Benan is not very clear about the situation of Jingzhou Zhongfu, and he is not even as clear as Li. No one knows where the five hundred million went. Li Xuexue told Qi Ben’an that five hundred million yuan became a debt to the debt collection company. Fan Jiahui didn’t mention this matter to Inner An. Li Xuexue explained that Fan Jiahui was to protect the undercover, and the circumstances were special. Now that the direction of 500 million yuan has been ascertained, Jingzhou Zhongfu did not get out of the matter.

Shi Hongxing said that she knew nothing about it. Li Xuexue did not believe it. No matter what Shi Hongxing said, in fact, it must be done by Shi Hong. Only when Xing’s signature was transferred to Wang Ping’an, Qi Ben’an realized that this matter must be investigated. Qi Benan stated that Jingzhou Zhongfu will never become an umbrella for any corrupt element. As for whether or not to isolate the review, Qi Benan needs to ask Lin Manjiang for instructions.

Wang Ping’an kept holding the cash in the black plastic bag, looking for someone to apply for a fake certificate, but was spotted on the money in his hand. When Niu Shiyan went to the shanty town for an interview, she specifically mentioned to Qin Xian about Qin Xiaochong’s hopping to an angel debt collection company. Qin Inspection felt very puzzled, and Qin Xiaochong clearly liked working as a reporter. Qin Checkup immediately called. Qin Xiaochong didn’t want him to worry about saying that he was still working as a reporter, and finally hung up the phone number.

Recalling Shi Hongxing’s unequivocal guarantee, Qi Ben’an also experienced a storm in his heart. Qi Ben’an went to see Lin Manjiang anxiously, hesitating for a long time without talking about Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang also felt Qi Ben’an was a little puzzled, thinking that his weakness had reappeared. Qi Ben’an wanted to hold a democratic life meeting. Lin Manjiang expressed his approval, but reminded him to be careful when dealing with Li Xuexue, and must not interfere with the affairs of cadres in Jingzhou, and must not be scared by what is in front of him. The project should continue.

Lu Jianshe found out the accounts of Jingzhou Securities about five hundred million yuan, and asked them questions about Intrinsic Security. Several people hurriedly revealed that the five hundred million yuan was approved by Shi Hongxing as a national debt at the beginning. Later, Wang Ping’an specifically asked them to Five hundred million entered the Fortune Mythology Fund Company.

This company is very mysterious. Qi Benan hurriedly gave way to Construction to report the case and request the company to be seized. Wu Linglong had received the wind and ran away with the money. Shi Hongxing wanted to hang a portrait of Lin Manjiang at home. Niu Junjie refused to agree. Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie broke down and cried after a quarrel. She confessed that she granted Wang Ping’an the five hundred million yuan for the national debt. Niu Junjie was frightened, and even scolded Shi Hongxing for death. She would be stinking for thousands of years!

Lu Jianshe asked Qi Benan if he wanted to report Shi Hongxing to Lin Manjiang. After all, she lied. But they did not have any evidence that Shi Hongxing lied, and the one-sided words cannot be believed for the time being. The most important thing is that the money transferred to the Fortune Mythology Fund has nothing to do with Shi Hongxing, but they have to think about if Shi Hongxing really did. What to do about the problem, Qi Ben’an is very entangled in his heart.

However, Qi Ben’an stated to Lu Jianshe that the corrupt elements must not let it go, hoping that Lu Jianshe will only report to himself. In the evening, Wang Ping’an asked the person who gave the fake certificate to get the certificate. In order not to cause any accidents, he deliberately put the black plastic bag with cash in the trash can. The other party asked for another 5,000 yuan. Wang Ping’an claimed that he only had 2,000 yuan, but he was searched instead.

Qin Xiao rushed home, and Qin Xian urged him to report back to the agency as soon as possible, or he would go to the vegetable market as an administrator. Qin Xiaochong remembered that he hadn’t seen Fan Jiahui for several days, and went out to find her quickly. Wang Pingan was stripped clean, and the money left in the trash bin disappeared. Shi Hongxing’s emotions were a little out of control, for fear that she might be involved with 500 million.

She denied that it was because Lin Manjiang was behind him and he would protect herself in the end. So Lin Manjiang went to Shi Hongxing when he came, but see He was in a bad mood and didn’t dare to say. Fan Jiahui was dissatisfied with Qin Xiaochong’s manuscript and reminded him that he should not be bought by Li Shundong’s little grace. Fan Jiahui asked Qin Xiaochong and Wang Ping’an if there was any new news, and all the wanted orders in the city said that as long as they provide clues, they can get a reward of five thousand yuan.

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