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People’s Property 突围 Episode 10 Recap

In order to prevent accidents, the fund accounts of all units are temporarily frozen, Qi Ben’an will also conduct a centralized financial inspection. Lu Deguang was going to visit Chen Yingcheng, but the joint investigation team was interviewing him, and Lu Deguang changed his schedule. Lin Xiaowei and Lv Jiajia were called by Lin Manjiang to talk. Lin Manjiang asked Lv Jiajia if Lin Xiaowei was a responsible person, and Lv Jiajia answered truthfully.

In her heart, Lin Xiaowei has a sense of responsibility. Lin Manjiang hoped that both Lin Xiaowei and Lu Jiajia would go abroad for development. Lu Deguang would not have a good life after such a big incident in Jingzhou. Lin Manjiang asked them to accompany Lu Deguang more, and then went to work again. Lin Manjiang was very worried about Cheng Duanyang’s situation and wanted to send her to Beijing.

Qin Xiaochong continued to work undercover in Angel Company, still hoping to avoid doing illegal things as much as possible. There is no news from Wang Pingan, and Lu Deguang decided to issue an arrest warrant after learning about the situation. Wang Pingan took a taxi to escape from Jingzhou, only to devour a plate of dumplings. Qi Ben’an went home and rested all night, worried about everything, and went to the hospital without even eating. Zhang Jiying concluded that Shi Hongxing was involved in this matter. Qi Benan said that he would ask Lin Manjiang to convene a meeting to put the issue on the table for discussion.

Lin Manjiang, Shi Hongxing, and Qi Benan visited Cheng Duanyang, who was unconscious. The doctor suggested that Cheng Duanyang should not be moved, and it would be better to consult a Beijing expert. Lu Deguang also came to the hospital to visit Chen Yingcheng. Chen Yingcheng’s words were full of sarcasm and hated his previous mockery. Lu Deguang quickly apologized. Chen Yingcheng’s performance in the accident really surprised him.

He rushed into the fire several times to save everything. child. Chen Yingcheng confessed that when he was the head of the Guangming District, he was not that bad, and being an astronomy guide was not as good as he thought. He was just a father and treated the children as his own. Lu Deguang thought that if Chen Yingcheng had this mind when he was the district head of the Guangming District, the accident might not have happened. Before the words were finished, District Mayor Wu came, and Lu Deguang had to leave first.

Niu Shiyan and Fan Jiahui said that Qin Xiaochong was missing, and Fan Jiahui told her to stop looking. Niu Shiyan wanted to report on the shanty town, but Fan Jiahui disagreed. If he wanted to report, he would report on Chen Yingcheng. Niu Shiyan did not give up and said that Qin Xiaochong might commit a second crime. But Qin Xiaochong had always suspected that Niu Shiyan had betrayed him. Fan Jiahui told her to stop worrying about Qin Xiaochong’s affairs and let Niu Shiyan do Chen Yingcheng’s in-depth report. Niu Shiyan had already realized that Qin Xiaochong might have been sent by Fan Jiahui to the Angel Company as an undercover agent, and Fan Jiahui strongly denied it.

The March 28 incident will inevitably require accountability, and the pressure on leaders at all levels is not small. Lin Manjiang and Lu Deguang chatted separately, and they both knew well that Lu Deguang’s situation would be difficult this time. Qian Rongcheng verbally promised to pay off the debts but did not take any action. Li Shundong decided to continue to take measures, and Qin Xiaochong repeatedly advised him not to do illegal things.

Li Shundong told him to pay attention to policies and compete with Qian Rongcheng above the legal bottom line. Lin Manjiang and Lu Deguang talked about private affairs after they missed the memory. They were very satisfied with their future daughter-in-law and son-in-law, but Lin Manjiang was dissatisfied with Lu Deguang’s future Qin family. Lu Deguang believes that Lin Manjiang should not spoil his wife and children too much, nor should he spoil Lu Jiajia. He hopes that his daughter can go through some wind and rain and not put the happiness of his life on men.

Qi Benan went to meet with Li Xuexue. Not long after he came to Jingzhou Zhongfu, he did not know the situation as well as Li Xuexue. Wang Ping’an found a person who was applying for a fake certificate in the wilderness.

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