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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 9 Recap

Just because he witnessed what happened to Lao Wang, Guan Zheng was deeply inspired and deeply aware of the importance of children. Otherwise, no matter how much family business he owns, he will eventually fall into the pocket of outsiders, and he will step into Lao Wang. In the footsteps. That night, Chen Songying saw that Guan Zheng was injured and took the initiative to show concern.

Guan Zheng took the opportunity to propose that he wanted to have a child, but when he came out, Chen Songying was strongly opposed. After all, when the two got married, they had agreed to be DINK. Now Guan Zheng suddenly turned back, which not only made Chen Songying disappointed and angry, but also brought back painful childhood memories.

If it weren’t for Chen’s father to cheat first and abandon the mother and daughter behind, Chen Songying would not be what he is now. Because in her opinion, the marriage cannot be guaranteed and it will inevitably cause a great psychological shadow to the children. Even if Guan Zheng promised to be responsible for his wife and children, Chen Songying has already lost trust and even warned him not to discuss this matter again.

Li Junlong went to visit Song Youyi and Lu Keying, and saw the young couple living in the simple basement, feeling a little bit sad. But Song Sining believed that her younger brother had been spoiled by his father, and he should suffer some hardships before he could grow up. Afterwards, Song Sining received a call from Chen Songying and learned that she was in a bad mood, so she left her husband to accompany her best friend.

Under Song Siming’s comfort, Chen Songying gradually calmed down, dancing with the handsome boys in the bar, but she didn’t know that someone had taken a photo and sent it to Guan Zheng. At this time, Guan Zheng was discussing business with the client. When he saw the photo, his gloomy mood became even more unhappy.

Song Sining came home drunk and stared at her husband carefully guarding her side to take care of her. He suddenly remembered Chen Songying’s situation, worried that the two would also follow this old path, so he asked Li Junlong if he would love him forever. After getting Li Junlong’s affirmative reply, Song Sining was very happy and offered to have a second child.

His wife’s attitude made Li Junlong feel relieved, he came to the company with increased confidence, and followed Lao Xu’s suggestion to meet with Mr. Qiu to discuss financing. At first, Li Junlong had suspicions about Mr. Qiu. After talking about it, he determined that the other party was a loan shark, and he did not want to participate anymore, but wanted to do his business steadily. Old Xu thinks that Li Junlong is too cowardly, and to comfort him investment will be risky, but only the greater the risk, the greater the return.

After a long day of work, Lu Keying returned home with a tired body. However, all waiting for her was the cold stove and the delicious and lazy Song Youyi. Because Song Youyou patronized the game and forgot about the water cut off today, Lu Keying had to carry a big bucket to fetch water, but was scolded by the supermarket aunt, but Song Youyou’s attitude completely angered her.

The company’s funds were invested in Mr. Qiu, and he was quickly rewarded with the first dividend. Lao Xu was very happy and personally invited the employees to eat hot pot and sing. Since Li Junlong had to pick up his daughter after work, he could only tactfully refuse. At the same time, Chen Songying asked her subordinates to find an urgent document for her, but Lu Keying found the document at the front desk. As the elevator was under maintenance, she went straight up the stairs and sprained her ankle during the period.

It just so happened that the elevator was repaired, and Chen Songying walked downstairs and met Lu Keying who had come to deliver the documents. Seeing Lu Keying working hard, Chen Songying thanked her and reprimanded her subordinates at the same time. Song Sining was very pleased to learn about this, so Lu Keying was recognized by the leader and could become a regular employee as long as the work internship expires.

Since the last time the photo happened, Guan Zheng has never returned home, and even if Chen Songying called him, he would immediately hang up. The Dude Group held regular meetings as usual. The colleague who had already determined the expected delivery date suddenly broke the amniotic fluid ahead of time. When Song Sining saw this, he rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Wu Zhiguo was very angry about this.

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