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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 20 Recap

He Cuihua always complained that Li Dongzhi could not get married and was laughed at because of Li Dongzhi’s failure to get married. The wife of Li Changqing’s friend brought her daughter Zhang Lan’er to the Li Mansion as a guest, because the friend saved Li Changqing’s life back then, and Li Mansion had to entertain the mother and daughter. Mother Zhang brought her daughter to Li Mansion. First, she was living in the repaired area of ​​her house, and second, she wanted to find a good relationship for her daughter.

Mother Zhang had a very good vision and threatened that her daughter would be worthy of being a relative of the imperial family. He Cuihua complained that Li Changqing’s relatives were unreliable. Li Changqing admitted that he only knew Big Brother Zhang, who saved his life. The two mother and daughter didn’t know each other, and the couple wanted to avoid them.

When Li Qian and his wife returned to the house, Zhang Lan’er had not seen the princess and wanted to see it. The mother and daughter saw Li Qian just dismounting at the door. Zhang Lan’er was fascinated by the handsome and handsome Li Qian. Zhang’s mother was a pity that Li Qian had a master. Gao Miaorong said that although Li Qian was married, the princess had not been able to consummate the house.

Zhang Lan’er felt that she still had hope when she heard that, Zhang’s mother immediately asked Gao Miaorong how her daughter was. Gao Miaorong added a block to Baoning. It was a compliment to Zhang Lan’er and threatened that if she married Li Qian and gave birth to a son and inherited the Li family business, the mother and daughter would be happy when they thought about it. Gao Miaorong added fuel and jealousy to the side, and the mother and daughter were full of confidence.

Liuhe, the maidservant of Zhang’s mother and daughter, came out to fetch water for the two of them and couldn’t find a place. She happened to run into a lover to help, but the lover found that the maid had scars on her body. walked away. Zhang Lan’er had been preparing to meet Li Qian by chance, but Li Qian walked away without seeing her. Li Qian was troubled by the military pay in the barracks, but Zhang Lan’er stopped Li Qian and fell on the road. Li Qian saw Zhang Lan’er’s intention and deliberately teased her so that she could not get up while lying on the road. Gao Miaorong saw that she went to help Zhang Lan’er.

Solved. Gao Miaorong told Zhang Lan’er that Li Qian didn’t like girls who played tricks. Li Qian liked women like the princess. Zhang Lan’er was going to learn from the princess. The maid Liuhe was beaten and scolded by Zhang Lan’er. Zhang Lan’er wanted to drive Liuhe away. Gao Miaorong took Liuhe away and advised her to judge the situation. Liuhe was very grateful to Gao Miaorong, but Gao Miaorong said that he had no power in the mansion and could only arrange Liuhe in the wood house.

Zhang Laner deliberately waited for Baoning at the place where Baoning dines, and even instructed the lover to do work, which made the lover very angry. However, Zhang Lan’er took the opportunity to learn the appearance of Baoning’s meal. Baoning saw her intentions and felt amused. After that, Zhang Laner followed Baoning to learn her every move.

In the evening, Gao Miaorong asked how Zhang Lan’er was studying. Zhang Laner showed her what she had learned. Gao Miaorong saw in his eyes but secretly thought that if he could not get Li Qian, he must give Jiang Baoning a thorny eye. Gao Miaorong was met by Baoning outside Zhang’s mother and daughter’s door. It happened that Baoning heard that Zhang Lan’er was studying Baoning. Jiang Baoning gave Zhang Lan’er a quilt but found out that the maid Liuhe was no longer by Zhang Lan’er. It turned out that the lover would meet before. Baoning was told about Liuhe’s situation, and Baoning wanted to take the opportunity to rescue Liuhe.

In the room, Baoning was worried about going to the winter solstice in the military camp, and worried that Liuhe could not be found, so Li Qian became jealous. The lover found Liuhe, Baoning heard that he quickly brought her lover to give her a quilt, and asked why Liuhe had been abused and did not want to leave the Zhang family’s mother and daughter, but Liuhe said that he already regarded them as relatives, and the lover felt that Liu He is a silly girl.

Back in the room, Li Qian asked Baoning where he was in the middle of the night and threw his husband in the room. Baoning changed the subject and asked about Li Qian’s military camp, but listened to him and fell asleep. Li Qian hugged Baoning. Up the bed. Li Qian got up early in the morning and found that Baoning had gotten up. He walked out of the yard thinking that he saw Baoning but it was Zhang Laner. He was so scared that he kicked Zhang Laner and ordered the guard to send her back to the house.

Baoning heard from her lover that Zhang Lan’er had embraced Li Qian, and Baoning was jealous with Li Qian. At this time, Dong Shanhu came to give Baoning an invitation for a flower viewing banquet. It turned out that Master Qi’s granddaughter Qi Dan was a girl. Dong Shanhua, a master flower cultivator, wants to take the opportunity to introduce him to Baoning.

Zhang Lan’er was very angry because of Li Qian’s injury, Gao Miaorong gave Zhang Lan’er an idea not to stop Li Qian in crowded places, but to find places with few people. Zhang Lan’er heard that Jiang Baoning was going to the flower viewing banquet and would also follow her. Zhang Lan’er spoke without interruption in Dong’s mansion, saying that Dong Zhenzhu was the wild girl of the merchants, and everyone was embarrassed to hear her words.

At the banquet, the Dong family prepared their own flowers and vegetables, but Zhang Lan’er dismissed the rotten leaves and left the table angrily. Zhang Lan’er left the banquet but found that no one came out to chase herself even more angry, so she vented her anger on the flowers and plants next to her and wreaked havoc.

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