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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 19 Recap

Li Qian brought Jin Xiao to visit the injured Zhao Xiao. Zhao Xiao thought that Li Qian was here to laugh at him, but he did not know that Li Qian talked about the Xuanjia Camp’s heavy losses, and the officers and soldiers of Xuanjia Camp did not get the military supplies. No winter clothes. Although Zhao Xiao blamed himself for his mistakes, he did not want to show weakness in front of Li Qian.

Afterwards, Zhao Xiao cared about Baoning’s injury, and Li Qian heard that Zhao Xiao should stop playing Baoning’s idea. The two of them quarreled again at a disagreement. Fortunately, Jin Xiao persuaded him to take Li Qian away.

Zhao Xiao found his subordinate Cai Shuang about asking about the military supplies, only to realize that the Xuanjia Battalion had been queued to receive the military supplies because of the huge reduction in personnel, and the court’s 300,000 military supplies would only be 150,000 taels in the military camp. However, the last war led by Zhao Xiao had spent most of the military supplies. Zhao Xiao blamed himself and was troubled by how to raise military supplies.

At this moment, Jing Haihou knew that Zhao Xiao’s aggressive confrontation had caused huge losses, and he entrusted his subordinates to bring money and food to help Zhao Xiao rescue him in emergency. When Cai Shuang saw the silver, he asked Zhao Xiao to use the silver to raise more silver on the grounds of preparing for next year’s military supplies. Zhao Xiao was very excited, and then Cai Shuang took the silver to the underground bank.

Li Qian returned to the house to tease Baoning. The couple laughed and quarreled. The lover reminded Li Qian to remember the instructions of the empress dowager. Gao Miaorong, who came to deliver the soup, heard the instructions. . The next day, Gao Miaorong told Li Changqing and his wife what he had inquired about. Li Changqing wondered why the Queen Mother did not allow Li Qian and the princess to conquer the house.

Li Qian found Zhao Xiao because of a military shortage. In the heart of not wanting to cause chaos in the army, he planned to use the Li family’s surplus for this year to alleviate the military shortage, but Zhao Xiao did not want Li Qian’s help. He even issued a military order in anger, and if the Jinxi quarters issue has not been resolved within a month, he would come to see him. Seeing that Zhao Xiao was so angry, Li Qian had to leave angrily.

Gao Miaorong visits his uncle Gao Fuyu to inquire about Li Changqing’s daily preferences, and intends to please Li Changqing. When I accidentally discovered the marriage book written by my uncle and Li Changqing, Gao Miaorong was pleasantly surprised when he saw that he and Li Qian had a marriage contract. Gao Miaorong insisted that even if Li Qian married the princess, he could still marry himself as a regular wife, and then he even cried and begged his uncle to help him fulfill his wish. Seeing this, Gao Fuyu had to put aside his old face and went to discuss with Li Changqing.

Li Changqing established the marriage certificate back then after being drunk, but now that Li Qian has married the princess, he is naturally unwilling to accept it. Only persuading Gao Miaorong to give up Li Qian, he will help Gao Miaorong find a good son-in-law in Bingzhou. Seeing this, Gao Miaorong wanted to cut her hair as an aunt threatening everyone in public. He Cuihua quickly stopped her, and with Gao Fuyu’s plea, Li Changqing had to compromise.

Li Changqing brought her marriage certificate and Gao Miaorong to Baoning, hoping that Baoning would accept Gao Miaorong. Baoning was very angry when he heard the incident, Gao Mianrong hurriedly knelt down and said that he had always been obsessed with Li Qian and didn’t care about his status, as long as he stayed by Li Qian’s side. Li Changqing also persuaded Baoning to accept Gao Miaorong, and also said that Li Qian and Baoning had never been consummated, and the incense of Li’s family could not be broken, so he also wanted Gao Miaorong to help share the burden. Baoning had no choice but to watch Li Changqing leave Gao Miaorong in the courtyard.

Li Qian went home at night and was shut outside by Baoning. Li Qian asked about the marriage certificate in a puzzled way, and went to Li Changqing for theories. Li Changqing also knew that the marriage was a mess before, but Gao Mianrong grew up with Li Qian since he was a child, but now Baoning and Li Qian can’t consummate their room. He did it for the sake of the Li family. Li Qian angrily accused his father, and the two quarreled and separated.

When Li Qian returned to the courtyard, Bao Ning angrily said that Gao Miaorong was in the study and asked Li Qian to go to the study. Seeing this, Li Qian also angrily said that he would rest in the study tonight. Early the next morning, Baoning found out that Li Qian and Gao Miaorong had really stayed in the study for one night, and found the study angrily. It turned out that Li Qian was playing against Gao Miaorong. Li Qian also thanked Baoning for his generous and virtuous, so that he could enjoy the blessing of the same people. Hearing this angrily, Baoning left, but walked halfway back to the study and accused Li Qian of deceiving himself aggressively. On the contrary, Li Qian was pleased to see Baoning’s attitude.

Gao Miaorong returned to his yard and thought of the conversation last night. Li Qian was unwilling to admit the marriage certificate and frankly said that he did not like Gao Miaorong. He only had Baoning in his heart. Gao Miaorong was deliberate and deliberate, and the organization was exhausted. Even Li Changqing and Bao Ning agreed to her existence, but he did not expect that Li Qian would reject her in the end, but Gao Miaorong still blamed Bao Ning for all the results.

Li Qian and Baoning talked privately, and Li Qian told Baoning to tell him anything in the future, and don’t hold it in his heart. After a lot of friendship, the couple finally untie the knot. Cao Xuan’s mother gave Cao Xuan’s childhood toys and clothes to Xuanxuan for safekeeping. She also thanked Xuanxuan for marrying Cao Xuan after the loss of the Cao family. She did not beg Duo Xuan from the Cao family, but only hoped that their husband and wife would be in harmony. Cao Xuan came back at night and shared his childhood toys and clothes with her husband. Cao Xuan pointed out that his mother’s intention was to give birth to birth, so he would have some kindness and love.

During the winter solstice meal, I was urged to marry by my mother, and I couldn’t stand the nagging and hurriedly escaped from the house. It happened that Li Qian and Baoning returned home, and the feelings between Li Qian and Baoning were envious in the winter solstice. Baoning asked about the incident between the winter solstice and Qing’an. Because of the fact that the winter solstice was deceived, he has been annoyed and unwilling to forgive Qing’an. Baoning saw the winter solstice with the ring sent by Qing’an, and knew that the winter solstice was wrong.

Because Duke Shao invested all the money in the bank, he came to find Gao Miaorong and asked for money. Gao Miaorong had no money, and he was willing to introduce Li Dongzhi to Duke Shao. He Cuihua chose a husband-in-law for the winter solstice, but she couldn’t always pick one who was full of heart. Gao Miaorong took the opportunity to recommend Mr. Shao, saying that his ancestor was a high-ranking official, with great family and good looks. He Cuihua hurriedly asked Miao Rong to introduce the two to each other and arranged for the two to meet the next day.

In the winter solstice, I saw Da Gongzi Shao and saw the princess chattering between his words and talks. He got up again and left in a hurry. Grand Master Shao did not want to leave the winter solstice, but fortunately Qing’an appeared to take the winter solstice away. Qing’an explained his identity to the winter solstice, confessing that he traveled between the two countries to find his mother, and that his heart for the winter solstice was true. But Dong Zhi always refused to forgive being deceived, and returned the ring to Qing’an and then turned and left.

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