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People’s Property 突围 Episode 9 Recap

Shi Hongxing promised that these five hundred million had nothing to do with Jingzhou Zhongfu, and it might have fallen into Jin Yiqin’s pocket. Qi Benan was reluctant to draw conclusions easily. When Wang Ping’an returned to the conference room, he fainted, and Qi Benan gave way to Jianshe to accompany him to the hospital. Wu Linglong asked Li Shundong to help Qian Rongcheng ask for money. Li Shundong, Qin Xiaochong and Qian Rongcheng wrote in ink. It is not easy to get the money back. When he arrived at the hospital, Wang Ping’an’s illness got better, and he gave way to Jianshe to go back. Qi Benan asked him to come and stared at Wang Ping’an.

Of course, Lu Jianshe couldn’t go. I didn’t expect Wang Ping’an to take advantage of his registration effort and ran away. People were dumbfounded when Lu Jianshe reacted. , Hurriedly called Qi Ben’an. Shi Hongxing also received a call, and Lin Manjiang was in the shanty town. Wang Ping’an ran to find Wu Linglong. The five hundred million was a big deal for him. Wu Linglong persuaded him to flee abroad. In this way, the five hundred million would be a bad debt.

On the way Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing rushed to the shanty town, Wang Ping’an was Shi Hongxing’s cousin. Qi Ben’an didn’t believe she didn’t know, but at the same time Wang Ping’an was also a good friend and brother of Qi Ben’an. Wang Pingan gritted his teeth at Wu Linglong’s house, as if he would not give up without getting five hundred million. Lin Manjiang came to Jingzhou with a stinky face, and planned to call Lin Xiaowei to speak up at night. Qi Ben’an and Lin Manjiang talked about five hundred million, which is really weird. It is difficult for Qi Ben’an not to be suspicious of Wang Ping’an. He can’t report the case to the public security organs yet, but he can let Lu Jianshe go to Wang Ping’an first.

Niu Junjie kept calling, Shi Hongxing hung up subconsciously. Wang Pingan spent a day at Wu Linglong’s house, but Wu Linglong now also counts on Angel Company to help him ask for money. During the meeting, Li Shundong received a call from Wu Linglong. He was shocked to learn that the money was from Wang Ping’s embezzlement of the shed reform fund.

He immediately voided the contract with Wang Ping’an, saying that they were only active within the law, and Qin Xiaochong took it silently. The voice recorder recorded everything. Wang Pingan heard that he was going to be shot, and begged Wu Linglong to save him, but Wu Linglong let him jump off the bridge coldly. In the collapsed Wang Ping’an, Wu Linglong’s neck was strangled and she was about to be strangled to death. At this time, the property came to the door to interrupt everything. Seeing that Wang Pingan had nowhere to ask for money, he decided to leave for now.

Lu Jianshe didn’t go to Wang Ping’an at all, and fooled Qi Ben’an over the phone. Niu Junjie and Niu Shiyan talked about Shi Hongxing and Lin Manjiang. She admired and used Lin Manjiang. Even though she worked hard to get to this position, Lin Manjiang’s help was indispensable. Fan Jiahui was interviewing Li Xuexue, and received a call from Qin Xiaochong halfway through. Qin Xiaochong told her that Wang Ping An had misappropriated 500 million yuan of cooperation reform funds in the shanty town. Fan Jiahui was surprised to hear Li Xuexue. Fan Jiahui repeatedly asked Li Xuexue not to reveal Qin Xiaochong’s undercover identity, and Li Xuexue immediately arranged the police to control Wang Ping An. Qi Benan received news from Fan Jiahui and hurriedly acted with Shi Hongxing.

Although Wang Ping’an is Shi Hongxing’s cousin, she said that she knows very little about him. She hopes Qi Ben’an believes in herself. She is not a person who has lost his principles and bottom line. Shi Hongxing hopes to unite with Qi Benan, Qi Benan does not appreciate, they are not people on the same road. Shi Hongxing looked ashamed, Qi Benan hoped that she had a problem with her as soon as possible, but Shi Hongxing still ignored it.

After three withdrawals, Wang Pingan bought a flight ticket from Beijing to Hong Kong and fled in a hurry. However, when he arrived at the airport, he found that the police were investigating closely. Wang Pingan hurriedly told the master to turn around. Qi Benan scolded Lu Jianshe, Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie quarreled again, and Qi Benan stopped the meeting and went to the meeting. Wang Ping An was determined to abscond with fear of crime, and he threw his mobile phone into the sewer.

Qin Xiaochong didn’t understand why Li Shundong refused to be Wang Ping’an’s 30 million, but Wu Linglong’s account. Isn’t he afraid of getting involved with Wang Ping’an? Lu Deguang went to the shanty town to set up tents to visit the residents, collected a lot of problems and solved them immediately. He knew that many things would be unclear if he didn’t come.

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