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People’s Property 突围 Episode 8 Recap

Fan Jiahui refused to agree to the advance payment. Qin Xiaochong said that Jingzhou Zhongfu King Ping An was involved in this matter. He embezzled 30 million yuan to lend usury. Fan Jiahui quickly asked him to check it out, but he needed strong evidence. Fan Jiahui agreed to advance the contribution fee to Qin Xiaochong, let him go to Angel Company as an undercover reporter, and he also had to keep his identity in mind at all times. Fan Jiahui also made a request to Qin Xiaochong, but don’t talk to the outside when it comes to Jingzhou Zhongfu, waiting for her instructions.

Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing were in the ring, but Shi Hongxing sneered in her heart, thinking Qi Benan was too naive. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing made a gentleman’s agreement. To understand their respective positions, Shi Hongxing is still thorny. Qin Xiaochong went to see Zhou Jieling again, and gave her 30,000 yuan in support. It was indeed not a small price for him. Zhou Jieling asked about Huang Qingyuan’s money, but Qin Xiaochong did not tell the truth. Qin Xiaochong moved out from home and told Qin Check that he would live in the company.

Lu Jianshe said that he would send someone to the prison to talk with the mine manager and ask Qi Benan what to do if Niu Junjie and Shi Hongxing really have problems. Qi Benan has an official attitude. When Fan Jiahui went home and saw Qi Benan writing an inspection, Qi Benan started to complain about himself. This time he was really sitting at home, and the pot came from the sky. Fan Jiahui took out the agreement and asked Qi Benan to sign, but Qi Benan was unwilling to sign it anyway. Fan Jiahui reluctantly wanted to do it. Qi Benan quickly explained that these were all bureaus set up for him by others.

If they really signed Lin Manjiang and Zhang Jiying, they would have to call tomorrow. Before he could speak, Qi Benan received a call saying that he had found three surveillance probes in his room. Shi Hongxing, Niu Junjie and Niu Shiyan’s family of three ate and chatted. Niu Shiyan complained that Lin Manjiang was in the company and no one dared to care about it, and Shi Hongxing was at a loss for words.

Qi Benan immediately called and asked Shi Hongxing why there were surveillance probes in her room. Of course, Shi Hongxing didn’t admit that he just hung up the phone. Fan Jiahui also advised Qi Benan not to get excited, it shouldn’t be Shi Hong dried apricots. Niu Junjie also thought it was Shi Hongxing’s dried apricots, and persuaded her not to use illegal means, and Shi Hongxing screamed.

Qi Ben’an was still arguing with Fan Jiahui. He turned his head and saw a flame not far away. He didn’t know what the explosion was. Lu Deguang was having dinner with Lu Jiajia and Lin Xiaowei, and received a call saying that the gas pipeline exploded and hurried out. Niu Shiyan was sent to the scene by Fan Jiahui. The shantytown collapsed in a large area, and Cheng Duanyang was buried in it.

Qi Benan, Shi Hongxing, and Niu Junjie hurried out. Lu Deguang received a call on the road saying that the planetarium was on fire and there were more than 100 children still in class. At this moment, there was a panic in the planetarium. Chen Yingcheng protected the children from leaving and returned to rescue the child trapped in the fire. Lu Deguang rushed to the scene and learned that there were no children left, and that Chen Yingcheng had done a great job, but Chen Yingcheng was also hurt. Before the end of the work, Lu Deguang learned that the explosion had caused a large-scale collapse of the shanty town.

The house was about to collapse, Qin Xian was looking for a schoolbag made for Weiwei while lighting a candle, Qin Xiaochong hurriedly pulled him out. Cheng Duanyang was rescued and sent to an ambulance, Pi Dan followed in a panic. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing looked at the chaos in front of them, and did not know how to explain to the people in the shanty town.

There were countless victims in the March 28 explosion, and Qi Benan held a meeting. Cheng Duanyang was injured and his waist was unconscious, and an old miner died in this disaster. After so many years, the transformation of shantytowns has not yet started. Qi Ben’an asked the whereabouts of the cooperation reform funds. Who took the five hundred million? Shi Hongxing did not know about this incident and said that there was absolutely no such incident.

Qi Benan stated that he would closely cooperate with the Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee to thoroughly investigate this matter. Wang Ping’an had a guilty conscience. He used the excuse to go to the bathroom to call Wu Linglong to ask for money. He didn’t want any loss or profit. The five hundred million must be taken back first. At the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of Jingzhou City, Lu Deguang made a review as the first responsible person, but the 500 million shed reform funds returned to the Zhongfu Group, but even a responsible person could not be found.

Wu Linglong called Li Shundong and urged him to get the money back.

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