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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 8 Recap

Knowing that it was useless, Song Youyi had to set the time to see the house tomorrow afternoon. When that day came, he picked up all kinds of problems in front of the agent, and repeatedly lowered the rent, so that the agent turned his face and left. Song Only saw information about cheap housing on the telephone pole, and called to consult and found out that the house was located in a dilapidated small building. Not only was the surrounding environment complicated, but it was also messy, but the price was cheap.

After some bargaining, Song Only signed a contract with the house owner, and soon brought Lu Keying to pack up his things. Song Sining was worried that the house was an illegal construction, so she voluntarily asked the landlord, Brother Hu, to take out the real estate certificate, but Song Sole refused, and she couldn’t be more nosy.

Lu Keying noticed that Brother Tiger was staring at him squintingly, and only felt uncomfortable. Song Sining believed that the house must be illegal, so he told Lu Keying to see the real estate certificate, otherwise he would never live in casually. As the young couple moved into the old building, Song Only became the uncle who let go. He only knew that playing games and cleaning all fell on Lu Keying.

The sudden power outage made Song Youyi irritable, so he put down his computer and called Brother Hu, and learned that the fuse might have blown out. Since he didn’t know how to change the fuse, he could only ask Brother Hu to come and help. When Lu Keying finished taking a bath and sorting the towels, she suddenly found someone peeping outside the door, and she couldn’t help but yell in fright.

However, Song Only rushed out to find the suspicious person all the time, believing that it was Lu Keying’s dazzling eyes. However, Lu Keying was very sure that she had not read it wrong, and bought a wolf spray to protect herself. That night, she deliberately stated that she wanted to change clothes to lure the satyr to appear. Unexpectedly, the satyr was the landlord Tiger Brother.

After investigation by the police, it was confirmed that there was an illegal construction problem in the house and that the landlord was not Brother Tiger. But the rent has been spent by Brother Tiger. Even if Song Sole wants to get the money back, he still has to go through the litigation process. During this period, he and Lu Keying had nowhere to go. They could only drag their luggage to the eldest sister’s house, which disturbed Song Sining and Li Junlong’s affection. .

Lu Keying hurriedly apologized to Song Sining and Li Junlong, Song Youyi also explained the process of being deceived, but did not realize his mistake, but felt very wronged. The next day, Lu Keying got up to work early in the morning and ignored Song Youyi at all. After finishing his day work, he had to face his unreasonable troubles at night when he returned home. It was really exhausted and annoyed at the same time.

But Song is the only one who is good at coaxing girls. He took the initiative to buy flowers origami cranes to decorate the entire room, and by the way apologized to Lu Keying with his new mobile phone. With all kinds of rhetoric, Lu Keying was still moved by him, and the two once again let go of their previous suspicions, completely forgetting all the unhappiness that had happened before.

After the reconciliation, Lu Keying thought that she had caused a lot of trouble for her eldest sister and brother-in-law some time ago, and planned to cook a seafood dinner as a reward, and indicated that she would find a house and move out as soon as possible. At Lu Keying’s request, Song Youyi reluctantly chose the house, but after a long time he didn’t look at it. He felt that the price was too high or the conditions were too bad, and they all ended in failure.

At this time, Song Youyi received a call from Xie Xiaofeng, inviting him to attend the dinner of the writer Shanfeng, where you can meet some big names in the literary circle. Lu Keying was not optimistic about Xie Xiaofeng. After all, he had suffered a loss before and always felt that the other party was not reliable at all. However, the only one Song did not listen to Lu Keying’s advice, but served various drinks at the dinner, listened to the mountain breeze and painted cakes for him, and promised to help recommend works.

When it came time to pay the bill, Xie Xiaofeng hinted that Song Youyou should show himself and that Song Youyou could not afford to face him, so he bit the bullet and paid for it. Lu Keying angrily reprimanded Song Youyi, but there was no other choice but to lower the rental standard. After several selections, he settled on a house with frequent water cuts and no private bathroom.

Recently, Chen Songying was busy working overtime every day and did not go home to rest. Little did she know that Guan Zheng often waited for her on the sofa, waiting all night. Song Sining knew that Chen Songying worked hard, so he brought her breakfast by the way and talked about the way of getting along with Guan Zheng. Chen Songying enjoys her life very much, but Guan Zheng is contrary to her thoughts, especially when she sees the scene of Lao Wang being bullied by the caregiver in the nursing home, which is deeply shocked.

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